Friday, November 27, 2009

Active Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Thursday:

Breakfast: after a cup of tea brewed in my room, I always travel with my own tea :), 1 toasted bagel with some kind of "Vache qui Rit" on it with smoked salmon and capers +  nice plate of fruit.

3 and a half hours mountain biking... we start off in the sunshine and as we reach the heights we ride into ice and snow...

Lunch: none because of the ride and the substantial breakfast.

30 tricep dips on the edge of the bathtub

Thanksgiving dinner: 2 plates typical Thanksgiving vegetables (oven roasted sweet potatoes with melted mashmallows,  yes I can assure you it is really delicious!), a few bits of turkey to say "yes it is Thanksgiving" + warm green tea during the meal. For desert: 3 mouthfuls pecan pie... I leave the cheesecake and pumpkin pie as I am not a great fan of those.


5 hours hiking to go and admire the Chiulnana falls


5 hours hike again to ascend the Upper Yosemite Falls... impressive view... and impressively cold :)


no sport :)

Breakfast: only fruit as I am not so hungry 
Lunch: lentil soup 

1 hour massage with Alejandro who is kneading me back into shape after 4 very active days
Dinner: home made mixed vegetable soup + bok choi gratin + baby leaf salad and 2 oranges

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

En avant for the Thanksgiving long week-end!

Upon rising: my usual lemon juice in room temperature water + rooibos tea

15 minutes yoga to loosen up the beast... followed by the shoot of a few sport videos, so quite a few buttock exercises :)

Breakfast: 1 whole papaya + 5 Brazil nuts nothing more because I know lunch shall be substantial :)

30 minutes cycling 

Chinese lunch with a lot of Chinese people... in fact, I am the only non Chinese, I don't necessarily understand what is being said and I am not even sure what is in my late either...

30 minutes accumulated walk in killer heels

Snack at Starbucks': a Tchai tea with splenda and soya milk + 1 biscotti (my addiction)

We finish packing and now we are OFF for 4 days well deserved rest in the mountain.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Smasher", exercise and some food changes...

Up after a short night caused by a riveting book: "Smasher" by keith Raffel.

100 abs on the killer abs lounge

fresh lemon juice + water at room temperature + rooibos tea + a bowl gluten free cereal and hemp milk + a small chopped apple... lovely crunchy mix, yum...

An interview for a French magazine and moving onto some coaching and then another meeting :)

On an empty stomach, well, at midday: 1km swim + 50 "folding chair" abs in the water

Lunch: a small mixed salad + 2 veg steaks and 2 thin slices mountain ham + 1 orange + 1 handful inca berries and now I am sated :)

20 minutes accumulated walk on the telephone

Snack: a handful Inca berries 

Dinner: 2 huge helpings pumpkin soup with 1 tbsp soyonnaise (its nicer than cream I think:) + 1 grilled sausage with steamed broccoli and watercress salad. An orange for desert.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A classic coach well being day :)

Juice of a lemon in room temperature water upon rising + green tea

50 minutes walk during interviews on the telephone, that's gets me a step ahead :)

Breakfast: 1/2 papaya + 10 brazil nuts + 1 banana

100 abs on the killer ab lounge 
500 wall press ups
50 hindu prayers
30 lunges

Lunch during a meeting and there is no other choice than a portion sweet potato fries... I limit the damage and avoid the hamburger and the coke that came with. I will just rebalance things later

Snack: 5 Brazil nuts + 2 tiny apples

20 minutes walk on the telephone

Dinner: 2 helpings pumpkin soup (home made) with a tablespoon soyonnaise in each... a good substitute for fresh cream + sauteed brussel sprouts and little carrots + mixed salad and 3 dates 

Today was a fruit and veg day to make up for last night's dinner.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pumas, rabbits, wild turkey and other charming beasts

An active day if there was one!

Breakfast: lemon juice + 1/2 papaya + 5 Brazil nuts + 1 banana

On route for the park where a good hike awaits us, a tea with a small biscotti 

Altogether 4 hours hike in a delightful park. The pumas kept away and it is better that way! but we did catch sight of wild turkeys, a superb white bird of prey flying with exquisite elegance, plenty of cute little rabbits and deer everywhere, quails galore.

Lunch in the woods: 1 sandwich + 1 banana + a lot of water as the climb was tough!

Snack: tea with soya milk on the way back

100 abs on the killer abs lounge
followed by an excellent dinner at Shokolaat my favorite restaurant in Palo Alto: seasonal mushroom soup + stuffed quail and roast potatoes and yellow carrots + 2 slices bread  + a fruit tart... the restaurant is featured in the Michelin Guide, and fully deserves it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Crazy friday and a much more balanced Saturday

Friday: no comment... a couch potato day, no exercise and plenty of indulgent treats... I will keep them quiet not to tempt you but lets say that nothing was out of bounds :)

So I will go straight to Saturday, it was a lot healthier :)

Lemon juice on an empty stomach + 2 Rooibos teas 
I move straight onto 20 minutes of Caribbean Cardio training + 10 minutes yoga

to get me going. To find some easy yoga routines go to LeBootCamp Weightloss Coach

Breakfast: 1/2 papaya + 5 Brazil nuts + 1 banana

Mexican lunch: 1 tortilla soup + guacamole corn crisps

1h walk on the beach 
100 abs on the killer abs lounge 

Snack: 1 biscotti and tea + 1 orange 

Japanese dinner: miso soup, little green salad and 8 eel sushis, my favorite

At the cinema: PARIS by Cedric Klapish, thank goodness for the cast and my darling Romain Duris as the scenario went in all directions without getting anywhere :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fitness coaching session in the canyons

Breakfast: 2 slices of bread with a little bit of margarine + olive hummus + 1 orange + 4 dates 

1h30 walk in the canyons with the girls... it does a world of good to unwind and just enjoy good times like those
30 tricep dips 
500 jumping jacks
50 hindu prayers

Lunch in a Vietnamese restaurant: 2 spring rolls (the fresh ones, not fried) + 1 plate of grilled prawns and rice noodles + coconut juice and tea + mini milky-ways :)

20 minutes cycling full speed to get to the post office on time!

No snack

Dinner: 2 ladlefuls home made soup + 1 portion steamed broccoli with olive oil and 3 mini milky ways.

A day full of energy with the gorgeous blonde :)

Breakfast: gluten free cereal + hemp milk + 1 pear

30 minutes accumulated walk

Raw lunch at my favorite restaurant: Cafe Gratitude with super "La Reine" as I like to call her... she radiates happiness and energy,... what a treat it is to meet up with her!

200 glute contractions

100 Hindu prayers 

30 minutes accumulated walk 

Snack at San Francisco's French brasserie: bread and cheese and a bit of butter :) 

Dinner: home made soup + mixed salad so I make up for the rich snack in a way!

We are making progress in the American media... that is a great pleasure to see :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A few exercises from SECRETS DE COACH

In my bed: 100 V (Secrets De Coach) + 100 butt squeezes

Breakfast: juice of a lemon + room temperature water + Rooibos tea + 1 pear + 2 little spelt waffles (ie. Gluten free, indeed!)... no panic 2 waffles = 180 calories. I don't like counting but I know that some of you prefer to, so...

30 minutes health trail

Lunch: 8 mouthfuls soya/lemongrass + 1 pear + 3 dried figs

1 km swim

Snack, earlier than usual, I'm hungry :) 2 small slices turkey ham, 1 banana + 4 dried figs, thereafter an imp arrived with some good milk chocolate which I love so, I just had to treat myself to s little pleasure :)

20 accumulated minutes walk 

40 minutes passive abs muscle training

Dinner: home made soup + mixed salad + 5 dried figs

Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally 10 days without any traveling, hurray!

I spent a wonderful week-end in Santa Monica before heading home... sweet home

I begin the day full throttle... but from tomorrow I shall slow down a little...

Breakfast: 1 lemon juice + 1 green tea + 1 donuts (yes, I was coerced, I resisted I promise!!!) 

30 minutes walk on the telephone
500 butt squeezes in the shuttle taking me back from "over there"

Lunch: wholesome salad (with plenty of different veg) + 1 slice watermelon + 1 banana + 6 Medina dates brought to me from by a bootcamper

Snack: 1 orange

30 minutes walk

Dinner: 1 slice grilled beef + baby leaf salad + 1 grapefruit

And now I look forward to 10 whole days at home... how I am going to enjoy those :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Still in LA, more interviews and I meet a lighter bootcamper

<-- With Super Kate from my publicist's LA office... she is amazing and takes care of me as if I were a queen :)

20 minutes yoga

Breakfast during an interview with the LA TIMES: the with soya milk + fruit salad and smoked salmon with capers 
A few cows decorate the pavement outside the farm style restaurant, they are my favorite animal, so I have to have a picture :)

Now, I am on my Southern Californian schedule therefore, no breaks, I go from interview to interview and my publicist doesn't think that her favorite coach needs lunch like babies or even the occasional nap... so lunch at 3h30 pm!!!

Lunch: eel sushis, miso soup, edamame and green tea

1 hour walk all together

no snack

I meet up with a bootcamper who has already lost 22 pounds and

is looking great! Well done Stephanie... we finish the day together strolling around West Hollywood and we have dinner together in the it place of the moment: guacamole with taco chips and grilled tuna (small portion :)

Oh, I nearly forgot... my dear bootcamper brought me chocolates, so: 2 chocolates :) and of course I will indulge more a little later but that is another story!

I take advantage of being here to spend the week-end under the sun of LA... there isn't any harm in taking care of yourself :) on the program, Santa Monica and Venice Beach to catch some good sea air and soak up the local athmosphere.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

LA here I am!

Breakfast: 2 slices toasted gluten free bread with a little bit of chestnut spread (yum

On my flight to LA with internet on board (I love it, it keeps me busy and I hardly notice the weather conditions): green tea and tomato juice with their coffee cake, warm and delicious (absolutely irresistible) 

30 minutes walk  

I dash off to see my super hairdresser Sharon who makes me so beautiful... he has magical hands... you arrive a pumpkin and depart a Bugatti Varion as my son would put it :) 
I page though a 944 magazine and who do I see, your devoted coach :)

Lunch: alone in a japanese restaurant, I am mentally preparing for my coming interview, I have an eel dragon roll + edamame and a lot of green tea.

Interview for LA-STORY. I thought I was going for a classic press/web interview but I end up doing a video interview... it goes really well after all... and the journalist was so adorable that I leave full of energy!

After the meeting I catch up with super Regis, in the middle of a video shoot with Lord Kossity. Jorge Olivera, Ultimate Fightling champion. Real musclors, who are real teddy bears when they're not looking angry :)

Dinner in my bedroom (in bed actually) to unwind and simply REST: mixed salad with grilled tuna and two pieces of bread with a little butter + fruit salad

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A beautiful day begins under a glorious blue sky and a drop of stress... ha, one must be able to manage the downs of those around us :) c'est la vie as Grace Jones says!
Up at 4h43 very precisely, still jetlagged,... I squeeze a lemon juice immediately and around 6 am, I can't wait any longer, I am ravenous so, 2 slices gluten free bread with fig mustard and Tapenade... Rooibos tea... 

25 minutes walk on the telephone (I am interviewed by Madame Figaro)

Then after a technical meeting, I enjoy a delicious pear and 6 squares Galak... that's the last of it!

10 minutes walk on the phone again

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach before lunch

Lunch: 1 huge bowl of soup + 1.5 slices toasted gluten free bread with my yummyummy spread made of fig mustard with tapenade + 4 dates

refreshing nap (not to long, 10 minutes tops :)

30 minutes walk

Snack: 2 cookies + 1 biscotti + 1 chai

Dinner: 8 sushis + miso soup + green tea

Monday, November 9, 2009

Re-energizing + we are in one of France's biggest talk shows

After a good night sleep that ends at 4am because of the jet lag, I get myself back on track with a fresh lemon juice + room temperature water +Rooibos tea + 2 slices toasted wholegrain bread with fig mustard and tapenade (I know, I know, this is a rather unusual breakfast but, you know me, there aren't really any rules) and mid morning, a pear. 

30 minutes fitness trail (that blows the cobwebs!) 

30 minutes walk on the telephone in the sun... it is 20 degrees, what a joy!... and the sky is blue and yes, the birds are singing too. 

Lunch in the sun, on the patio: mixed salad (at least 10 different vegetables) + home made raw crackers + 1 orange + 5 fresh dates 

1 km swim + 30 abs in the water 
30 minutes walk on the telephone

Snack: Rooibos tea with honey + a slice of toasted gluten free bread with a touch of non-hydrogenated margarine and a little vanilla chestnut spread (in a word: yummyummyummy) 

100 Brazilian moves

Dinner: green asparagus with soyonnaise, 1 slice toasted gluten free bread with a big dollop balsamic vinegar soyonnaise, a bowl of soup and 5 squares Galak (the French white chocolate of my childhood:)))

100 Brazilian moves + 20 minutes abs passive muscle toning

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Press conference + "Le Concert" and back to SF

For the last two days of this trip, the steady pace shows no sign of slowing down, witch is rather good considering my current news.

I have a great meeting with a high flying investigative journalist, Bernard de la Villardiere whos work I much admire.

Several interviews and a press conference on Friday morning for the launch of the new Nestle Fitness breakfast cereal. I take to the stage to explain the concept of coaching with Nestle and give a little class (if that's what you can call it :) on exercises the journalists can perform sitting down to relax their upper back.

We had a few good laughs and, to my great surprise, a round of applause at the end... I am very happy to see that the journalists have enjoyed the time we spent together!

After a lunch with Carole in a typical Parisian cafe, I am on my way to a meeting advance a very interesting project.

And, at last, an afternoon off before my journey back to the USA,... I choose a long relaxing stroll... at least 3 hours through Paris, with a spot of Christmas shopping along the way. I especially stock up on the all the typical French delicacies I miss when abroad... I finish off with an early dinner at "Paradis du Fruit" and go and see LE CONCERT, a gem of a movie. So I managed a little French culture as well, the cherry on the cake.

Now, lets go and pack and tomorrow I cross the big pond back to the US.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TF1 and France 3 recordings, Elli and more...

I spend my day recording a feature on my latest book "Secrets de Coach" for the TF1 program "10h00 Le Mag"

On an empty stomach: fresh lemon juice + room temperature water + green tea + 10 almonds + 1 banana + handful strawberries 

I head off for Neuilly-sur-Seine where I meet Nathalie, the bootcamper who has volunteered to be my "guinea pig" or rather model for the TV shoot. And we are off for 2 hours shooting in every room of the house.

For lunch I meet up with Elli Medeiros in my Parisian HQ, she is a ball of energy... and she radiates the same vitality as she did in her hit "toi, toi, mon toi"
Elli has a vegetarian meal, my choices are more classic: cod steak with Chanterelles, Orezza water and a thin black fig tart

Having restored myself I go back to the shoot and we wrap up late afternoon, just on time to do an interview for that you can read here 

Dinner: home made soup + a choice of mezzes with teff bread and plenty of fruit for desert. 

Monday, November 2, 2009

"Secrets de Coach" in this week's French ELLE

This is another marathon day but always conducted with Zenitude :)

Just a note to let you now that we are in this week's ELLE :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Private Coach gets a New Look!

That is it, I have announced it a while ago... MyPrivateCoach has changed it's look to start the winter full of energy!

---> - don't hesitate to give me your opinion on our new winter look

Another good night finishes at 5 am... I can't shake off the jet lag it seems!

Green tea with Stevia to alkanise my body first thing in the morning.

No early morning walk... after a day of fasting because of a tummy bug (well, probably more likely to be an indigestion, and that, is really an engorged gall bladder :)... This morning I am testing the new Nestle Fitness cereal  that won't be out until early 2010... I love the idea of tasting something that is still secret :) topped with fresh raspberries, hazelnut milk and a bit of stevia 

I dash for town for a lunch at the top :) on the menu, no starter but some gorgeous bread "a l'ancienne", a cod steak with chanterelle mushrooms (ok and cream too) and for pudding a thin black fig tart with  ball of a cherry sorbet 

I follow with an interview with a journalist who is testing Weight Watchers and their point system... when I find out how many points the little cakes with tea cost almost faint... this is all too stressful for me all this counting... It works for some, as this approach is healthy and balanced, why not?

No snack nor much walking because the day is really packed.

I carry on with my marathon day at a pace of 2km/h because of an accident, it takes me 3 hours to cover 20 km... I have had to draw on all my Zen skills not to loose it!

300 glute squeezes in the traffic jam, that's better than nothing

Dinner: a herring fillet (I blotted the oil off on tissue paper) + 1 home made soup + 2 clementines and a few grapes