Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back to everyday life + we are in True Love magazine!!!

After 10 intense days without a single break, from dawn to late at night, I enjoy my first day of "normality".

I am lucky to have a whole week of "normal" days now, just before another trip to LA (but more next week, as it will be interesting) followed by Vegas where it promises to be full on as well... then back to San Francisco for 5 days before going East: NY, London, Paris, Munich :)

Upon awaking, freshly squeezed with room temperature water + rooibos + my own custom made vitamin mix :)

20 minutes jogging... I don't recommend running on an empty stomach but I really felt like I needed it... maybe to scrub up after spending the 10 day shoot moving so little. I finish off the work out with 30 lunges to work the glutes + 40 minutes passive muscle toning for the core abs + 20 floor push ups.

Breakfast: 20 teriaky almonds + 1 perfectly ripe mango

Girls lunch: a Salvador pupusa + 1 rustic tomato + raw onion bread + home made bread + a slicette raw strawberry cake that is proving rather successful

30 minutes walk with friends... it really feels good relax a little after the last 10 intense days :)

no snack, I forgot!

45 minutes walk with my son and Nestle for some quality time between school and homework

Dinner: porcini mushrooms pan fried with garlic and parsley + carnitas and baby leaf salad. tamarind sorbet for desert.

100 butt squeezes whilst answering my mails
50 standing up push ups

Monday, September 28, 2009

Filming above the Golden Gate, at the beach with Olga and Paula

We are beginning our last two days of filming with the French TV channel France3...
Today we are on Half Moon Bay with Olga, the former Russian top model who wants to get back to the top and Paula.

Off to the beach! It is freezing... visibility is less than 25 yards... not the best for a shoot, but the producer, Jorge, isn't complaining. We are sharing this bit of nature with the National Geographic. Their documentary is about birds who come to this wild and very well protected coast at this time of the year. We get some great shots of a very good coaching session. The change of scenery of the beach is boosting my ladies' energy!

The following day takes us to the north of San Francisco, on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge to use the city in the distance as a backdrop. After a superb lunch at Ondine, my favorite restaurant in Sausalito, we return to the heights above SF. The howling wind is making filming very difficult, it is disheartening for the cameraman. After 3 hours of hard work, it's in the can... and we head back via Lombard Street, the most winding street in the world. We finish off with a late section about all the articles published about me and a close up of my books including the series I launched in the US "30day BootCamp" (4 live titles and one due shortly)

The shoot concludes with a party at my home with
all of my friends, well, almost all of them, there is always someone traveling. I regale my guests to several of my home made treats, I even made bread, lovingly kneaded, a raw lime tart and a raw strawberry charlotte :)

The last filming day draws to a close... it was a marvelous adventure that took us to LA and back and with some special encounters... now we await a 52 minutes documentary for the end of November... watch this space:)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meeting film director Temi Ojo and a Luxemburger Boot.camper

I am looking forward to a great day, although much cooler than the previous few.
I head off for San Francisco to meet up with the film director, Temi Ojo, to talk business, a project we are working on together.

100 ballerina moves

Breakfast: 1 melon + some cereal with almond milk.

Lunch at Cafe de la Presse with Temi Ojo: foie gras and fresh bread, a little flammekuche and 3 macaroons... not quite a balanced meal, but one sometimes has to loose the balance to regain it...

1 hour walk in high heels... ouch, but I have no choice
During a take, I get a call from a BootCamper from Luxembourg who is on holiday in San Francisco... thanks to FaceBook, we have been able to swap numbers, et voila! Here we are drinking tea together to warm up as it is actually quite cold in San Francisco today... no more than 15 degrees!

Back for a pizza and salad dinner... what an unbalanced diet day... I'll catch up tomorrow! promised!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The France3 shoot goes to LA: David Mbenga, Lil Bow wow etc...

A Monday like I love... really active!

Up after a really good night... how that feels good!

On an empty stomach: 1 Rooibos cinnamon tea + a small smoothie

30 minutes walk on the telephone accompanied by Nestle (the dog).

Breakfast: 3 small gluten and dairy free pancakes with blueberry jam.

20 granny squats

Lunch: a few raw crackers with home made guacamole + eggless egg salad (replaced by tofu for those who have an egg allergy like moi :) 1/2 papaya for desert.

1 little nap

We shoot a sequence in front of the computer when I am watching a program about me... it feels strange I have to admit :)

so, I have 15 minutes to pack and we run to the airport!

A pleasant flight without any bumps and sitting next to a charming man you might recognise from pictures of various rap parties. He is responsible for the post production of nearly all the major rap bands as well as Beyonce, Alicia Keys and more. A colorful (very tatooed) character :)

Diner at Culver city, at Saint Amour, a French brasserie right next to the Sony studios. I take the opportunity to introduce one of the owners, a cameraman you have seen before on my photos, to the France 3 crew.
On this diner's menu: black pudding to fill up on iron with stewed apples and potato gratin. A few bites of a delicious tarte tatin.

After a sleepless night, yes it happens... no breakfast, because I get moving too slowly, but lots of green tea... Filming at the foot of the giant white HOLLYWOOD sign and then we are off for the walk of fame in Hollywood and then straight to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, Pretty Woman souvenir :)
Mexican Lunch: grilled shrimps, cabbage/mango/tomato salad along with guacamole with corn chips.

Now we head for my publicist's west coast quarters where I work for two solid hours along with Robyn and Kate who are looking after my account for the american market. some good takes for the producer who looks pleased with the day :)

When back, 2 cookies, 1 chocolate dipped strawberry, courtesy of the hotel's manager, I cannot refuse :)

1 hour walk 2 minutes pelvic floor excercises

No dinner because I am feeling queasy after the cookies (too rich, for sure!)... so I retire early with the latest Dan brown, a small packet salted crisps (the only thing my stomach fancies, 220 calories for those who want to know) and off to bed!

A great night! that feels so good, I am recovering!!!

I fill up on antioxidants with Rooibos tea and prepare a day that will take us a bit everywhere...

It turns out to be quite a crazy day... we kick off with a visit to Sharon's, hairdresser to the stars who gives me a great hair color and a pro haircut... no questions asked, when we feel beautiful, we are beautiful, radiate happiness
... in the end we don't need much, do we?

Then an interview, followed by a meeting with
Regis founder of AG ROCK, very successful clothes brand... former Christian Audigier
partner, this Regis has an infallible flair! He introduces me to Lil Bow Wow, the great rapper, top of the bill everywhere, CD and film and also to David Mbenga, Lakers basket ball player. I try on his jacket for a bit of fun... you can check out the picture to get an idea :)... and his pants too (picture on my FaceBook fan page)

We zoom off to Venice for an interview with the great Martha Mc Cully, famous journalist, lifestyle expert and reality TV show judge. She is very understanding and forgives our lateness with a beautiful smile!

After this last interview, we take a break for our first meal of the day, it is 6pm! a very thin pizza for me and some mint tea before dashing for the aiport... and there, fate is on my side, I am sat next to the the West Coast Bureau Chief of a magazine I love and with which I would love to work!

I return completely worn out... but can't rest yet, the shoot goes on until Tuesday :)

To answer Anonym's question about how I make almond milk:
- put a handful fresh almonds in water overnight (make sure they are covered)
- in the morning, rince, strain, put into a blender with 2 to 3 times their volume of water
- vroum vroum
- filter the white liquid through a fine mesh or a muslin
- the result is almond milk. You can add a little bit of Stevia and some vanilla... and fora smoothie, a banana and a few berries maybe

Friday, September 18, 2009

France 3 shoot days 1-5

That's it! the France 3 crew of 4 has arrived!

I haven't really got the time to take note of everything but we are going at breakneck pace... they are following me everywhere :)

First day, filming during the German video shoots for the program soon to be launched. The face of the program, Magdalena, is a gorgeous German girl who oozes well being and lives the LeBootCamp lifestyle 100%. Come and check out the program... I will let you know of its release very soon. The shoot takes place on Crissy Field at the foot of the Golden Gate where we
are lucky to have glorious weather: sun, blue sky and more importantly, what is even rarer here, absolutely no wind at all... really welcome for some efficient filming :)

Off to South San Francisco to do a piece with Aline with whom I am working on a project for 2010.
Dinner in an Indian restaurant... the fantastic team discovers American size portions :)

Day 3:
Breakfast: home made raw smoothie with homemade almond milk

Pierre a friend from my student years and his better half join us...
On the program, morning stroll in Marsh park where a typically American community initiative is taking place: equipped with neon orange bags, we pick up everything that shouldn't be in a protected park: scraps of paper, cans, abandoned bottles and other packaging... in the end, thanks to this meaningful activity, we get a lot more exercise than if we had only "gone for a walk". 45 minutes active walk.

Lunch: 1 pork chop + green salad and tomatoes. Milk tapioca for pudding.

In the afternoon, we get back to filming, in the Stanford shopping center after witch we head off for San Francisco for an evening with friends at Bissap Baobab with Maimouna Coulibaly, the African Urban Dance priestess. We enjoy a typically Senegalese meal with my closest friends and then we are treated to a wild dance demonstration with some amazing hip grinding!

If we think that the day is finished already that is wrong, at 3am I am live on Radio France Corse for an hours interview for the "decalage horaire" (time difference/jetlag) program... so here we are, genuinely time different!

Up very early, I can never sleep very long after such a late night, can't help it... Breakfast: plenty of Rooibos tea + home made almond milk smoothie

1 hour hiking in a canyon followed by the camera to which I demonstrate some exercises I created in the Californian "outback"

Lunch in one of my favorite little Mexican places: Guacamole + crisps + 5 mouthfuls of a chorizo quesadilla and fish cerviche
A great nap to recover :)

Very light detox style dinner to pep me up for the days ahead: 2 glasses fresh fruit and almond milk smoothie

40 minutes passive muscle toning

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet with Maimouna in San Francisco

The renowned urban African dancer is here is San Francisco on tour performing for 2 weeks.
Awesome energy! I can't wait to see her on stage... she also coaches Elli Medeiros, here is where Elli's wild rhythm comes from!

On an empty stomach: 1 lemon juice + room temperature water + 10 minutes yoga.. I love when I get up earlier than needed and have 10 minutes to gently wake up my whole body.

40 minutes passive abs toning
30 minutes passive glutes toning

Breakfast: a little smoothie + a slice German bread with blueberry jam

30 minutes walk

Raw lunch at Cafe Gratitude with Maimouna: a raw (veg) burger/baby leaf salad + fresh grape juice (very different from ready made juices in cartons, I can assure you) + raw white chocolate cheese cake.

15 minutes walk
Snack: with Magdalena the face of our German program: alkalizing water and 2 mouthfuls of brownie

15 minutes walk

20 Hindu prayers

Dinner: 1 grilled wild salmon steak + 1 pear.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Normal" day :) (yes, yes, they do exist!!)

Green and white tea upon rising

A few conference calls and emails

Breakfast: 1/2 papaya with lemon + 1 bowl whole wheat and puffed rice cereals and vanilla soya milk.

45 minutes walk
100 abs on the abs lounge
30 lunges

30 minutes walk

Lunch with the girls: tapenade + raw crackers + artichoke dip + 1 pear + 3 dates

Snack: I succumb... I am at Ikea where Daim is always at the till and also some wicked delicious little cookies :), I own up to everything: 2 daims + 7 oat cookies...

Dinner: 1/2 papaya + 1 banana (I am not so hungry after my snack time binge!)

30 minutes jogging
30 minutes yoga
20 minutes passive muscle toning

Monday, September 14, 2009

They are days, marvelous, like this one!

Carpe Diem will be my motto for the day... too much good news coming in... I am on top of the world...

I visit a coaching website I have just been sent, a brand new one, hot out of the oven, I've been following for years with its owner struggling to launch and relaunch different versions of his website... his latest find? I will not be giving you the URL to his site, we won't be promoting this guy... well, the market should spot the scam :) (Well I hope so for the Internet surfers). A very poor plagiarism... anyway, as journalists say, "if you are copied, you must be doing something right" :)

I start off with superb news, thank you Carole... what efficiency!

An interview with ELLE about my next book, I am very proud of it, the result is beautiful! I receive a copy in the afternoon... well just the cover the pages are still blank... but it is exiting nevertheless :)

Another interview followed by a very interesting discussion with M6.... we are going to do something nice together in Las Vegas and LA.

1h10 walk on an empty stomach on the telephone... as we are a bit low on groceries at home breakfast is a bowl of wholegrain cereal with tea and 1/2 apple

Chinese lunch: a nice plate of grilled fish and duck with sweet peppers, rice (white, yes I know) and edamame and to finish 4 little chocolate biscuits... quite a rich meal but will all be burned tonight :)

15 minutes walk

1 hour walk on the telephone

Snack: 1 banana + 1 pear

40 minutes passive muscle toning

Dinner at the Japanese grill: kimchee (fermented cabbage very good for digestion) + cooked spinach salad (no dressing) + grilled mahi-mahi fillet + a small green tea ice cream + green tea

30 minutes passive muscle toning

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Party and celebrations with friends, loving it!

This week-end it is all about decoration (I am inspired by my house which I have been neglecting a bit) and about celebrating as a very close friend is celebrating her birthday :)
We throw a party for the last evening of that year coming to and end and the first evening... it is the opportunity to to forget about the everyday life, with friends around a good meal!

After a short night because of late night celebrations, green tea, plenty of water with freshly pressed lemon juice to alkalize my body and give me a good complexion. Then, I tackle the day with an alkaline smoothie the recipe of which I will soon share with you in my program

1h30 easy walk as I am shopping "en famille" to decorate the house and to catch up on several errands I haven't had the time to do during the last few weeks of my criss-crossing Nevada and California.

At 10 am, a Lavender Earl Grey tea stop at Peets Coffee and teas... I fear Starbucks aren't going to see much of me anymore, Peets Coffee and Teas has very rare and delicious teas.

Lunch: a gorgeous turnip soup + 3 shiitake mushrooms spring rolls (the non-fried ones) to fill up on selenium (good for the brain)

After a lovely nap... and I am back onto the decorating, a nice way to take one's mind off things, an activity that improves the "flow" ... that is to say that it it help to clear one's mind.
Snack: 2 handfuls fresh nuts + 1 alkaline lemonade

15 minutes choreography (intense dancing) for my next project
70 minutes passive muscle toning (abs + butt&thighs)

Dinner with friends for more celebrating... it just feels great and of course, I don't watch what I eat or drink... but the constant laughter is just so good for the cardiovascular system!
20 minutes dancing

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interviews, M6 (TV Channel) filming and Temi Ojo's latest film private screening

What a week... I haven't touched the ground and have sacrificed some of my daily blog writing:)

But let's say that beyond coaching I have a very busy timetable... I've had difficulty fitting in the hours of cardio training, here come 25th hour and MetaBoosts, my trump cards!!!

On the nutrition side, balanced courses spread out over 5 meals throughout the day to fire up my metabolism.

The night are short and naps to catch up... a secret of youth (one of them :)

I went from one interview to another one of the most important ones for the UK... and then off to a private screening of Temi Ojo's latest film "Renouncing Angelica" with JP Vertus in the lead role.

But, I am not quite done yet as I follow with a shoot for 100% Mag, the M6 program, in San Francisco on the topic of "the size zero country" with Olga, the Russian ex-top model who stopped starving a year ago and who has, of course, put on weight... now, she wants to go back to her size zero and is trying to avoid the extreme yoyo dieting her friends are in the habit of doing.

To show them that one can eat tasty dishes without putting on any weight with raw eating like Demi Moore before Charlie's Angels or like Sting... Alicia Silverstone even. Viva cafe Gratitude!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to reality :) and the Wii My Body coach "for real"

A great first day back to "hell" as I like to call it tongue in cheek enjoying every minute of it naturally :)

Up after a 4 hour night... too much positive stress to manage... white tea and 40 minutes walk on an empty stomach and off we go!

Breakfast: 1 apple + a small bowl gluten free cereals with chocolate soya milk (I can take it or leave it but I have 24 little bottles in the larder, I don't want to waste them)

500 butt squeezes in the car during my many journeys today
5 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Lunch in a meeting... well not so much a lunch as light snacking: 4 little water crackers (fat free) + 4 small pieces of cheese, 1/2 cucumber sliced and 4 mouthfuls brownies, all washed down with alkalinizing water.

1h10 walk pulling my tummy in off course!

Snack: 1 biscotti and my own version of tchai tea at Starbucks, a teabag, hot water, a little soya milk, some splenda, enjoy!

45 minutes walk

On my way home after a long day that took me from Silicon Valley to East Bay, then San Francisco. Back to where I started, I find a large box... a big parcel that contains... the first version of the Wii My Body Coach game... how exciting!!!!!! To have been talking about it for months, years almost and then to see it in real and hold it in my hands is quite another pleasure :)
10 minutes choreography work (as intense as the Wii ) for a 2010 project but hush... I can't unveil anything ahead of time...

Dinner: 1 handful teriaky sprouted almonds (qualifying as raw) + a tuna and corn leaf salad with a grilled bison burger (no added fat, there is no need)

Monday, September 7, 2009

I haven't disappeared... and the very cute plagiary by a sports coach

There are times in life where it is essential to detach oneself from the daily grind, for a few days, without any Internet or telephone connection, no contact with work, radio or television. No stress... nothing other than oneself and a brand new environment.
therefore I have just spent a week in the desert in Nevada with 50,000 other people like me.

On the program: no timetable, a lot of physical activity as the place is huge (several square miles desert)... a lot of cycling to cover the Playa as the spot is called, walking and dancing too to the tune of all sorts of music played all everywhere at all times, lots of fancy dressing but only if we feel like it... in short a kind of mix between Las Vegas (because of the night lights in the desert), Woodstock (music and freedom from convention) and modern art museum (because of all the happenings and art pieces exhibited in the desert) and all among a giant party. The star attraction? On Saturday night, the center piece, a huge wooden man is burned... and the a new year begins.

The experience was fascinating and impossible to describe with words... that is why when people ask me "so how was it?"... I have to answer "it can't be told it has to be lived" :)

Considering the constant exercise and the reduced appetite because of excitement and the heat, it is obvious that this was a rather slimming week :)

I have now returned.... I find out that we are in this weeks closer magazine as well as on the Femme Actuelle website and paper magazine... happiness.

PS: I have just been shown an article in AuFeminin that makes me smile... a personal trainer takes up all my LeBootcamp tips and claims them to be hers... its cute, a tad clumsy but it is always a nice compliment to be copied :)

That very interesting experience is nearly impossible to describe... that's why when people ask me "so how was it?"... I have to say "it can't be told, it has to be lived" :)

With constant exercise, reduced appetite because of the heat, it is clear that this week was rather slimming :)

So I am back... I find out that we are i