Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Launch of "The Orsoni Method" in France

Voila! What excitement!!! My famous LeBootCamp, in a book, titled "The Orsoni Method", is finally ready to invade the world of dieting, which I truly hope will help stop the dangerous fads of hypocritical medical professionals and gurus out there who have broken The Hippocratic Oath in search for fame and money.

Here is a work presenting a truly healthy approach to weight loss, without deprivation, dangerous supplements or miracle powders. Created together with 35 medical experts, this method worked for me....and it will work for you!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

More than 1,200,000 women worldwide have been coached by me...now it's your turn!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ABC TV in Los Angeles: your coach, ice-cream, and breakfast

Here I am in Los Angeles - Pasadena to be exact - in a truly dream-like hotel, an ex-Ritz, The Langham Huntington. Positively fantastical, but just my luck, my next-door neighbors are very noisy! That said, I arrive truly tried for my ABC TV segment (to broadcast on May 28th).

On the program: my famous ice-cream sundae test (as explained to you last week :)

With Lindsley Lowell, my absolutely incredible publicist :)

A day in Los Angeles can never end without a dinner with Pilates Master, Tracey Mallett, who is always between trips across the globe, be it Booty Barre training in Turkey or Japan, or even as far as Australia.

The two of us tackle the world's problems as we sip green tea - the energy between us two healthy living pros is the perfect lead-up for my upcoming Paris trip to launch my new book "La Methode Orsoni" (The Orsoni Method)!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Salt Lake City: My Ice-Cream Sundae Test

Salt Lake City, worldwide capital of the Mormons. What an interesting place - it almost feels like a "fake" city! I've never experienced this anywhere else! Everything is very clean and strangely perfect, somewhat surreal!

The schedule for the day, 3 TV shows and a meeting with my super Everest guide, Gary Scott, whom I always find in the most insane of places!

Upon rising, I have my freshly squeezed lemon juice (I always take some lemons along with me) followed by my Soba Cha.

No breakfast, because the first show takes place at 6:00am - my appetite hasn't yet arrived, so I give it some time ;).

I head to CW30 studio (Salt Lake's home to Vampire Diaries:) for 2 TV segments. I present 5 at-home exercises to get beach-ready followed by my famous "Ice-Cream Sundae Test" (many people think they're having a healthy breakfast when in fact their choices contain as much - or more - fat and sugar than an ice-cream sundae!).

At the studio, I offer my services to one of the cameramen who is currently overweight and wants to get in shape for his upcoming wedding :). You can follow his journey and support his progress at: Steve's Journey to a Perfect Groom's Body

Next on the schedule is ABC7 where we shoot a segment on the same subject which is a true hit. There I meet Olympic wrestling champion, Rulon Gardner. An inspiration to millions - he's lost over 100kg!

I'm almost dying of hunger after these 3 segments which haven't left me time to breathe, drink or eat :). So I eat one of the energy bars which I've brought along as part of my props for the show ;)!

I return to city center to explore before my last interviews for the day. A final total of 3 hours accumulated walking!

Japanese lunch at Takashi with some rather spicy sushi (phew!), green tea, and a small well-deserved dessert: tapioca cream with pineapple.

One last meeting for the day, and then back to San Francisco. A truly fulfilling day!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Launch of LeBootCamp Food!

As you know, LeBootCamp proudly coaches 1 million women (and some men - 11%) worldwide. 92% of them have lost weight in a PERMANENT way without any deprivation or drastic life changes. No cabbage soup, pineapple, Hollywood, or hyper-protein diets. We are acclaimed for our gourmet menus and recipes, and effortless fitness routines!

LeBootCamp aims to bring ease and sophistication to all aspects of healthy living, and we understand that there isn't always time to cook a healthy homemade meal. So for those hectic moments which call for a nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner, we've now got your every last bite covered by a celebrity chef, and ready to be delivered to your home or office!

LeBootCamp Food is a collaborative service by LeBootCamp, two-star Michelin chef Mauro Colagreco, and KitchenDiet. Our meal plans are based on proven principles of the LeBootCamp diet: low glycemic index, plenty of seasonal fruit and vegetables, controlled portions, and gourmet cooking.

Currently available in Europe only, but coming soon to your US city!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fantastic Feature in DStripped Magazine!

If you haven't seen it in print (which looks amazing!),
you can read the full article online at DSTRIPPEDMAGAZINE.COM

Cheers from your Coach!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A "Regular" Monday

Finally! Journalists are always asking me to describe a normal day in my life and I must say, I have a tough time doing that because no day is just regular!

But voila, this Monday I had the privilege of a "normal" day ;)

I get up at dawn because the world belongs to those who rise early.

First, fresh lemon juice with room-temperature water, followed by sobacha

At 8am I have an interview with the French media about a beautiful project coming up in June, but sshh, I say no more for now :)

At 8:58 I finish this interview, leaving me hardly enough time to down some mouthfuls of my cherished sobacha before my second Skype call of the day - this time a technical meeting. Through it all, I contract my glutes non-stop and suck in my belly regularly :)

Breakfast - by this time I am famished! A raw homemade smoothie: fresh coconut milk + 1 banana + raw chocolate + 5 raw almonds

By 10:00 it has been 3.5 hrs that I've been doing sedentary work, so I decide to make several more telephone calls out on a walk with my relatives who are leaving back home this evening. We walk for a total of 1.5 hrs, alternating between fun family chit-chat and some phone-calls.

Lunch on the go: wild smoked salmon (easy to find here since all the fish which comes from Alaska is wild by definition) + gluten-free crackers + a rice flour crepe filled with soy cheese + feta, and to finish, some raspberries + homemade chocolate mousse that my friends always beg me to make :)

A short 10-min nap (this is my signature relaxation which I can pull off absolutely anywhere - the backseat of my car, on the train, on the plane, you name it - I have a special technique to do it very discreetly).

I work on a big project which will be official on April 16th...the second secret for the day...I'll have to keep you in suspense and guard the scoop for my journalist friends.

Snack: 1 homemade raw bar filled with good things ;)

Then I head to SFO airport, which it seems I am doing almost every twice a week these days! I accumulate 2,000 steps there (between the carpark, security and return :)

Dinner at home: potato tian/tomatoes/feta, coleslaw, smoked salmon and raw chocolate mousse.

Finally...to bed!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Challenge Nation San Franciso - a 5km scavenger hunt!

For a few weeks now I've been looking forward to a special scavenger hunt in my city which
involves strategic thinking and physical activity in a unique San Francisco challenge.

Challenge Nation, which takes place in 35 cities across the USA combines everything I love in one fantastic experience. In true Da Vinci Code-style, we have to solve a set of clues as we get through the city by foot only and public transit. No bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, cars or taxis! We can bring our phones along though which is helpful for solving the clues!

Light breakfast: juice of 1 fresh lemon in room-temp water followed by my sobacha, and a raw smoothie which I concoct for the first time: fresh coconut milk + 1 banana + raw chocolate.

Lunch right before heading out: a small slice of wholewheat bread, sheep cheese, fresh fruit and dried fruit.

There are hundreds of participating teams, ours being called "LeBootCamp" of course ;).

Part of the program is to find 12 objects throughout the city. We have 4 hrs total, though the pros do it in 1.5 hrs! But we prefer to take our time and enjoy the fun :)

A space shuttle? Find on Embarcadero
A restaurant with an unpronounceable name? Find in Pier39
A special consulate?
A man carrying sports gear from a non-Californian team?
The smallest museum in the city?
And more...find them all!

We do the full 5-7 km treck under torrential rain. So we were pretty wiped out when we hit the finish line - totally not in the lead, but they, the real pleasure was spending time with family and friends!

Dinner: tomato soup with edamame + a vegan chocolate mousse (sans eggs or dairy) and made with "real" chocolate. Yum!

The active day ends with some relaxation in the jacuzzi and off to bed!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from your Coach!

Hello, hello, hello! It has been a whirlwind once again (then again, when is it not?!) with amazing new projects now well underway for the coming year!

I am spending Valentine's Day 2012 here in sunny San Francisco - and you?

It's going to be a busy day of meetings and interviews until we get to party, but I will be walking to and from everything (and parking my car extra far away) so that I can indulge a little more tonight, 100% guilt-free :)

Of course, as always, we have the best-kept secrets for your hot dinner date tonight - check out our LeBootCamp culinary secrets for your valentine!

And to top that off, here's a bonus special appetizer which you can serve up tonight, accompanied by celery and fennel sticks which are natural aphrodisiacs! A Senegalese friend actually shared this tonic and refreshing drink that he enjoys back in his country under the shade of a mango tree :). This drink is a true gift!

Senegalese Ginger Spice Drink

1 large piece of ginger, unpeeled
¾ liter of water
½ tsp salt
6 tbsp raw unrefined sugar
½ tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp grated nutmeg
¼ lime

Soak the ginger in water to soften it. Then dry and grate it.
Add all ingredients except the lime to the ¾ liter of water and let stand for 45 mins.
Filter with a fine sieve and add the lime juice and a pinch of celery salt.
Add a little amber rum to give it a kick.

To life, love, and health!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One crazy week in Paris

7 days of meetings and interviews….7 days of madness…my feet do not touch the ground but it's all for a good cause!

My trip starts with a quick stop in Salt Lake City, and I arrive to beautiful blue skies in spite of the forecast. Still, it is a few degrees colder than San Francisco, but fortunately your coach always knows how stay warm...with EXERCISE!

On the program: just after arriving on Saturday, I go for a 5km walk in the sunny capital
, not only to burn the calories from my terrible in-flight meal, but also to effectively fight the jet-lag and readjust my body clock :)

Sunday brings meetings and even more walking - 8 km!!! I love exploring Paris by foot, discovering small streets off the beaten path, to go to see Hotel du Nord, Canal Saint Martin, La Concorde, etc….and of course, the banks of the river Seine - there's nothing more relaxing!

As far as food goes, since I'm jet lagged I eat at very late hours, but rest assured that my hotel is so badly organized that they don't expect that tourists are coming from another timezone, so there's really nothing available to munch on at night. It is then that I realize I am not in the USA where food is available at any hour of the day and wherever you are ;).

I eat richer than at home, and I let myself go a little on some fries to indulge, but I walk nonstop between my interviews, so at the end of this week I haven't even gained an ounce ;).

On Monday, the French team meets for a day: we discuss 2011 achievements and new strategies for the coming year. Beautiful initiatives are taken....great things are in store. I really have a dream team! Gwen, who's been here since the very beginning, works with me through all the successes and dramas and manages the French team and international projects with an iron hand; Nicolas, our Global Marketing Director, who's transformed our old-fashioned site to a modern version, and whose strategic ideas are very exciting; Denis, our Corsican brain who implements these ideas with clever codes :) Of course, the day finishes off with an interview, and then dinner...finally a nap!

Between all of these strategic meetings, we have an M6 interview for 100% Mag to be published on January 2nd, two interviews on CHERIE FM, one on December 24th to talk about yummy Christmas menus (that's right, I do not like depriving myself during the holidays which arrive only once a year!), and then on December 26th, on how to handle weekend parties.

I also meet Nathalie Hutter-Lardeau of Atlantic Sante, who has accomplished tremendous things! She and I are the ones behind LeBootCamp Stop Cholesterol :). And quick chat with BigBen, producer of my MyBodyCoach game for Wii.

Many more meetings with partners and producers… in short, I cannot reveal everything here, but all in all it's been a packed week… and then, as fate will have it, my plane is delayed for 3 hours because of stormy weather just as we're ready for takeoff...

Time to prepare for the holidays and then we'll be returning to Paris again soon for all those projects to come!

Monday, November 28, 2011

LeBootCamp makes its mark in Phoenix!

Here I am in the desert for 2 TV shows tomorrow morning.

We fly on an older airplane - in general I get a bit anxious flying, but especially on a 737 (since my accident with a 737-400), and then the pilot proudly announces that this is the very last flight for this plane! We have a very beautiful view of the desert, LOVE! Plus I have the entire row for myself, so I am really comfortable :)

Breakfast: 2 crumpets with 2 slices of turkey ham + 1 lemon juice and 1 sobacha

Between the airport and going shopping to prepare for my shows tomorrow morning, I've accumulated approximately 10,000 steps.

While walking through San Jose airport, I see a lollipop with this translation in French for the Canadian market - sharing the humor here ;)

200 glute contractions in the taxi as always :)

No lunch, as there is nothing available onboard, neither anything at my hotel which is VERY isolated, so that by 5pm I am dying of hunger and resort to the only thing the hotel has - cashew pralines. A caloric bomb but I've got no other solution!

Dinner in a Tex Mex restaurant in the hotel: homemade guacamole and shrimp ceviche + green tea….and I cave in to a Mexican dessert called "tres leches"…a description intended to lure you in…I'll be paying for this with exercise tomorrow :) but for now I enjoy it :)

I do 200 abs in my room and call it a beautiful day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Your Coach in Tampa, FL for 2 TV shows

Ah Florida...with winter setting in I was hoping to go there! But there are no direct flights from San Francisco to Tampa, so travel takes 9 hours via Detroit...on Delta Airlines old-fashioned planes…ha but your coach is not complaining ;) - I love doing shows so here we go!

The weather is quite hot in Tampa, 80 degrees to be precise, but the locals have their own idea - someone says to me in all seriousness that "it's too cold to eat outside"!

I planned a quick 24 hour trip with a morning show on NBC Wednesday morning. This one is a huge success so much so that FOX calls publicist to see whether I can stay one more day to do another show with them! Since the trip is so long I prefer to make the most of my visit so I stay on.
I make some efforts to go shop for my second outfit, because in the USA you don't want to appear in the same dress twice in a row ;)

Being that Tampa is popular for retirees, dubbed the city for old people, I have an hard time finding what I need! Fortunately Zara and H&M exist in all 4 corners of the world…when in doubt, these are surefire solutions! I finally find a nice dress at just $35 dollars!

As far as food goes, with all the jet lag, I don't have breakfast as I'm not hungry yet, but I get in lunch and dinner…seems whenever I'm on the East coast I end up skipping breakfast….

Fitness-wise, I get plenty of walking through the stores and shopping centers to find the perfect outfit :).

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Join our brand new LeBootCamp Affiliate Program!

LeBootCamp members across the globe are constantly writing to me about promoting their favorite online diet - LeBootCamp :) and we have finally set up what so many have been waiting for: a brand new affiliate program, with a 6 tier commission structure and no upfront fees!

It's simple to join as an affiliate and all you need is internet access...just like the LeBootCamp program itself :)

Sign up TODAY and start earning from the comfort of your living room ;)

Read the full press release on our official launch here: Award-Winning Online Diet LeBootCamp.com Launches Affiliate Program

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Your Coach in the San Francisco Chronicle

The long awaited...a full page spread in the San Francisco Chronicle! This interview was a fun opportunity to promote my favorite people and places in and around the San Francisco area. Being in the limelight is humbling and empowering, and I love sharing these special moments with others :).

The page was too large to scan but you can read it online here: Favorites of Valerie Orsoni, founder of LeBootCamp

Monday, September 19, 2011

A beautiful photo shoot to get back in shape!

I love looking up to see a blue sky…rather rare here these days! We often have endless fog :), but hey, good weather at home does not guarantee good weather in San Francisco, which benefits (or suffers) from a micro-climate which changes all the time! It can be 35 degrees in my area, and all of 15 degrees and gray in San Francisco, which is just 20 mins away!

All of this makes a difference when it's photo-shoot day with Weber, a super photographer!

I have my lemon juice + sobacha followed by a 30-min walk with my dog

Breakfast: 10 sprouted almonds + 1 buckwheat pancake with a little melted soy cheese + 1 yellow peach (yum!)

I head in the direction of Golden Gate Park for my photo shoot with Weber, who took my first photographs for Closer magazine years ago!

At home: great weather, blue sky and heat….but San Francisco has grey skies, fog and wind. Freezing cold! Not to mention I am wearing light sports gear…think skiing in a bathing suit!

After 2 hours in the cold we break for a quick and atypical lunch for your coach ;) - a hotdog without the bread...

And then as we near the end of the session, a ray of sun miraculously appears for a shot with my water bottle...I'll let the photo speak for itself :)

Off I go to prepare for a trip to Los Angeles for some big events which you'll hear about soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A long vacation from my blog

Hello from San Francisco!

I've received many emails from bootcampers asking me where my regular blog posts have gone - indeed we are going strong since 2006!! - replete with photographs, tips, funny anecdotes, recipes, media features and just some good chit-chat with my loyal followers….well, this summer I took 2.5 months off from blogging...but I am back and better than ever!

To be sure, when your coach breaks routine - like regular blogging - it's got to be for a worthwhile ideal! And just as well, because once in a while it's healthy to escape and rejuvenate so that when we're at routine, we're performing at our best! It's just like the plateau we reach when we're losing weight...at that point we need to make a change in our habits to surprise our mind and body :) so that we can leap to the next level of achievement!

So what have I been up to since my last post? Firstly, if you follow me on Facebook, you know it all (almost) but true, without all the details you get via my blogging :). I traveled to my home village of Corsica, spending time with friends and family under sunny blue skies, with plenty of fresh, healthy food, and space to clear out the mind! On my return to California, I spent some time coaching my celeb clients in LA - trust me, we burned every last summer calorie together! And lastly, a few days in faraway Alaska without any internet connection or telephone - the ultimate getaway to recharge and refresh!

Back to reality found me jet-setting to Saint Louis and Seattle for some super TV features! Oh, and not to mention working on 2 new books and the launch of a brand new LeBootCamp program...plus creation of new recipes, just for you! Well hey, now you know it all - or almost ;). I am back in full strength...more to come!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

LeBootCamp honored in The 2011 International Business Awards!

I am excited and proud to announce that LeBootCamp has been awarded Stevie Distinguished Honoree medal for Company of the Year in Health Products & Services in The 8th Annual International Business Awards!

Our company will be honored live at a gala event at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, 11 October.

Plus, LeBootCamp is currently featured in the upcoming People’s Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite Companies where YOU get to vote for your favorite healthy living program!

Show your love and VOTE FOR LEBOOTCAMP NOW>>

Friday, July 8, 2011

On Celebuzz.com: Get a firm LeBootCamp booty!

Celebuzz.com is currently featuring a special bootylicious gallery with the crème de la crème of my signature glute exercises!

Don't miss out on this special summer feature to help you look great in your bikini when you hit the beach next >> Click here

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

LeBootCamp in South Africa!

We have exciting news here at LeBootCamp!

FAIRLADY, the "modern South African woman’s best friend and savvy shopping partner, offering honest advice about everything from how to spend money to what to eat tonight and wear tomorrow," has officially partnered with LeBootCamp, now offering our proven coaching program to a brand new clientele of women who want to lose weight with pleasure!

Check us out in the June issue of this fabulous magazine!

Do you live in South Africa? Join FAIRLADY LeBootCamp at www.fairlady.lebootcamp.com!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Presenting "Le Personal Coach" & LeBootCamp on Bay Area Vista

For once I don't have to go to the other end of the USA to share my weight loss secrets on a TV show! This time I go just 20 minutes away from my house - almost felt like going to visit a friend :)

So here I am in the KCSM TV studio! A great show with Emmy nominated producer Janice Edwards, Host of "Bay Area Vista": I present my latest book "Le Personal Coach" and some super simple weight loss tips.

To be in top shape for the show, I ensure that my morning is active and light on the stomach: freshly squeezed lemon in room-temperature water, green tea, my famous sobacha and then a 30-min walk with my faithful Nestle.

Raw breakfast: raw homemade granola + 1 small punnet of raspberries and homemade almond milk.

Walking for 1 hr while on the telephone, why sit on my butt when I have to talk for 1 hour....gotta keep moving!

A light lunch so as not to feel lethargic on set: homemade lentil soup with 3 tbsp brown rice (the combination gives me a good balance of amino acids, hence no problem on the protein front :) + the rest of the raspberries leftover from the morning

A small green tea and then I zip out to the studio

As usual I meet some interesting people who are on before and after me: an author of raw detox recipes (we will definitely keep in touch!), 2 rappers, and a marathon runner - great social dynamics!

You can watch the full show here:

Monday, April 25, 2011

With actress Michelle Rodriguez, celeb stylist Ivan Bitton, and more!

What a stay in LA, full of emotions, between Prince, and a great time spent with Michelle Rodriguez. It is very rare to see an A-lister whose fame hasn't gotten to her head, and Michelle is one of them: simple, adorable, personable, wearing her heart on her sleeve.

As you can see she loves my book :)

An active day, on the go, and filled with mystery and suspense as well, since we had no idea that at 5:00 a private screening was going to happen. We find ourselves in Soho House, a high-end members-only club.

Great meetings there, among them, my friend and celeb stylist Ivan Bitton; Pierre Dulat, a French actor who's made his mark in the USA; and Mallika Sherawat, styled by Ivan and Dalia.

A crazy evening in the VIP section at Trousdale (very private but also very amusing, we have to go through the kitchens to access it :), this is the hotspot for Los Angeles nightlife.

The music is great (DJ Michelle Rodriguez :), and I order some cheesecake lollipops and other little treats filled with sugar and fat :) Hey, if you work out and burn, you get to indulge!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Private Screening at Soho House with producer Mohammed al Turki

What a great event, and a very charitable as well.

Producer Mohammed al Turki organized a private screening for his most recently produced movie The Imperialists are still alive, with French Actress Elodie Bouchez, at the Soho House.

Business does not always mean dollars only in Hollywood and he was nice to tie this with Norwegian actress Natassa Malte's charity to support Japan in the aftermath of its catastrophic earthquake/tsunami.

I started the day with a freshly squeezed lemon as usual to keep a nice skin (with the "glow") followed by my sobacha. An all vegan day that led to some indulgences at night where chessecake lollipops were served :)

More photos to come......

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Schifoodphrenic Nation - my latest contribution to the Huffington Post

Have you tried 7-Eleven's 64 fl.oz Double Big Gulp? (larger than the one pictured!) Starbuck's 31-oz Trenta?

BEWARE! These new mammoth drinks contain more fluid than your stomach can hold!

We are in a serious state of schifoodphrenia which could have very damaging repercussions for our health, and the health of our kids...Read all about it in my latest contribution to the Huffington Post and share it with your loved ones - we have got to make a change!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The day of a star with the stylist of stars...Ivan Bitton

As much as I am not fan of shopping, from time to time I recognize that being pampered like a star feels great! So on Friday, after several interviews, I find myself with THE celeb stylist in Hollywood (French, to make things even sweeter), Ivan Bitton, in his showroom, SHOWROOM 303, accompanied by Steve Haddad, his talented assistant.

I try on many dresses, each more beautiful than the next, from well-known designers like Gauthier and less known haute couture labels, from the USA, the Netherlands, and…Turkey! I don't have never-ending patience for these things, after 3 dresses, I am already past my limit ...how on earth do my friends spend entire days trying on clothing? It's a mystery to me!

Steve insists that I try on yet another dress….black…it looks decent on the hanger....I am already back in my regular clothes, but Melanie Molnar, the actress who is becoming more famous as I type, also insists. So I go and try on this jewel!!! I adopt it for the pre-Oscars party "Finding Hope" on Saturday evening.

Gosh! I cannot decide between two dresses: one blue from a Dutch designer and a green from a Turkish designer… I take both to decide on red carpet day!

Melanie also finds a very sexy dress which emphasizes her perfect body even more…I am jealous,
she is at least 10 inches taller than me!

Melanie and I stop in to Katsuya, the Japanese restaurant where everyone goes! What a day...and this is just the calm before the storm….tomorrow promises to be much more intense.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Your Coach in Hollywood: Pre-Oscars

What a first day! A sleepless night, followed by a 7:00am departure.

A little walk in the airport but not as much as usual because I am burdened with my carry-ons + wearing high heels :) A very early breakfast on the plane: a slice of banana cake + 2 green teas

Upon arrival, I sink has my hotel, a little jewel that I've found in West Hollywood, where Penelope Cruz and Justin Bieber come when they are in town.

This hotel knows how to treat their guests well -- they allow me to use a wonderful suite all day long to get ready for my first TV segments until my very own room is ready.

A little rest, and some preparation for the afternoon which promises to be very busy. Then John, my gorgeous model friend turned make-up artist, arrives for my make-up appointment. My Blackberry does not cease to vibrate -- more than 40 emails in one afternoon….I am in my very focused bubble, and don't answer anything other that the subjects which are absolutely relevant. It's impossible to concentrate!

No time to be idle, the M6 team (Emma and Quentin) arrive with the dresses for the red carpet. Drama!!! I cannot fit into either of the 2 dresses...I would need to lose at least 1 inch around the waist to close the dresses. So either I starve myself until Sunday, which I'm not even sure will be enough, or I find another dress (which I will do :)

No time to waste, Mallika, the #1 Bollywood actress awaits us at the Four Seasons for an interview in an exclusive suite where the stars get their jewelry before the Oscars. As I go through the hotel I blow a kiss to Joan Collins and Nicolas Cage :).

The afternoon is very busy….we end off the day on the rooftop of my fave hotel, with a wonderful fireplace (it is chilly!) with Phillip Bloch, designer for Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Osbourne, etc., and a very dear friend of my own.

At 8:30, Emma and I head out (we walk, to burn some calories and de-stress) for a vegetarian dinner at my favorite place on Melrose. We try to avoid talking about work but of course we end up finishing off with discussing plans, interviews etc. With Kate von D who shares our vegan passion :)

To bed at midnight, after extinguishing a few last-minute urgent fires...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toblerone & Pear Tart Recipe

A little piece of heaven! Here's a delicious recipe for you! It's very rich, so share your dessert :)

- 1 pie crust
- 3.5 oz of Toblerone (that's the usual size)
- 1.5 oz butter or non-hydrogenated magarine to reduce the saturated fat content
- 1/2 cup condensed milk (unsweetened)
- 3 gelatin leaves
- pears in light syrup (drained)

Bake the pie crust at 350 °F for about 15 min. Remove from the oven and let cool.
Using the bain-marie/water bath approach, melt the Toblerone with the butter, constantly stirring.
Dissolve the gelatin leaves in cold water for 10 min. At the same time, warm the condensed milk in a small pot, over low heat. After 10 min, add the gelatin to the condensed milk, stirring well until the gelatin is completely dissolved.
Add the gelatin/condensed milk mixture to the melted toblerone/butter. Stir well for 3 min.
Let sit for 5 to 10 min, and then pour into the pie crust.
Immediately add the pear slices in light syrup and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.
Remove from the fridge 10 min before serving. Serve very small portions so that you can enjoy your dessert and keep your dream body at the same time :)

Bon Appétit!

Discover more gourmet recipes at www.lebootcamp.com - the only weight loss program which lets you indulge!

Friday, January 14, 2011

My *NEW* book is out! Le Personal Coach + NYC

My book "Le Personal Coach" published by Reader's Digest is finally out! Read the full press release HERE

Voila - all my secret tips and tricks wrapped into one! You can get a copy on Amazon.com or better yet, head out to your nearest Barnes & Noble (and contract your abs while you walk :)

Even the little blizzard did not prevent me from walking the streets of NYC - and with a little extra cardio in my back pocket, I can allow myself to indulge a little at dinnertime, guilt-free :)

Get it in print, or on your favorite e-Reader, Kindle, Nook, iPad... >>

Now you can take me with you everywhere! So hey, if you thought you had an excuse not to exercise before, your coach has solved that one for good ;)