Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Body Coach very well rated - how rewarding!

I am delighted with the news that MyBodyCoach is the second most sold fitness game just behind the Wii champion of the kind, the Wii Fit
It is the fruit of the efforts of several teams that worked hand in hand. What a joy to welcome this success :) 
But we aren't stopping there, some great surprises are on their way over the next few months... but hushhh :)

A speedy day... thank goodness I managed to slip in a quick nap, it refreshes complexion and boost energy, just what I need before next week that will be 150% full on :)

A lot of Rooibos tea on an empty stomach + the daily fresh lemon juice of course, I never tire of it! 

The day began at 5h30 am, not hungry yet... and that's just as I hold a general meeting at Starbucks and I enjoy their new teas... particularly the vanilla rooibos, a delight with splenda and soya milk... and a biscotti which I like!

Then, off to the gym: 1 hour upright bike progressively increasing the levels... as I am rather over busy for the moment I spend my time answering my emails... as a result, I am less concentrated on my workout, I don't apply myself as well but I can spend an hour without realising it :) 

100 exercises on my inner/outer thigh machine
100 abs on the killer abs lounge

Lunch on the go: 3 grain hotpot with 2 slices roast ham (thin slices of course, thinking of next week) and melted soya cheese... a portion edamame + a pink grapefruit to finish

100 exercises on my inner/outer thigh machine again

Snack: at Starbucks where I am very happy they have introduced a choice of raw bars! so I have a vanilla rooibos + a raw blueberry cereal bar. 

Dinner: tomato salad (I have managed to create an oil free salad dressing that is also tasty!) with a few edamame beans + sauteed Brussels sprouts/ham (2 thin chopped slices for 3) + 2 pink grapefruits
If you are wondering why I am eating so many, it is simply because I have about 30 pounds of the citrus fruit at home :) 

40 minutes passive muscle toning 
20 tricep dips on the side of my bed.

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