Friday, April 30, 2010

On WowOwow :)

Check us out in this photo essay on Whoopi Goldberg's site, for easy anti-aging and nutrition tips.

It's truly an honor for me to be featured on this site… I am flattered…thank you Whoopi!

To read the article, click here: How The French Stay Forever Young

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sean Connery and Valerie Orsoni at your service :)

A beautiful evening in NY with Sir Sean Connery and his energetic wife :)

An evening dedicated to war heroes who were injured battling for our freedom, for which the foundation Dressed to Kilt raises funds for the development of top-notch prosthetics.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

LeBootcamp featured on amNY!

Check us out in amNY, the daily New York City subway newspaper on my unique approach to exercise and healthy eating! I also reveal my favorite foods that I cannot live without :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

LeBootCamp and Valerie Orsoni on France24

Check me out on France 24!

Click HERE to read the report :)

Hugs from CA!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Firm glutes with Femme Actuelle & LeBootCamp exercises

Check me out on Femme Actuelle on how to work your glutes effortlessly :)

I leave you to discover how to get a beautiful butt in this video, so that you look great in your bikini this summer!

A beautiful day under the spring sun...delicious!
Got up very early because I just had to finish reading the chapter I was in middle of :)

Breakfast: freshly squeezed lemon with room-temperature water + honeybush tea + vitain sachet + marinated mushrooms (yes, I had it yesterday evening - I am a fan;) + scrambled tofu

1 hr walk with Nestle to go grocery shopping (yup, all by foot as opposed to car so that I make a contribution to our environment!)

Lunch: marinated Cepe mushrooms (now I've finished them off :) + creamy cucumber salad (homemade) + 1 soy yogurt

1 hr walk

Snack: 1 banana + 1 Guatemalan candy + some grapes

Dinner: at a restaurant with 9 friends, to party! For entree, savory petits fours (fried squids, veggies, etc.) and main dish: Ahi tuna steak mi-cuit with mashed potatoes and horseradish.

Got to bed late, but had lots of laughs which gave my abs a workout...a flat tummy without even having exercise. Isn't life beautiful?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LeBootCamp rated 8th Best Company in Outside Magazine

This is HUGE!
Every year, Outside Magazine launches a special contest to find America's "Best Places to Work" (those which treat their employees and contributors best, etc.) and this year, we ranked 8th! Results of employer and employee questionnaires were analyzed by Best Companies Group experts, who selected the 50 companies that strive to enhance their employees’ enjoyment of active endeavors, and environmental and social involvement.

You can read press release HERE

And here is a fun video created by bootcampers and LeBootCamp supporters to celebrate our win:

Breakfast: 1 raw bar with soy yogurt + honeybush tea (roobois has gone backstage, honeybush is the latest trend :)

A huge downpour today, so not in the mood of much's also good to rest from time to time :)

Lunch during a conference call with a really nice producer with whom I discuss ideas for a TV series. I am excited like a kid! On the menu: 1/2 fresh juicy papaya - yum! + 1 rice tortilla with soy cheese (I know, this makes 3 days that I've eaten the same thing for lunch…well after being away from home for so long, I tend to stick to what's familiar :)

15 min of yoga + 45 min walk

No snack, forgot to have one!

Dinner: marinated Cepe mushrooms (cooked in the marinade, so technically "raw") + tofu marinated in Dijon mustard & grilled with homemade artichoke tapenade + 1 orange

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LeBootCamp and Valerie Orsoni on 24savvy (easy workouts)

If you want some quick and easy workouts, visit - they've featured some of my super tips to staying in shape without sweating ;)

Click here: Article

Up early because I can't get enough of the book I'm reading (I read 10000 pages in one month!) - fell asleep to it, and then woke early to read some more :).

Freshly squeezed lemon juice + room-temperature water + roobois tea + vitamin

Muscles a little sore from my workout yesterday...this is good, means I got them working :)

Breakfast: a bowl of gluten-free cereal with almond milk + a bunch of grapes

1 hr walk with Nestle while talking on the phone

So much good news to share that I needed that full hour and more!!!

Lunch: a rice tortilla with soy cheese...(don't mind my repetition of this food, I tend to get into a mode of craving the same thing for a while ;) + 1 orange + 1 grapefruit

Snack: 1 soy yogurt + 1 banana

1 hr walk again

Family dinner: 1 "bistek de pulma" (EXTRA lean piece of meat, 3 millimeters thick) + spinach salad + 1 pink grapefruit + 1 orange

Quiet reading with my family...I think I'm going to beat my 10,000 pages from last month!

Monday, April 19, 2010

LeBootCamp recipes in Food & Wine

What a start to the week!

LeBootCamp recipes are featured in the popular Food & Wine magazine. No less than four glossy pages with some of our delicious chicken recipes.

I'll leave the rest for tomorrow :)

Got up early…the world belongs to those who rise early, doesn't it?

Freshly squeezed lemon in room-temperature water + 2 cups of roobois tea...well hydrated to start my day!

1.5 hour walk with Nestle to the post office… and of course, during this time had some interviews and debriefing with my media team in New York. Awesome news on the US media front, but I won't give it all away...I'll leave a little for tomorrow :)

Online meeting with my French team to welcome a new intern...very exciting!

Lunch: 1 rice tortilla with salmon and soy cheese + 1 bowl of blackberries

A well-earned nap after all my travels over the past 2 weeks :)

15 min of accumulated walking

A treat with my son in Palo Alto: frozen yogurt with fresh fruit - the pleasure without the guilt (120 calories max!)
10 minute warm-up jog + 20 min bodybuilding

I work on my next book...and before I know it, evening has arrived :)

Dinner with my family: carrot salad + another rice tortilla like at lunch because I'm addicted ;) + 1 pink grapefruit + 1 orange

Quiet reading with my family to finish the day peacefully without noisy images on the TV...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boston Boot.Meeting

A great day lies ahead.

After a very early start at 4h15 am, here we are at 33,000 feet flying to Boston (only 36 minutes flight) for a Boot.Meeting put together by Corinne a local boot.camper. A true American despite her very Gallic name (She doesn't speak the language but has some French heritage :)

She is an absolute darling and comes to pick me and my son up from the airport.
We head straight for Legal Seafood in Prudential, in the centre of Boston, to meet the other bootcampers and share a seafood lunch together: 1 small bowl lobster bisque + bouillabaisse for me + 1 small bread roll + 1 profiterole (and no more, American portions are impressive)

1 hour walk visiting the old town, and it is just like I remember it when I was a student here. Robin is our guide and she keeps us moving at good pace during our visit of the town.

After that Corinne very kindly invites us for dinner at her house, a beautiful American home 40km away from the centre, in a forest that reminds me of Salem.
After that we are off to the airport on our way to Washington!

It was a VERY long day, but a great one spent with my son and some energizing bootcampers :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A long week-end vacation "en famille" in New York

I took 2 days off!  Well, just a week-end really. It seems like such a simple thing to do but it is rarely possible, so I enjoy every minute with my loved ones.

I planned a visit to the National History Museum (a favorite of mine), plenty of walking, pit stops in some hidden gems of restaurants and nice encounters.

Lunch with Veronique at Felix on Saturday. She is in superb form as usual. We enjoy a classic "moule frites" (steamed mussels and potato chips). No pudding and 5 hours walk to go from the most southern tip of Manhattan up to MidTown, not without some obligatory cultural and shopping stops on the way.  

For dinner we restored ourselves with some delicious tapas

Sunday was just as active with 4 hours walk, the highlights being our trip to the National History Museum and brunch (that was instead of breakfast and lunch but not more) in a divine raw food restaurant: raw sushis, zucchini spaghettis and lemon cake. 

Dinner on the 48th floor of the Marriott on Broadway (Time Square) just for the sheer pleasure of having a 360 degree view of Manhattan as the restaurant does a complete rotation every hour. The food is very ordinary but the setting is spectacular: mixed platter, 2 bread rolls, and a strawberry + a marshmallow dipped in a chocolate fountain + 1 madeleine and 1 palmito. 

30 minutes walk back to MidTown

On Monday, a little less walk but still a good 3 hours altogether with a brunch in Wall Street at Pret A Manger, I'm a fan. 1 tomato soup + 1/2 roast veg and chicken sandwich + 1 Bunny Detox Soda)

For dinner we go French at Le Bateau Ivre in MidTown: veal liver (good source of iron) + french fries and 2 table spoons of someone else's tarte tatin.

And so finishes a lovely break... It feels so good to have such a week-end!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A happy Friday in New York

I breakfast on a few clementines bought in the street the day before... NY is great for that. You can find beautifully stocked stands of local and exotic fresh fruit practically at the corner of every street.

15 minutes yoga/stretching

And I go straight into a series of interviews followed by a coaching session and lunch on the go.
2 hours walk and, phew, this crazy but exciting week is over!

On the program, Date Night with Steve Carrell and Tina Frey. Quite to my surprise I roared with laughter watching Hot Tub Time Machine despite the less than promising title... so much for appearances :) Great cast by the way.

Dinner before the movies was rather awful, a disgusting thick and chewy pizza but hey ho, we were starving and there was nothing else around. At least, when it's bad, we don't finish up.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

San francisco Examiner - Coaching - Interviews - Walk - Visits - New York - Heat

It is still hot and humid in the Big Apple, but I shan't complain... some are freezing their tushes off in London :) 

Today were some really fun interviews, great coaching sessions and I get some fabulous news. That's so good, I am moving here! 

100 abs as I get out of bed + my divine yoga sequence, Morning Wake Up Call, to loosen everything up + 50 wall press ups after my shower (whilst the self tan is setting) + 50 Hindu Prayers

We lounge around in bed a little and answer a few emails... and off to Healthy Kitchen, a restaurant that only serves yummy food full of flavor and NOTHING FRIED.

Breakfast/Lunch: an ostrich hamburger on brown bread + 1 small biscotti 

and direction New Jersey for some interviews + a coaching session with Vicky Crafton, one of my New York press agents. 

Back in the sunshine, I must say that Manhattan is magnificent under the sun!

A bit of tourism: a trip at the top of Empire State Building.

2 hours walk + 25th hour throughout the day

A little moment of indulgence at La Maison Du Chocolat where I treat myself to a florentin :)

Dinner: watercress and blood orange salad + 2 olive bread rolls + 1 plate fettucini with lamb ragu... it is a bit much but I just was in the mood for it and I enjoyed it all. Tomorrow I will have to be a bit more reasonable and what's more, it looks like it will be a really big day!

I am in the San Francisco Examiner in an article with the title: Victoria Beckham drinks tea for weight loss

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mars Raps - New York - 30 degrees C (86 F)- Interviews, visits and a lot of walking!

One has to take the time to live so I plan my day so I can spend the afternoon with my son.

A great night with some Scottish inspiration, thank you Diana Gabaldon!

100 butterfly abs on the hotel room carpet + the Morning Wake up Call yoga sequence that you can find in your LeBootCamp My Private Space area.

15 minutes walk (after my morning green tea), on an empty stomach... and then I go from one meeting to the next, without getting any food (but lots to drink). The jet lag added to the whirlwind pace today means that I just don't have enough of a break to enjoy a meal, and I refuse to eat whilst walking... it will have to wait... and it waits until 1h30 p.m. for my first chance to feed myself! It is even warmer in the City!

2 hours walk

On the menu, in Jimmy Fallon's favorite eaterie: a vegetable sandwich + cheese but I refrain from eating the very mushy very white bread + a small portion fries with ketchup and plenty of water.

1 hour walk in Battery Park

Snack that is in fact lunch as well: 1/2 whole-wheat bread vegetable sandwich from Pret-a-Manger, a great chain that serves really tasty freshly made foods, organic... (calories are indicated on the packaging, because it is compulsory in NY, so that was 260 calories) + 1 apple and a Yoga Detox drink (excellent!)

1 more hour walk (we really burn everything we eat here) and plenty plenty of water to re-hydrate because it is really very hot today.
We go past Wall Street which is under very high security .

And, to finish the day (having accumulated a total of 4 hours walk), we treat ourselves to the movies, I am pleasantly surprised by the film, I was expecting a bit of a turkey but it turns out to be really very funny! during the film, I admit, I had a whole box of chocolates yummuyummyyummy... and absolutely no guilt at all!

A little walk to digest it all and off to bed!

Before turning in: a few stretches to release the upper back + 10 floor press ups + 100 butterfly abs... and now it is really off to bed!

And, at midnight, the jet-lag kicks in and I succumb to a small LunaBar ad 100 calories popchips :( oh well, well burn that tomorrow!

I love this rap artist Mars Rap... finally rap that doesn't brutalize women

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

28 degrees C - New York - Coaching - Interviews and great encounters

After a very short night following a really great soiree,  here I am, on site, ready to take on a very busy day!

Still feeling jet-lagged, I leave on an empty stomach (but not without drinking 3 cups of green tea) the first appointment is with my agent in NY. 30 minutes walk on an empty stomach. 

During the meeting I feel the hunger pangs... thank goodness I always have a raw snack bar with me!

30 minutes walk on the way to my next meeting with  a New York Times journalist... delightful! We lunch together with Steve my east coast publicist who is pampers me! On the menu: I ignore the bread and butter that is offered, as always, in American restaurants and order a lobster burger and eat half of the bread + salad. No pudding here, even the most pleasant interviews don't last that long :)

On the way out I swing by a Starbucks to pick up a Rooibos tea and a fruit salad. 

Another 30 minutes walk to the next meeting of which I will tell you more later.

The temperature is a good 83 degrees, heavy with humidity... it feels quite tropical!

Back at the hotel to collect my son and we're off to Central Park for a relaxing 2 hour stroll.

We have earned our New Yorker's treat: a hot dog, of course, but I still won't eat the soggy white bread, so it is sausage and a small packet of crisps for me. 

Dinner in a really nice restaurant with my American editor to discuss my new book launch. The menu is worthy of LeBootCamp: watercress and blood orange salad + scallops on a bed of vegetables + a small piece of bread + hazelnut ice cream for desert. 

100 abs on the carpet + 10 press ups... I am zonked

Monday, April 5, 2010

New York New York with Donald trump and Mike Myers

Here I am in New York... After a 5 am departure, on an empty stomach (well, except for the green tea)... but on board of my favorite airline, Virgin America, I am served a very beautifully balanced breakfast: vegetable terrine + tomato salad with balsamic vinegar + 1 fruit salad and a little bit of granola.

During the flight, I catch up with some refreshing sleep in anticipation for the Dressed to Kilt event... Scottish theme, obviously... so it was a blessing to have my friend Paula help me find the perfect attire, her husband being Scots... Considering my passion for the Highlands, that evening was a pure moment of happiness! 

Lunch: a bag of cashew nuts (that's all there is available on board before landing) and then a fruit salad in the airport.

At the benefit party where Sean Connery presides, 2 petit four and that's all washed down with sparkling water.

30 minutes walk and 15 wall push ups in the bathroom    

Sunday, April 4, 2010

LeBootCamp featured in C Magazine, shopping, getting ready for my NY trip

It's all happening!

After a very quick trip to LA where I had a wonderful time with some really interesting people (DJ Mbenga from the Lakers, Tracey a fabulous agent, Regis the awesome Croatian football player, etc...), I am now back in San Francisco for a pit stop, just to get ready for my East Coast trip.

In New York I am due for a superb red carpet event on Monday night, then for a boot.meeting in Boston, followed by Washington for... guess what ?;)

And it is total bliss because I get to take my darling son with me for the whole two weeks of my voyage... work and pleasure all in one, what more can I ask for?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Great show on M6 TV

Ad shoot for Lytess in the M6 TV studios followed by a 2 hour live show. 
As usual we have a great time with the M6 crew and they serve delicious healthy gluten free, yeast free, dairy free lunch platters... I am always grateful for such a warm welcome! 

On the show: I present products I love like the Ab Rocket, the wrinkle filler... two hour together with all my friends in the company of Laurent Peraud.

And, cherry on the cake, we meet up with Chizuko a slimmed down BootCamper to present LeBootCamp Weightloss for the first time on TV shopping followed by LeBootCamp Maman Bebe (the new post-natal coaching program newly launched in French) with Sandrine Dury, the early parenting expert. What a great we had together! 

Thank goodness for Gwen Beau, our French manager who was there to make it all run smoothly:) Thank you Gwen!