Thursday, December 2, 2010

A quick blog post...

Lemon juice + sobacha + darjeeling tea

30 min walk

Breakfast: quinoa pilaf with onions + black olives + 1 apple

30 min walk

Lunch: 1/2 papaya + 1 slice of Essene bread

30 min walk while on the telephone

No snack

Dinner: homemade soup + 1 soy yogurt + 1 enormous Asian pear

Friday, November 12, 2010

Did I say 15-hour day? More like 18 hours!

An intense Thursday which starts at 8am and finishes at 11pm.....phew!

After 10 min of morning yoga on the floor in my room (+ push-ups and abs), travel vitamin packet....I head out for my 30 min morning walk on an empty stomach :)

I meet - for the first time - the President of Readers Digest, Harold Clarke. A charming man who knows the book market like the palm of his hand, and who is intent on making my book - which launches in January - a best-seller. I trust him:)
We meet in Starbucks, so I get a roobois tea with splenda and soymilk + porridge sweetened with Truvia and with dried fruit. This will give me energy for the rest of the day.

I just have to cross the street for my interview with SELF, one of my favorite magazines. Then I have lunch and spend a little more time with Sara Hecht, our Director of Operations.

Lunch at Club House (OU): a buffalo burger (without the bread but with the fries) + green salad and tea for dessert

2 hrs of walking

After an active afternoon, we go for my first dinner at Mike's Bistro (OU), followed by an extremely pleasant and interesting second dinner :).

On the menu: merou ceviche + a little quinoa risotto with wild mushrooms for the first dinner, and burbot pate and green salad + 3 teaspoons of pecan tart for the second. I've avoided the worst!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A 15-hour day!

But of course, no complaints because it's all for a good cause!

10 min of yoga in my room (plus abs and push-ups)

I spend the morning with Sara Hecht - our Director of Operations since the very beginning! A person who is always there when you need inspiration, a true rock of confidence. Without her, I would not be.....public holiday or not, she is there.....full of energy or a little worn out, she is there....never in a low mood....never frustrated in our email correspondences.....always full of faith in our success. Thank you Sara for being there and for sharing the workload for 8 years!
I meet her in Brooklyn, in the heart of Crown Heights, the Jewish Orthodox/Hassidic community.
We set off on a secret expedition which takes all morning.

Breakfast as available: 2 biscuits and 1 bar of chocolate + a mint tea

30 min accumulated walking

Lunch in two parts: at a kosher deli: split pea soup and 8 pieces of spicy tuna sushi then in a strictly kosher, but very very hip restaurant - dessert: a tea with soymilk and a Napolean....and yes, I indulge and enjoy!

My return trip from Crown Heights deserved to be filmed, and you had to have been there to believe is so insane that I won't dare tell the full story here lest I get in serious trouble :) But I will note that it included a Christian woman with her Bible who wanted to save the rabbis ("Israelites," she called them) from hell in asking them to renounce their faith, all accompanied by a Moslem short, a crazy cavalcade!

30 min walk

I have a superb interview with a national magazine (26 million readers!)....and they offer us a cover!!!! I am excited like a kid!

No nap, I go to my hotel (30 min walk) to change (I dressed "modestly" for Brooklyn), and then dinnertime.

Dinner: always a little of everything at Bar Basque restaurant

It is 11pm, bed-time for your coach!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pilates to unwind...

Fresh lemon juice in room temperature water + sobacha + green tea

1 hour of pilates on the machine

10 min of yoga

Breakfast: a raw carrot bar

Lunch with the team (working on the next project together :) : a rice tortilla with soy cheese and smoked salmon + green salad + pink grapefruit + 4 prunes

500 glute contractions in the car -- feeling the burn!

30 min walk in the canyon, that is 4,000 steps, but on unleveled ground and while talking on the telephone :)

Snack: the little rascal! Toblerone again...I am not to blame, the squares of chocolate attacked me! A little Indian pemmican.

30 min jogging to Lady Gaga music to burn off at least 1 square of Toblerone!

Dinner: salad greens + split pea soup with pancetta (not Corsican, but Italian!) + 1 orange + 2 prunes

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An active day, mentally and physically!

There's nothing like a healthy mind in a healthy body to face life with a smile :)

A one-day marathon (like many other days, you're probably thinking - and you are right!). But with everything that happens at LeBootCamp, it's impossible to lower your guard for even a moment….

After an early wake-up, I have my my routine lemon juice followed by sobacha and green tea. I get into the car and bless my Bluetooth which allows me to talk on the phone without getting a big fine and losing control of my vehicle :). Some glute contractions at the red lights - of course.

I head to the gym - and those of you who know me well, know that I am actually not a fan of gyms unless there is a killer class going on :). Which is the case with a 30 min salsa class. Ideal for recharging yourself in the morning! This is followed by 30 min of mixed cardio: 10 min on the stairclimber + 20 min stationary biking on the maximum resistance. You gotta sweat!

Breakfast: a blueberry soy yogurt with raw homemade cereal. Yum!

After some interviews and a conf's time to meet with super Tony, Vice President at WebMD, whom I have worked with in the past. Great conversation about potential projects.....all over a balanced Thai lunch: shrimp masuman with white rice + brown rice and for dessert, a little honeydew. All accompanied by Thai tea.

A short afternoon walk, some of my famous 25th Hour exercises and then I prepare dinner: some anchovies in truffle oil (yum!), 2 raw onion crackers with sweet pepper tapenade, 1 bowl of soup (white cheddar potato) and 1/2 a vegetarian steak. For dessert: 1 pear.

Voila, before lying down: 100 abs, 1 min shaking dumbbell, 30 reverse triceps, and then to bed for your coach!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let's indulge -- It's Halloween!!!!!

Every year it's the same thing there are thousands of articles in magazines and online on how to choose your Halloween candies well, and how this candy only contains 120 calories while this one contains 160, etc....

I say STOP!


How often do we have Halloween per year? instead of becoming obsessed by calories on this happy day just learn how to manage this excess calories by moving more the day before, the day of and the day after, by having lighter breakfasts and lunches and then when you are going trick or treating just enjoy the moment.

It's not because I am a weight loss coach that I am going to make you obsessed with food. It is very critical that we avoid any compulsive behavior, which usually leads to excess pounds after a few weeks of that behavior that also makes us so miserable!

So put on your costumes, put on your sneakers and go for a 3 mile trick or treat session..and then INDULGE! My favorite candies are the Baby Ruth. I only have them once a year so I can guarantee you I will not count them.

And if you go overboard....don't guilt feeling....tomorrow we will catch up with 2 MetaBoost® which you can find in your
Private Member Space
+ 45 min walk on an empty stomach after your morning freshly squeezed lemon to support your liver detox functions.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alejandro is back!

And it hurts :) After 2 weeks of not practicing consistently :)

Upon rising: freshly squeezed lemon juice in room-temperature water followed by sobacha

30 min walk

Breakfast: 1 mini raspberry smoothie + 1 soy yogurt with raw homemade cereal (the famous croustinoisette which you all love so much and can find in the recipe section on LeBootCamp)

A big meeting followed by 1 hr with my dear Alejandro who tortures Anissa and I!

Lunch: lentil soup + raw burger (made with sunflower seeds and walnuts) with a sort of sweet pepper tapenade as ketchup :) + raspberries

1 hr walk during which I get a Tazo passion fruit tea sweetened with Splenda at Starbucks

Dinner: 1 bowl of tomato soup + ceps cooked in olive oil/soy sauce/balsamic vinegar + raspberry & peach salad + 1 cutie (see photo :)

PS: according to my brand new iPod which also acts as my pedometer, I've walked 12,000 steps!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Boxing to de-stress

Good habits mean:
Lemon juice + sobacha + 30 min walk with Nestle....all the while on the telephone of course! I am lucky, the weather is great!

Breakfast: raw homemade smoothie: almond milk + agave nectar + organic raspberries + 1 organic banana

I'm enjoying the good weather, my mood being so directly linked to the color of the sky!

Lunch at the cinema, and yes, Monday is my secret movie lunch date with a girlfriend. The latest chick flick is Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. Neat, fun and romantic...
Menu: 1/2 serving of sweet potato fries + 1/2 spa wrap (i.e only veggies) + green tea

Snack: not perfect because we were "attacked" by terrible chocolate goodies! Kinder happy hippo chocolate and chocolate mushrooms too! But we enjoy the moment...

30 min jogging to Taylor Swift's music
10 min of crazy boxing on my punching bag. It really clears up the mind, guaranteed!

Dinner: 1 chicken leg grilled with honey (so no doubt about eating the skin ;) + mache salad + watermelon

To bed!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Return to San Francisco for 10 days!

I am back and EXHAUSTED!!! But so many wonderful things happened in Paris...great meetings...amazing projects to come...I am psyched! I am supported by so many wonderful people :)

A weekend spent with friends, unpacking my bags (which weighed 32kg on my return!), , and preparation for my trip to Los Angeles in 10 days for a casting call, a session of work on a new reality TV show + the documentary shooting with M6.

A superb dinner on Saturday evening - very LeBootCamp-friendly and nutritionally balanced: some healthy dips, followed by marinated moules and homemade fries (just a small portion), with a little tomato crumble (amazing)....I pass on the cheese plate and only take the green salad. For dessert, strawberries with English cream...I only take the strawberries to fill up on vitamins :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Weight Loss coaching in Paris for 2 weeks

Hello from Paris!

I haven't posted daily since my arrival simply because I have found in the only hotel in Paris that doesn't have Internet!!!

As soon as I landed in Paris I went to a meeting, and then on my way to Britanny! Not for fun but for work :). I was lucky enough to visit Britanny with a sunny sky - apparently something very rare here! There were amazing local culinary specialties which I could not resist trying like the kouign-amman: a mix of butter, flour and sugar! Not good for me, but delicious :)

Since I walked a lot I also authorized myself to enjoy 2 buckwheat crepes with ham...yummy!

After this work/touristic weekend, on my way to Paris where we come full circle back to the beginning of this post: I am internet-less again :).

Two weeks swamped with extraordinary meetings, insane projects (exceeding anything I'd imagined), and everything at a mad pace, but of course it is all for a great cause!
Some highlights:

(1) I spent 9 hours in a studio taping the soundtrack of MyBodyCoach for Wii and Sony Move game. I was coming down with the beginning of a sore throat, so hot tea, honey and drops all day long. I can say YES YOU CAN in so many ways now!

(2) A superb press conference on September 14th held at Cafe Fauchon with a great group of journalistes and partners. There we unveiled our new coaching program "STOP CHOLESTEROL", which will officially launch on October 15th, developed in collaboration with French expert on the subject, Nathalie Hutter Lardeau. We also presented our CoachingBox, the Secrets de Coach package, and plenty of other beautiful things, all of this accompanied by a gourmet breakfast. Because you know it - LeBootCamp is the food lover's diet!

(3) A photo shoot with Nathalie to illustrate our next coaching program to fight against cholesterol.

(4) A 1-hr live chat for Le Journal des Femmes

(5) An integrative exercise session - my famous "25th Hour" - with journalists/bloggers from BE, the new magazine from Lagardere

(6) Meetings with members of the French team from Lille, Strasbourg, Carcassonne, Toulouse, Bastia....beautiful dinners at La Villa Corse, my Parisian HQ.
Bravo Nadege and Marjorie for their very active participation with La Parisienne for our partner Nestle.
Bravo Sarah for having organized this press conference with such class and efficiency!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Headed to NY to present my weight loss approach!

And well, after 36 hours of very little rest, here I am again at 37,000 feet, headed to New York!

20 min walk on an empty stomach with Nestle before heading off to the airport.

No breakfast because I am still nauseous...weird that this nausea not going away. That stupid cab driver will NOT see me again!

15 min walking in the airport

I love Virgin America because we have wifi on-board and nice large TV screens :)

A typical LeBootCamp lunch: fresh veggies + dip, crackers, hummus, fresh fruit salad, half a serving of cranberry cake

200 glute contractions on-board......then total rest....I want to revise my text for tomorrow but not really feeling up to it, I'd rather rest a little :)

So I watch one chick flick after another, apply a moisturizing mask and sleep. Feels soooo good!

I arrive in NY evening time...head to bed early as I have to wake up at 4am tomorrow morning to do make-up really early...the good news is that for once I have a good makeup artist :).

At 6am Steve and I are in position in the NBC studios in NY. The dawn is barely breaking, it's a surreal feeling being totally out and about at that hour!

Once on the set the subject is changed slightly, and my notes from yesterday are useless! I have to improvise...

Pat Battle, the host, is a-do-ra-ble! and my TV segment is over before I know it. Pat had so much fun she invites me for next month and for when my book comes out :)

It is 8am. Steve and I are exhausted and take vengeance with a HUGE croissant. Though because it doesn't taste very good I apply my winning technique: don't eat it when it's not good; save the calories for when it is!

I've been up since 1am my time, and I go from one meeting to another, first with a TV producer and his casting director, then another one, and then it is already time to head to the airport.....I am early hence a nice massage at Xpress Spa :) favorite time when I travel!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Biking in the Silicon Valley - life is beautiful

What I love about this place is that not only is the weather (almost) always nice...but that we are far from the stresses of life and in an atmosphere of creative and positive energy. I can bike to meetings :), I can really live life freely... Breakfast: nothing!!!! It is not that I am skipping breakfast, it is just that I am still feeling the effects of that terrible cab driver!

I am still having my famous lemon juice and green tea and that's all :)

30 min biking to Palo Alto.
Lunch at Joya which I love: gazpacho + tuna tartare and avocado + berries and green tea
Another 30 min biking to get home.

Snack with my darling son: an ice-cream which is 0% fat and sweetened with Splenda at Haagen Dasz (50 calories for those of you who are wondering :)

30 min walk

100 abs on my ab lounge
Dinner on the go as I am packing for New York for which I am leaving early tomorrow: anchovies + onion crackers (raw) (Eric/Anissa if you are reading this, know that I am leaving you a jar of crackers when I head off to NY :) + fruit and a coconut milk yogurt

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trip to Los Angeles before the Emmy Awards

Just before leaving to New York for my NBC broadcast, I have to make a little trip to Los Angeles.
Upon rising: lemon juice in room-temperature water + roobois tea + vitamin pack

In the morning: 30 min walk with Nestle of course! + 100 abs on my ab lounge + 30 seconds shaking dumbbell

Lunch: a coconut milk yogurt with homemade raw cereal. Yum!

30 min walking in the airport

Lunch on-board: edamame + 8 sushis a l'anguille and some grapes.

It is pretty hot in LA. The problem? It's 104 degrees outside and 61 inside. A clothing inferno :) and a lot of sneezing!

I enjoy top-notch service from Lena at Carsoin Day Spa in West Hollywood - right in front of The Ivy, the celebs' restaurant, just for those who want to be seen! This is where the celebs come before the Oscars to get their skin glowing: a medical grade oxygen therapy with a ton of active ingredients infused back into the skin. After 2 hours, I am really impressed!

Another 30 min walk in heels...not good for the back but it makes me move well

At 4pm: "I am forced" to eat...I choose the option that is less "dangerous" for my waistline: fruits in syrup with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

I don't know if it's that, or the erratic driving of the taxi driver that takes me from my hotel to my next interview, but I am feeling sick like a dog!

Not very practical for my evening interview but great for dieting because I cannot eat a thing!

Dinner: 3 steamed shrimps and 2 lettuce leaves...I cannot eat anything else!

100 abs on the floor before going to bed + 20 floor push-ups and 50 wall push-ups

The following day, I wake up at 4am because I feel sooo nauseous! I try everything: hot bath, cold shower, lemon juice...nothing works. Instead of tossing in my bed I go to the 26th floor to admire the pool.
In the water: 6 laps swimming + 4 laps walking + 100 abs + 100 leg lifts

I am ready to face my VERY important meeting after some breakfast: Earl Grey tea with soy milk and Truvia to sweeten + wild smoked salmon with capers + fruit

30 min walking in the city and in the airport

Lunch when I arrive in San Francisco - an Indian meal: basmati rice + grilled veggies, tofu and lentil soup. For dessert, 2 mini "crunch" bars...yum, a little sweetness in this crazy world!

No snack (still nauseous)

In the evening: 100 abs on my ab lounge + 20 reverse triceps

Dinner on the go: polenta + anchovies (I'm addicted!) and fruit

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NBC - 5 days - early am hunger!!!

It must be the jetlag of Babeth returning to Rwanda...I wake up at 5am's impossible to fall back asleep! So I make myself a small taco: corn taco + steamed fish + tomate + lettuce

A short night, and then...

Lemon juice in room-temperature water + green tea from Rwanda + vitamin pack
Green Morning Boost (which you can find on

1 hr 15 mins walking in a splendid canyon with Nestle.

Breakfast: 1 homemade yogurt containing coconut milk + coconut flesh and raw the result is amazing...I will have to share this recipe!!! with a handful of homemade raw cereal

Lunch: 1 small serving of steamed mahi mahi + 1 mahi mahi taco with mango/papaya salsa and lettuce + 3 squares of dark chocolate sweetened with maltitol.

10 min & NO MORE of walking in 40-degree heat....a heatwave has arrived......

Snack: my favorite Starbucks tea with lots of ice cubes + 1 banana

500 glute contractions

Dinner: gazpacho + wild smoked salmon + raw onion crackers + pink grapefruit.

Monday, August 23, 2010

NBC - 6 days to go - getting in shape!

I'm preparing for my Sunday show on W-NBC so aiming to have beautiful skin. Hence following my menus from LeBootCamp Anti-Aging and Beauty programs so that I get glowing celebrity skin for the big day :).
I'm also considerably increasing in exercise in order to be in even better shape (TV doesn't hide any flaws!)

Lemon juice to start my day + green tea from Rwanda + vitamin pack

30 min walk on an empty stomach + 100 abs on my ab lounge + 30 sec shaking dumbbell

Breakfast: 1 slice of toast (gluten-free and yeast-free to keep a flat belly) + a bit of soyannaise + wild smoked salmon + 1 Asian pear

1 hr biking during which I make plenty of phonecalls.

Lunch: see photo...a mixed plate: smoked salmon, white bean humus, raw onion crackers, sauteed mushrooms and a small mango/papaya compote followed by a juicy Asian pear

Green tea and I set out again...

100 glute contractions in the car

Snack: a few pieces of beef jerky (pemican) + 6 squares of dark chocolate sweetened with maltitol

Dinner: homemade tacos: taco + steamed mahi mahi + tomatoes + salad + salsa. 2 tacos for mom and 4 for my boy who is growing and is allowed to eat more than his mommy :). For dessert: 2 large handfuls of blueberries + 3 tbsp of mango/papaya salsa

Nap for 10 min

During the evening, in the hot night.....30 min night jogging with Dire Straits on my iPod + 100 abs on my ab lounge + 30 sec shaking dumbbell

Wow...what a day!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My latest article on the Huffington Post: How to Handle Summer Weight Gain Traps

As you know, I am a permanent writer for the famous Huffington Post. My latest article is devoted to handling weight gain traps from this summer! Here is the link; share it on Twitter and FaceBook and of course, don't hesitate to comment! --> How to Handle Summer Weight Gain Traps

A very sunny day....

After my morning lemon juice, green tea from Rwanda, and vitamin pack, I have a raw breakfast containing homemade dried fruit (sundried pineapple, yum!) + Brazil nuts (I fill up on selenium :)

30 min accumulated walking: shopping, then escorting Babeth to the airport for her return to Kigali, Rwanda.

Lunch at the airport at my favorite Japanese restaurant: a little edamame + green tea + 1 dragon roll and 1 California roll

1.5 hrs biking to get my snack: the famous Red Mango fat-free frozen yogurt (just sweetened with Stevia - pure pleasure without the calories :) topped with fresh fruit. Brilliant concept!

Dinner: wild smoked salmon + mache salad + some raw onion crackers + hummus dip + sauteed mushrooms. For dessert: grape champagne (microscopic-sized grapes).

200 abs on my ab lounge
1 min of shaking dumbbells (just 1 min and it burns!!!)
20 reverse triceps 1 min of "jumping up and down" on a jumbo Swiss Ball
20 girl push ups

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rwanda is my home :)

I'm in an exotic zone with my friend Babeth who just arrived from Rwanda where she lives.
The image that we have of this beautiful country is totally biased by the media which have not updated their presentation of this country for over 16 years.....personally, I dream of visiting Rwanda :)

On the menu this week: plenty of cooking - Babeth is an amazingly skilled cook and has her own French blog: La Cuisine de Babeth and in English: La Vie in English
raw breakfasts so that she can discover my "sun food" as I like to call it :)
yoga, plenty of walking, a bit of jogging, and of course lots of 25th Hour exercises to keep me active :)

I also work on my interview for August 29th in NY on NBC...this is a BIG one!

Guess what's in this picture.....a tip: it comes from Rwanda :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Your coach in New York - we are making progress (sometimes we back up a little bit but overall going in the right direction :)

A day in a heatwave and intense humidity!

Upon rising, "Morning Wake Up Call" yoga routine which you can find on LeBootCamp in "My Gym", then 1 glass of water with my vitamins which I take when I travel + 1 glass of tea in my room :)

The day starts early with a meeting with my team on Skype, followed by an interview with Health Magazine (I'm a fan!). I am escorted by Danielle Hawkes, my charming publicist who is amazing and looks superb :).

I continue walking for 1.5 hrs in heels, not very good for my back but I forgot my flip flops..... I make a small stop at Starbucks for an iced-tea without sugar and a baby scone (fyi and because it is the law in NY it must be written on the label: this is about 140 calories :)

Lunch during a meeting: a gazpacho + 1/2 chicken/avocado sandwich + 1 baby brownie and green tea

I go on to other meetings and then meet again with Stacey Ashton, Vice President of sales at Readers Digest...she is in charge of all the marketing campagin for my book that will be released on December 14th! Exciting!

We spend valuable time together, brainstorming while drinking 1 liter of sparkling water + 1 slice of wholewheat bread with a little butter , some tapas and a rice pudding and with cherries. Yum!

A short walk before a good sleep!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One week in NY - coaching full throttle! (Monday/Tuesday)

Back in the Big Apple!
Lots of humidity which my hair withstood with ease thanks to a Brazilian hair straightening!

A Jet-Lag Weight Loss Secret :) --> Only 2 meals per day when I am in NY, quite simply because at breakfast time I am not yet hungry due to jet-lag….and by the time I get hungry at night, I'm already asleep :). So at midday I eat the equivalent of breakfast in California and in the evening I have my lunch :)

Monday: spent on the airplane with approximately 1 hr of walking in the airport and good organic, gluten-free food...Virgin America definitely knows what they're doing :)

I finish the day with a dinner with my US publicists....they are doing a great job as usual.

On the menu: grilled cod with green veggies. I don't resist dessert and have a rhubarb/strawberry tart...yum!

Tuesday: interviews, coaching session, and 2 hrs of walking in the city in both heels and flip-flops, depending on time and place :). My day started off with yoga in my room, followed by 100 abs on the floor + 20 push-ups on the floor and 50 standing push-ups.

Plenty of green tea throughout the day!

A very healthy lunch with a man who is passionate about his products (of which I am a fan). We lunch at Pure Food and Wine (One Lucky Duck), a very trendy raw restaurant here in NY! On the menu: a raw "hamburger" and for dessert, a caramel bar and dark chocolate. Yum!

The afternoon passes with interviews + 1 coaching session

Dinner with the big boss at Readers Digest who shows me a copy of my upcoming's all very exciting!!! They are brilliant at Readers Digest!

On the menu: tomato soup + grilled halibut with a little tiny bit of mashed potatoes and green veggies...finished off with a square of dark chocolate.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coaching in LA - Photo shoot with Tracey Mallett

A beautiful active day!

Early wake-up because the future belongs to those who rise early!

Freshly squeezed lemon juice in room-temperature water + sobacha + multi-vitamins

To wake up my body: a bit of yoga, 100 abs on the floor, 100 glute contractions ("The Bridge"), 30 push-ups

Breakfast: a homemade buckwheat chapati + 1 tbs of chestnut jam from Corsica + 1 peach + 1 prune

Then I head towards the airport for 36 hours of craziness :)

Coaching sessions, interviews, and a superb photo shoot on the beach in Malibu which I will post photos of very soon :).

A very short night because the photo shoot starts at 5am….the stress and jet-lag are killing me so I wake up at midnight and don't go back to sleep...I am more than ready on time!

After a make-up session and some peaches + cookies we drive 30 miles south to Malibu in the caves on the beach for beautiful photographs...then return to Santa Monica for a session in the studio with Tracey Mallett (master Pilates instructor and celeb in the USA).

At midday, I let myself go with a nice serving of sweet potato fries…the consolation? In addition to the fact that it tastes good, it's also good for your skin due to the strong concentration in antioxidants (giving it it's famous orange color). Since I love them, I am happy as a clam, hence glowing in the pictures :)

I must say, I was very happy with this shot...why? Well for the first time in many months, I am really proud of my abs, and the visible results of good physical-activity and a balanced diet without frustration or deprivation (as you can see on my blog :)

I finish the day with a trip to Venice Beach to decompress after10 hrs of non-stop may sound simple but to keep up your energy and your smiles for 10 hrs, I assure you, is not easy to say the least...if you don't believe me, try it out, LOL.

Dinner in Venice Beach: sushi and edamame + green tea

Then I head to the airport and almost miss my flight….the line for security is so long! They close the door of the plane right after I step in, like something out of a movie :).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One day of relaxation!

Experiencing full on jet-lag , so I take care of myself today :)

I wake up a little later because of the 9 hr time difference, but at least switching to this timezone is much easier ;)

Upon rising: lemon juice in room-temperature water + sobacha (buckwheat infusion) +a handful of nuts/dried fruit mix + 1 banana + 1 peach

30 min yoga + 1 hr massage to relax my muscles and rejuvenate my body after all those hours of travel.

1 hr of biking all on the telephone because after 3 weeks of vacation I have tons of things to catch up on!

Raw lunch on the go: a handful of nuts/dried fruit mix + 1 banana + 1 coconut milk yogurt

A small walk
100 abs on my ab lounge

Snack: 3 thin slices of pastrami

Dinner: Corsican green beans made by papa (yum!) + 1/2 chicken sausage + 1 grapefruit and 1 handful of cherries

To bed early!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Boyz Training

Early wake-up due to a very early yoga class (well 7am to be precise, but it is early for a weekend)

Lemon juice + sobacha before 1 hr of yoga where we focus on headstands - a great way to build up crazy energy!

Breakfast: 1 baby raw bar + 1 apple + some cherries...I keep breakfast light because lunch promises to be very intense (a barbecue which is expected to go on for about 7 hours)

Then training of "Da Boyz" in the woods:
1 hr of intense running, sprinting, walking, abs, etc...tiring but great! Da Boyz worked very well, congrats!

Lunch/Dinner - starts early and ends late so just one long extended meal:
root chips + some dips like humus and cashew salad....some grilled grilled potatoes....fresh vegetable bread nor cheese or wine...I stay in control ;) because then dessert comes: red fruits terrine (yum!!) and apple tart - wow!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day - Fourth of July

Holiday today! It's the 4th of July - Independence Day!

On the menu: light breakfast because dinner the day before was rich:
1 sobacha to detoxify + freshly squeezed lemon juice in room temperature water + 1/2 papaya with lime + 5 Brazil nuts.

2 hr of rando in the canyons under a strong sun but protected with sunscreen! Luckily an organized person had brought water along :)

Quick Mexican lunch
some chips with tomato sauce + fish cooked with lemon + water (no beer for me, I hate it :)

1 km swimming

No snack...

a finger food dinner with a lot of temptations which I don't really resist :)
Fortunately the dessert is very healthy with fresh fruit (cherries, lychees...)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Argentina - Germany Match

Breakfast: Juice of 1 lemon + 1 sobacha
a homemade buckwheat pancake + 1 orange

Superb match between Argentina & Germany...Argentina got smashed!!!

1 hr of Fartlek in the marsh
200 abs on my ab lounge
30 push-ups

Lunch: 2 artichokes with soyonnaise + green salad + pineapple carpaccio and 1 Red Mango frozen yogurt (yum, yum)

Beautiful nap, it did me's hot...I read and relaxed

Snack: 2 mochis (2 little Japanese ice cream treats, which contain just 220 calories to be exact)

Dinner and fireworks: on the menu,
various salads, 1 grilled sausage, a little tomato/mozarella and for dessert I let myself go on a few Northern African pastries

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A day of weight loss coaching without deprivation...

30 min jog on an empty stomach

1 hr of yoga

Raw breakfast: raw cereal+ coconut milk + berries

Video shooting in Los Altos

Asian lunch: 2 wild mushroom and duck samosas + cucumber salad + fried squids (yes, but not much!) + green papaya and shrimp salad + dessert: 1 banana frita with a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

No snack

100 abs on my ab lounge

20 min walk before dinner

Dinner: tomato salad with raw carrot crackers + 1 serving of teff with onions/lentils/peas + 15 cherries (my son kept count :)

25 min walk to help digestion :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sore muscles :) + Get Him to the Greek

Wow, I still feel the sore muscles from the crazy hike!

After my
morning s
obacha, lemon juice and roobois,
I am ready to jog for 20 min at a slow pace + 10 min walk followed by 30 min of yoga and 1 hr massage...luckily I started my day very early or I would not be able to squeeze in all this activity!

With all the activity going on and phonecalls....I don't manage to have breakfast before 11am! Since it's close to lunchtime, I keep it light: a smoothie: fresh coconut milk + Truvia + 1 banana + 1 small punnet of raspberries + a drop of vanilla extract.

A quick lunch because I need to go and shoot some new videos: mixed salad, raw crackers + 2 slices of pastrami + 1 prune

Difficult shooting because of lots of wind! We finally find a relatively calm spot behind the Palace of Fine Arts....really beautiful!

At snack time my stomach alerts me and I want some sugar....a lemon crepe, to be precise....and lo and behold we find a place that serves just that ;) vanilla rooibois + 4 small (very thin, I assure you) sweet lemon crepes.

Then I head to the cinema to see Get Him to the Greek with Russell Brand. Before leaving,
1/2 tomato chapati with cream of anchovy (I know, I know, a weird combination, but I like it!) + 1 prune...and then at the cinema, 1 serving of popcorn without the horrible chemical butter hence no damage is caused :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A hike in the redwoods & great soccer game - Germany/England

I start the day with a beautiful World Cup match with Germany-England. Lacking a little bit of steam at the outset, but after a first goal from Germany, a very active game begins which lasts until the very end! Great game!

7-hour hike in the redwoods with hellish elevations, beautiful vistas and snakes left and right (perfect if you forgot your sandwiches and need some protein ;)

Raw breakfast: raw homemade cereal + coconut milk + raspberries…and of course, everything preceded by my morning sobacha + roobois + freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Midday: sandwich with vegetables + 1 nectarine + 1 buckwheat muffin with dried fruit

No snack.

Dinner: tomato salad + raw crackers + several slices of sausage + plenty of cherries

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Launching of Coaching Box exclusively with La Redoute

What a week!!!

After the launch of "Secrets de Coach" for iPhone, followed by the special coaching box package available on, we are now launching our brand new "CoachingBox" exclusively with La Redoute! These are gift boxes which you can buy for yourself, or as a gift for a friend. They contain access to the coaching program of your choice (weight loss, mom-baby, anti-aging), as well as a pocket blog, expert tips - and for the 6-month program an offer for a complimentary telephone consultation.

They look like this:
You can buy the CoachingBox HERE

Morning: roobois + freshly squeezed lemon + 1 cup of sobacha

1 hr of yoga...Alejandro can definitely make me do things I did not even know I could accomplish!

Breakfast: a homemade buckwheat chapati + 2 tbsp almond butter + 1 orange

1 hr of biking to Palo Alto for some business meetings

Lunch in the heart of the Silicon Valley: salade nicoise (without eggs) with semi-cooked tuna...I leave over the 2 slices of bread because I know I need a small sweet treat for dessert - I eat half a Bounty bar. Yum!

34 laps of various strokes

Snack: 3 small apricots + a coconut milk yogurt

Dinner: mixed salad + 1/2 chicken sausage + some raw crackers with
goose pate that comes in what I call the diplomatic suitcase so I cannot refuse this! And then for dessert, a huge fresh fruit salad: pineapple, pomegranate, cherries, raspberries...