Monday, April 25, 2011

With actress Michelle Rodriguez, celeb stylist Ivan Bitton, and more!

What a stay in LA, full of emotions, between Prince, and a great time spent with Michelle Rodriguez. It is very rare to see an A-lister whose fame hasn't gotten to her head, and Michelle is one of them: simple, adorable, personable, wearing her heart on her sleeve.

As you can see she loves my book :)

An active day, on the go, and filled with mystery and suspense as well, since we had no idea that at 5:00 a private screening was going to happen. We find ourselves in Soho House, a high-end members-only club.

Great meetings there, among them, my friend and celeb stylist Ivan Bitton; Pierre Dulat, a French actor who's made his mark in the USA; and Mallika Sherawat, styled by Ivan and Dalia.

A crazy evening in the VIP section at Trousdale (very private but also very amusing, we have to go through the kitchens to access it :), this is the hotspot for Los Angeles nightlife.

The music is great (DJ Michelle Rodriguez :), and I order some cheesecake lollipops and other little treats filled with sugar and fat :) Hey, if you work out and burn, you get to indulge!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Private Screening at Soho House with producer Mohammed al Turki

What a great event, and a very charitable as well.

Producer Mohammed al Turki organized a private screening for his most recently produced movie The Imperialists are still alive, with French Actress Elodie Bouchez, at the Soho House.

Business does not always mean dollars only in Hollywood and he was nice to tie this with Norwegian actress Natassa Malte's charity to support Japan in the aftermath of its catastrophic earthquake/tsunami.

I started the day with a freshly squeezed lemon as usual to keep a nice skin (with the "glow") followed by my sobacha. An all vegan day that led to some indulgences at night where chessecake lollipops were served :)

More photos to come......