Sunday, February 27, 2011

The day of a star with the stylist of stars...Ivan Bitton

As much as I am not fan of shopping, from time to time I recognize that being pampered like a star feels great! So on Friday, after several interviews, I find myself with THE celeb stylist in Hollywood (French, to make things even sweeter), Ivan Bitton, in his showroom, SHOWROOM 303, accompanied by Steve Haddad, his talented assistant.

I try on many dresses, each more beautiful than the next, from well-known designers like Gauthier and less known haute couture labels, from the USA, the Netherlands, and…Turkey! I don't have never-ending patience for these things, after 3 dresses, I am already past my limit on earth do my friends spend entire days trying on clothing? It's a mystery to me!

Steve insists that I try on yet another dress….black…it looks decent on the hanger....I am already back in my regular clothes, but Melanie Molnar, the actress who is becoming more famous as I type, also insists. So I go and try on this jewel!!! I adopt it for the pre-Oscars party "Finding Hope" on Saturday evening.

Gosh! I cannot decide between two dresses: one blue from a Dutch designer and a green from a Turkish designer… I take both to decide on red carpet day!

Melanie also finds a very sexy dress which emphasizes her perfect body even more…I am jealous,
she is at least 10 inches taller than me!

Melanie and I stop in to Katsuya, the Japanese restaurant where everyone goes! What a day...and this is just the calm before the storm….tomorrow promises to be much more intense.

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