Sunday, September 19, 2010

Return to San Francisco for 10 days!

I am back and EXHAUSTED!!! But so many wonderful things happened in Paris...great meetings...amazing projects to come...I am psyched! I am supported by so many wonderful people :)

A weekend spent with friends, unpacking my bags (which weighed 32kg on my return!), , and preparation for my trip to Los Angeles in 10 days for a casting call, a session of work on a new reality TV show + the documentary shooting with M6.

A superb dinner on Saturday evening - very LeBootCamp-friendly and nutritionally balanced: some healthy dips, followed by marinated moules and homemade fries (just a small portion), with a little tomato crumble (amazing)....I pass on the cheese plate and only take the green salad. For dessert, strawberries with English cream...I only take the strawberries to fill up on vitamins :)

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