Saturday, January 30, 2010

Your coach Valerie Orsoni on Good Morning America ABC

I have had a lot on the last few days so I had no time to note everything in detail for you :)

But, to summarise, some great encounters and a really great show on ABC - Good Morning America... I can share with you all the backstage details now :)
I think I look pretty comfortable talking to Marysol Castro but...
five minutes before we go live on air, I find out that the grocery bag containing the ingredients we need to cook the recipe "grilled shrimps with coconut milk" (you can find in your Private Space on the program) live... well, it broke in the street and the production assistant is freaking out a little:)
We negotiate to delay my appearance by 15 minutes to find a solution... we join our efforts and we manage to gather part of the ingredients (except the curry for the quinoa)... and it is Super Sara (herself strictly kosher!) who cooks the shrimps with me :)

In the end, we find ourselves in the studio, chatting as if nothing had happened... because of the change of times, the program's script is altered at the last minute... you shouldn't notice anything, although, at the end, instead of saying my fetish closing line, the journalist had noticed on various websites mentioning me ie. "you are the most important person on earth". I said "you are the most important planet on earth" duh :)

I don't even notice in the heat of the moment, but Marysol Castro does and picks up on it saying "there is a real spiritual dimension to LeBootCamp"... I wonder why she says that, is it because of the hindu prayer exercise? Not at all, it is only my killer line that was slightly modified :)

A last day at full throttle... among other things I spend a really great time with Paul Austin, a legend in the perfume world... he shares his time generously with me to help me find my very own scent :) - and that is now done after many trials.

And to finish, cherry on the cake, a dinner in great company at Corton's in New York, the temple of new molecular cuisine. On the menu, tiny portions so no worries on the figure front that's for sure... foie gras wrapped in... no, no description can possibly relate the taste... so I won't go there, but all you need to know is that it was fabulous!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New York - Coaching - Vicky, Elyse - Interview and plenty of walking

Breakfast: nothing because of the jetlag, indeed when it is 8 am in NY my body clock says 5 am :)

45 minutes walk 

Lunch with Vicky and Elysee: tasteless broth :( followed by a huge trout filet + a little potato cake + 2 tbs pineapple sorbet and lots of green tea. 
I stay in the restaurant, the Pershing Place and carry on with an interview with a very friendly TV presenter, we got on wonderfully well.

15 minutes walk
30 minutes walk

Snack: I don't resist some little cookies and a bar of chocolate... but as it is organic it isn't fattening, or so would some want to make us believe ;) I am joking of course,  chocolate is good for your health but organic or not it is energy dense :)

1h30 walk to clear my mind and stimulate my creativity :)

Dinner: I must admit being a bit queasy from my snacking indulgences so I just have an apple and a banana... and plenty of water!

Monday, January 25, 2010

NY, Sara, & a superb dinner :)

Lots of rain on my last visit to the Big Apple! But I had a gorgeous view of the Hudson River from my hotel room, so felt great :).

Morning: 40 min of cardio in the gym (10 min of bicycle and 30 min elliptical machine) + 10 min of bodybuilding

Meeting with Sara & the NY-based team.

Breakfast: just 1 apple because wasn't too hungry due to the jet-lag :)

15 min walk

Lunch: guacamole with corn chips + grilled tuna steak on a bed of cooked spinach + fruit salad

1 hr walk

Snack: 1 Granny-Smith apple (I actually don't like them but was the only thing at hand)

Lots of tea

Dinner at
Bottega del Vino. Excellent restaurant! On the menu: green salad, grilled chicken salad with mixed vegetables, fruit salad for a mini chocolate tart for a treat!

50 min walk back to my hotel
10 min of yoga before going to sleep to relax my stiff muscles caused by busy stressful days!

All in all, a super trip with lots of successes!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Your coach 30,000 feet up in the sky :) - I am in Madame Figaro "How to tone your derriere"

We are featured in this week's Madame Figaro (the very chic French ladies weekly glossy) in an article titled "Des Fesses de Deesse" roughly translated: "Goddess' Buttocks" or "Divine Bottom"... still sounds better in French, doesn't it?
So, for a firm behind, join me on LeBootCamp, the original #1 French Diet, your online coach is waiting for you :)

A great day begins... I am on my way to NY! flying on my favorite airline, in my favorite seat: 1A, life is beautiful...We take off after two incidents that show that airline security isn't what is used to be: one of the passengers on my flight wasn't meant to go to NY but to Boston... and one of the suitcases simply didn't belong to anyone on the airplane!

20 minutes walk in the airport

Succulent breakfast: green tea, hummus and fresh vegetables + pita bread + a warm little sponge cake (irresistible) + a red berry soup

I surf the web a little (internet at 30,000 feet kills the time nicely), have a little nap + a movie...

Lunch: organic apple compote, apple crisps (organic too), green tea (organic as well), 6 little crackers with organic raw almond butter and 1 triangle Toblerone not organic that one :)... really, I think that this airline's menus were created for LeBootCamp!

Quite a bumpy approach to NY but we finally land...

I've checked into a new hotel, absolutely fabulous... off the beaten track therefore VERY quiet, a rarity in NY and pure bliss!

After settling in I head for the gym:
10 minutes upright bike
10 minutes elliptical trainer
20 run on the treadmill
10 minutes strength training on the Swiss Ball
Yoga: Morning Wake Up Call

Dinner in my room, I can't be asked to go out and this new hotel's restaurant isn't open until Friday so I make do: 1 apple + 1 banana + 1 Luna women's cereal bar + a generous handful cashew nuts for a good complexion :)

This hotel was also created for LeBootCamp... on a simple call, I can get sent to my room a complete yoga kit (mat, blocs, elastics,...) + I have unlimited access to the Yoga and Well Being TV channel for my entire stay, how good is that :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Packing for New York

Breakfast: fresh lemon juice and carrot/cucumber boost

1 hour strength training with Brian

Now it's time to pack... in an organised fashion not to forget anything :)

Lunch: home made seafood soup + 2 slices melon + 3 slices pineapple (thin ones) + 1 portion swedish bread

3 mini Twix :)

Snack at the cinema "The Book of Eli": a Tchai tea with soya milk (healthier than a soda) and some home made dried apple (delicious, filling and satisfies the sweet taste buds)
All this fibre swells in the stomach, as a result I'm not hungry later... so just a little bit of guacamole with corn crisps and a large pink grapefruit, that's all I want for dinner.

Suitcase packed, so off to bed!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Body Coach very well rated - how rewarding!

I am delighted with the news that MyBodyCoach is the second most sold fitness game just behind the Wii champion of the kind, the Wii Fit
It is the fruit of the efforts of several teams that worked hand in hand. What a joy to welcome this success :) 
But we aren't stopping there, some great surprises are on their way over the next few months... but hushhh :)

A speedy day... thank goodness I managed to slip in a quick nap, it refreshes complexion and boost energy, just what I need before next week that will be 150% full on :)

A lot of Rooibos tea on an empty stomach + the daily fresh lemon juice of course, I never tire of it! 

The day began at 5h30 am, not hungry yet... and that's just as I hold a general meeting at Starbucks and I enjoy their new teas... particularly the vanilla rooibos, a delight with splenda and soya milk... and a biscotti which I like!

Then, off to the gym: 1 hour upright bike progressively increasing the levels... as I am rather over busy for the moment I spend my time answering my emails... as a result, I am less concentrated on my workout, I don't apply myself as well but I can spend an hour without realising it :) 

100 exercises on my inner/outer thigh machine
100 abs on the killer abs lounge

Lunch on the go: 3 grain hotpot with 2 slices roast ham (thin slices of course, thinking of next week) and melted soya cheese... a portion edamame + a pink grapefruit to finish

100 exercises on my inner/outer thigh machine again

Snack: at Starbucks where I am very happy they have introduced a choice of raw bars! so I have a vanilla rooibos + a raw blueberry cereal bar. 

Dinner: tomato salad (I have managed to create an oil free salad dressing that is also tasty!) with a few edamame beans + sauteed Brussels sprouts/ham (2 thin chopped slices for 3) + 2 pink grapefruits
If you are wondering why I am eating so many, it is simply because I have about 30 pounds of the citrus fruit at home :) 

40 minutes passive muscle toning 
20 tricep dips on the side of my bed.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LeBootCamp in a dozen international publications... we continue

What a frenetic exciting start of the year!... just as I love it!

We are in, Glamour, Oops, Pleine Vie, Hola, Mujer, Hoy and I know I am forgetting some:)

The 26th January approaches... go on then I'll tell you tomorrow what it is all about :)

I continue to groom my figure more than usually do, to be at my bestest (Ok I know, this isn't a real word, but you get my gist) for the 26th :)

Raw vitamin packed breakfast : apple/carrot boost + 1 apple

Lunch: 3 "deck of cards" smoked white fish fillets (from the great lakes), a delight + an enormous pink grapefruit. 

1h45 walk on the telephone

Snack: I was going to just have a tchai tea my style but I got cornered by a zucchini muffin and the muffin won!

20 minutes speedwalking
1hour training with Brian

Dinner: coconut milk rice with a chicken gratin and mango/papaya salsa (all home made of course:)

a wonderful day... let's carry on!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Extremely pleasant dinner with a high flying journalist

40 minutes passive abs

Lemon Juice
Scottish breakfast + home made almond milk and Truvia

40 minutes walk on an empty stomach on the telephone
again-45 minutes walk on the telephone
another- 30 minutes walk on the telephone :)

Well I got caught out by a hectic morning... and I missed breakfast... so I had brunch at 11h30 as I had an interview at 12h30 so I just about fitted it in... on the menu: grilled sole fillets with balsamic vinegar sauce + 1 banana... I love taking my time for lunch, but there I must honestly admit, I had to rush it :)

30 minutes walk during an interview with an American magazine...

Snack: a tin of sardines + 1 orange... did you know? 1 small tin off sardines provides you with 25% of your daily calcium needs!!

For dinner, I meet up with Bernard de la Villardiere to introduce him to Californian raw food eating in my favorite restaurant,  which is no other than Cafe Gratitude... on the meals menu: coconut milk soup with marinated wild mushrooms + guacamole with linseed crackers + a kiwi/pear parfait... yum!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LeBootCamp is in TRUE LOVE - yes!

A beautiful day begins at... 3 am... er yes.. a particular end of January "event" is making my enthusiasm get the better of my sleep, it is really so exciting!! This event also explains my recent increase in training :)

Breakfast: rooibos tea + a few pecan nuts + a little bit of lukewarm green bean salad + 1 kiwi

1 hour cycling
30 minutes walk

Lunch: 1 plate tomato soup + 1 portion Ebly/mushroom/turkey bacon all covered with melted soya cheese (yummmy) + 1 pink grapefruit + a tiny smoothie

1 hour cycling

Snack: 4 slices salami + 2 small apples 

30 minutes walk 

200 inner/outer thigh exercises with my super machine I will soon reveal to you

40 minutes passive abs

Dinner: 2 sole filets (they are tiny here), 1 bowl minestrone + 4 slices salami + 1 orange

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Loose the festive pounds _ LeBootCamp in Gazelle Mag

A VERY active day... words fail me to describe it... all sorts of twists and new developments: interviews, coaching, fitness training, new partnerships and more fantastic news on the American front :)

Breakfast: well...NOTHING!! er yes,... and do you know why? My mind has just been so busy, spinning at 150%. I only realised at 11h30 that I still hadn't had anything to eat... and then, I just thought to myself, just wait another 1/2 hour and it will be time for lunch... I haven't skipped breakfast deliberately to loose weight, it would be a very bad approach... but it also shows that we often eat out of habit or out of boredom :)

1h45 walk on the telephone

Girls lunch with super Anissa: 1 vegetable steak + 1 portion of her delicious wheat/mushrooms and turkey bacon hotpot + 1 orange

50 butt squeezes brazilian move style

Snack: 4 large dates + 5 pecan nuts

300 reps on my inner/outer thigh machine... each time I walk past it, hop, I fit in a quick 50, even when very busy, easily done :)

Gazelle magazine published a great piece on LeBootCamp... I am delighted with the journalist's experience :) who's initials are FB like FaceBook or Fabrice B. Thank you my darling :)

Dinner: 6 shrimps ( carefully counted by my son who is checking that his mother doesn't get more than he does :) grilled with curry and coconut milk ( a LeBootCamp recipe) + a lukewarm french beans saladwith a little vinaigrette made by my lovely son, yum! + 1 grapefruit + 2 squares white chocolate

40 minutes passive abs
30 tricep dips on the edge of my bed.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Get a flat tummy for the summer, shed the cellulite + LeBootCamp in Glamour USA

Wonderful! some of my tips quoted in Glamour USA!

I am often asked what to do to get rid of cellulite and achieve a flat tummy.

Despite what some doctors say (usually men), it is possible to rid yourself from the unwelcome dimply cellulite by combining non-inflammatory foods with the right kind of exercise... I say the right kind of exercise because area focused exercises alone won't suffice, you need to work out holistically. You can find my very detailed advice and tips on how to rid yourself of cellulite by writing to Your Coach from your Private Space on LeBootCamp

To obtain a flat tummy, it is best to focus on the core abdominal muscles... holding your tummy in as often as possible is already a very good start :) and to favor cardiovascular pursuits that draw on the fat where it is hidden (on the tummy in this instance).

Breakfast: 1 bowl gluten free cereal + almond milk + wild blueberries + 2 large cups Rooibos tea

30 minutes accumulated walk in the airport

Japanese lunch in the airport: 1 portion edamame + green tea + 8 sushis (6 eel and 2 hamachi)

1 hour walk 
2x50 abs on the killer ab lounge 
200 exercises on my inner and outer thigh muscle machine 

Snack: 1 portion edamame + 1/2 papaya

Dinner: 2 plates soup to fill my greedy stomach + 2 slices french salami and 1 orange

50 bicep curls on each side (4.5 lbs) 
50 tricep extentions on each side (4.5lbs) 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chat transcript in San Jose Mercury News and Oakland Tribune

If you wish to check out the chat I take part in with the San Jose Mercury News and the Oakland tribune, come and meet me on this page: Getting and Staying Fit in the New Year

In the morning, an interview for REFORME, the French (#1) protestant magazine followed by an interview for an Egyptian magazine (that one is muslim, there's no telling what the next hour will bring :)
1 hour cycling
30 minutes walk
100 abs on the killer ab lounge
300 body leg magic 
50 booty swiss ball
50 bicep curls (4.5 lbs on each side) 
50 tricep (4.5 lbs on each side) 
100 jumping jacks
50 wall push ups
50 hindu prayers

Breakfast: 1 small tin drained anchovies + a plate with a few raw linseed crackers (homemade) + 2 squares melted soya cheese (a bit like nachos but a healthy version) + 2 clementines

Girlie lunch with super Paula, for a short break during the "special" video shoot: a generous portion edamame + 1 plate of chicken/tortilla soup + 1 grilled cod steak with a drizzle olive oil + 3 slices pineapple 

Snack: 2 biscotti at Starbucks + tea and 1/2 hour spent reading people magazines 

Dinner: little home made soups + grilled scallops and then heaps of clementines (I'm not jocking, well.. a little maybe) 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LeBootCamp and Valerie Orsoni in the San Jose Mercury News - superb :)

Pffew... we really are off for a great start!

The San Jose Mercury News quotes me as an expert along side two other renowned specialists in their field for an article on the 5 most popular fitness equipment products. You can read our comments for yourself here :)

Breakfast: plenty of Rooibos tea + 1 papaya + 4 clementines + onion crackers (raw and home made) 

1 hour walk on the telephone with the dog under the glorious Californian sun... I send some to you all my European friends :)

Lunch still on the telephone (well, on Skype now): edamame + 1 raw corn cob (with a GI index that is significantly lower than that of the tinned version) + 1 slice gluten free bread + soyannaise and a slice turkey ham  + 2 clementines + 2 tiny cereal bars... I could eat a horse this lunch time, one has to listen to one's body

1 hour cycling 

Snack: 2 little cereal bars

20 granny squats + 50 wall push ups + 20 minutes hammam to detoxify (stress increases our body toxin levels that can be, partly, eliminated by sweating)

Dinner: steamed broccoli + lambs lettuce salad + 1 slice turkey breast ham + 4 clementines + 1 little cereal bar

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Live chat Wednesday at noon LA time - 9 pm Paris time

A great encounter this Wednesday 6th January at noon LA time and 9pm Paris time! come and join me on several sites, overall it covers all the biggest papers in northern California, several million of people... This is going to be big!

1 hour chat along side another fitness expert, Dr Hyght.

To find me, please connect yourself at noon pacific time or 9pm european time on either one of those sites:, or

Breakfast: a fresh lemon juice with room temperature water + 3 little gluten and yeast free waffles, simply toasted with sugar free fig jam + a few satsumas

30 minutes walk with the dog and on the telephone 

A racing around morning, plenty of great things are happening in the world of LeBootCamp... as we say here, all the ducks are lined up :) 

Lunch with Anissa: chicken tortilla soup, a veggie steak, a few raw crackers, a few clementines 

Snack: 2 little food bars (for those who worry reading my blog that I might eat too many bars... they are only 120 calories)

1 hour cycling

45 minutes accumulated walk, move great news from a French TV channel

100 floor abs (butterfly abs that you can find on your private space on LeBootCamp) 
50 bicep curls on each side 
50 tricep curls on each side 

1 wonderful hammam that feels so good. 

Dinner: a few raw crackers for aperitif, 1 plate tortilla soup, a few asparagus with soyonnaise, a little bit of raw sweet corn salad (indeed, when raw the GI is very low, so much so that it is even suitable for diabetics who are always told that sweet corn is not for them. In fact, it is the canned corn that has a very high GI). Pudding: 2 clementines + 1 small chocolate bar) 

My legs are aching tonight and tomorrow promises to be intense too with great encounters and the oh so exiting chat

Well, off to bed... tomorrow is another day as Scarlett says! 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

LeBootCamp and Valerie Orsoni in

A lovely active day kicked off with Brian for one hour intense fitness training... Tomorrow, I'll feel stiff, for sure :)

Breakfast: 1 rooibos tea + 2 tofutti (tofu based cheese) blintzes with a little bit of Corsican fig jam (yum) and 3 satsumas

1 hour muscle strength training with Brian

Lunch: grilled sole filets + little sauteed potatoes with garlic + baby leaf salad + clementines

1 hour walk doing shopping

Snack: 1 large tea + 1 biscotti

Dinner 1 burger + baby leaf salad + 5 satsumas

A beautiful day spent with Super Nathalie who has now returned to freezing Paris... bon courage my darling!

We are in in an article about detox foods. I love that website so, I am delighted!

And all my thanks to all the boot.campers wishing me a happy new year via, FaceBook and the forum

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year - How to strengthen your pelvic floor - we are in January's BIBA mag

What a year end full of happiness... days go by and the good news just keeps coming... we discontinue partnerships that make little sense for us and begin some new ones that make me proud of what I do :)

We are delighted to be in January's BIBA magazine, a real joy... we talk about the pelvic floor a popular topic LeBootCamp has been discussing for years... indeed, my dear boot.campers, you were like Moliere's Monsieur Jourdain who was doing prose without knowing... you were working out your pelvic floor without knowing either:)

A few days mental rest... It is an opportunity for me to cook... create new recipes with our in-house chef... yummeee... we haven't got 5000 recipes on LeBootCamp, only a thousand, but we have tested and retested each of them... and more importantly we have designed them with you, the boot.campers :)

All right, the clock has struck 12...
I wish you a very Happy New Year 2010... 2009 was a blast for me... 2010 will be extraordinary :) I wish you the same :)