Saturday, August 28, 2010

Headed to NY to present my weight loss approach!

And well, after 36 hours of very little rest, here I am again at 37,000 feet, headed to New York!

20 min walk on an empty stomach with Nestle before heading off to the airport.

No breakfast because I am still nauseous...weird that this nausea not going away. That stupid cab driver will NOT see me again!

15 min walking in the airport

I love Virgin America because we have wifi on-board and nice large TV screens :)

A typical LeBootCamp lunch: fresh veggies + dip, crackers, hummus, fresh fruit salad, half a serving of cranberry cake

200 glute contractions on-board......then total rest....I want to revise my text for tomorrow but not really feeling up to it, I'd rather rest a little :)

So I watch one chick flick after another, apply a moisturizing mask and sleep. Feels soooo good!

I arrive in NY evening time...head to bed early as I have to wake up at 4am tomorrow morning to do make-up really early...the good news is that for once I have a good makeup artist :).

At 6am Steve and I are in position in the NBC studios in NY. The dawn is barely breaking, it's a surreal feeling being totally out and about at that hour!

Once on the set the subject is changed slightly, and my notes from yesterday are useless! I have to improvise...

Pat Battle, the host, is a-do-ra-ble! and my TV segment is over before I know it. Pat had so much fun she invites me for next month and for when my book comes out :)

It is 8am. Steve and I are exhausted and take vengeance with a HUGE croissant. Though because it doesn't taste very good I apply my winning technique: don't eat it when it's not good; save the calories for when it is!

I've been up since 1am my time, and I go from one meeting to another, first with a TV producer and his casting director, then another one, and then it is already time to head to the airport.....I am early hence a nice massage at Xpress Spa :) favorite time when I travel!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Biking in the Silicon Valley - life is beautiful

What I love about this place is that not only is the weather (almost) always nice...but that we are far from the stresses of life and in an atmosphere of creative and positive energy. I can bike to meetings :), I can really live life freely... Breakfast: nothing!!!! It is not that I am skipping breakfast, it is just that I am still feeling the effects of that terrible cab driver!

I am still having my famous lemon juice and green tea and that's all :)

30 min biking to Palo Alto.
Lunch at Joya which I love: gazpacho + tuna tartare and avocado + berries and green tea
Another 30 min biking to get home.

Snack with my darling son: an ice-cream which is 0% fat and sweetened with Splenda at Haagen Dasz (50 calories for those of you who are wondering :)

30 min walk

100 abs on my ab lounge
Dinner on the go as I am packing for New York for which I am leaving early tomorrow: anchovies + onion crackers (raw) (Eric/Anissa if you are reading this, know that I am leaving you a jar of crackers when I head off to NY :) + fruit and a coconut milk yogurt

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trip to Los Angeles before the Emmy Awards

Just before leaving to New York for my NBC broadcast, I have to make a little trip to Los Angeles.
Upon rising: lemon juice in room-temperature water + roobois tea + vitamin pack

In the morning: 30 min walk with Nestle of course! + 100 abs on my ab lounge + 30 seconds shaking dumbbell

Lunch: a coconut milk yogurt with homemade raw cereal. Yum!

30 min walking in the airport

Lunch on-board: edamame + 8 sushis a l'anguille and some grapes.

It is pretty hot in LA. The problem? It's 104 degrees outside and 61 inside. A clothing inferno :) and a lot of sneezing!

I enjoy top-notch service from Lena at Carsoin Day Spa in West Hollywood - right in front of The Ivy, the celebs' restaurant, just for those who want to be seen! This is where the celebs come before the Oscars to get their skin glowing: a medical grade oxygen therapy with a ton of active ingredients infused back into the skin. After 2 hours, I am really impressed!

Another 30 min walk in heels...not good for the back but it makes me move well

At 4pm: "I am forced" to eat...I choose the option that is less "dangerous" for my waistline: fruits in syrup with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

I don't know if it's that, or the erratic driving of the taxi driver that takes me from my hotel to my next interview, but I am feeling sick like a dog!

Not very practical for my evening interview but great for dieting because I cannot eat a thing!

Dinner: 3 steamed shrimps and 2 lettuce leaves...I cannot eat anything else!

100 abs on the floor before going to bed + 20 floor push-ups and 50 wall push-ups

The following day, I wake up at 4am because I feel sooo nauseous! I try everything: hot bath, cold shower, lemon juice...nothing works. Instead of tossing in my bed I go to the 26th floor to admire the pool.
In the water: 6 laps swimming + 4 laps walking + 100 abs + 100 leg lifts

I am ready to face my VERY important meeting after some breakfast: Earl Grey tea with soy milk and Truvia to sweeten + wild smoked salmon with capers + fruit

30 min walking in the city and in the airport

Lunch when I arrive in San Francisco - an Indian meal: basmati rice + grilled veggies, tofu and lentil soup. For dessert, 2 mini "crunch" bars...yum, a little sweetness in this crazy world!

No snack (still nauseous)

In the evening: 100 abs on my ab lounge + 20 reverse triceps

Dinner on the go: polenta + anchovies (I'm addicted!) and fruit

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NBC - 5 days - early am hunger!!!

It must be the jetlag of Babeth returning to Rwanda...I wake up at 5am's impossible to fall back asleep! So I make myself a small taco: corn taco + steamed fish + tomate + lettuce

A short night, and then...

Lemon juice in room-temperature water + green tea from Rwanda + vitamin pack
Green Morning Boost (which you can find on

1 hr 15 mins walking in a splendid canyon with Nestle.

Breakfast: 1 homemade yogurt containing coconut milk + coconut flesh and raw the result is amazing...I will have to share this recipe!!! with a handful of homemade raw cereal

Lunch: 1 small serving of steamed mahi mahi + 1 mahi mahi taco with mango/papaya salsa and lettuce + 3 squares of dark chocolate sweetened with maltitol.

10 min & NO MORE of walking in 40-degree heat....a heatwave has arrived......

Snack: my favorite Starbucks tea with lots of ice cubes + 1 banana

500 glute contractions

Dinner: gazpacho + wild smoked salmon + raw onion crackers + pink grapefruit.

Monday, August 23, 2010

NBC - 6 days to go - getting in shape!

I'm preparing for my Sunday show on W-NBC so aiming to have beautiful skin. Hence following my menus from LeBootCamp Anti-Aging and Beauty programs so that I get glowing celebrity skin for the big day :).
I'm also considerably increasing in exercise in order to be in even better shape (TV doesn't hide any flaws!)

Lemon juice to start my day + green tea from Rwanda + vitamin pack

30 min walk on an empty stomach + 100 abs on my ab lounge + 30 sec shaking dumbbell

Breakfast: 1 slice of toast (gluten-free and yeast-free to keep a flat belly) + a bit of soyannaise + wild smoked salmon + 1 Asian pear

1 hr biking during which I make plenty of phonecalls.

Lunch: see photo...a mixed plate: smoked salmon, white bean humus, raw onion crackers, sauteed mushrooms and a small mango/papaya compote followed by a juicy Asian pear

Green tea and I set out again...

100 glute contractions in the car

Snack: a few pieces of beef jerky (pemican) + 6 squares of dark chocolate sweetened with maltitol

Dinner: homemade tacos: taco + steamed mahi mahi + tomatoes + salad + salsa. 2 tacos for mom and 4 for my boy who is growing and is allowed to eat more than his mommy :). For dessert: 2 large handfuls of blueberries + 3 tbsp of mango/papaya salsa

Nap for 10 min

During the evening, in the hot night.....30 min night jogging with Dire Straits on my iPod + 100 abs on my ab lounge + 30 sec shaking dumbbell

Wow...what a day!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My latest article on the Huffington Post: How to Handle Summer Weight Gain Traps

As you know, I am a permanent writer for the famous Huffington Post. My latest article is devoted to handling weight gain traps from this summer! Here is the link; share it on Twitter and FaceBook and of course, don't hesitate to comment! --> How to Handle Summer Weight Gain Traps

A very sunny day....

After my morning lemon juice, green tea from Rwanda, and vitamin pack, I have a raw breakfast containing homemade dried fruit (sundried pineapple, yum!) + Brazil nuts (I fill up on selenium :)

30 min accumulated walking: shopping, then escorting Babeth to the airport for her return to Kigali, Rwanda.

Lunch at the airport at my favorite Japanese restaurant: a little edamame + green tea + 1 dragon roll and 1 California roll

1.5 hrs biking to get my snack: the famous Red Mango fat-free frozen yogurt (just sweetened with Stevia - pure pleasure without the calories :) topped with fresh fruit. Brilliant concept!

Dinner: wild smoked salmon + mache salad + some raw onion crackers + hummus dip + sauteed mushrooms. For dessert: grape champagne (microscopic-sized grapes).

200 abs on my ab lounge
1 min of shaking dumbbells (just 1 min and it burns!!!)
20 reverse triceps 1 min of "jumping up and down" on a jumbo Swiss Ball
20 girl push ups

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rwanda is my home :)

I'm in an exotic zone with my friend Babeth who just arrived from Rwanda where she lives.
The image that we have of this beautiful country is totally biased by the media which have not updated their presentation of this country for over 16 years.....personally, I dream of visiting Rwanda :)

On the menu this week: plenty of cooking - Babeth is an amazingly skilled cook and has her own French blog: La Cuisine de Babeth and in English: La Vie in English
raw breakfasts so that she can discover my "sun food" as I like to call it :)
yoga, plenty of walking, a bit of jogging, and of course lots of 25th Hour exercises to keep me active :)

I also work on my interview for August 29th in NY on NBC...this is a BIG one!

Guess what's in this picture.....a tip: it comes from Rwanda :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Your coach in New York - we are making progress (sometimes we back up a little bit but overall going in the right direction :)

A day in a heatwave and intense humidity!

Upon rising, "Morning Wake Up Call" yoga routine which you can find on LeBootCamp in "My Gym", then 1 glass of water with my vitamins which I take when I travel + 1 glass of tea in my room :)

The day starts early with a meeting with my team on Skype, followed by an interview with Health Magazine (I'm a fan!). I am escorted by Danielle Hawkes, my charming publicist who is amazing and looks superb :).

I continue walking for 1.5 hrs in heels, not very good for my back but I forgot my flip flops..... I make a small stop at Starbucks for an iced-tea without sugar and a baby scone (fyi and because it is the law in NY it must be written on the label: this is about 140 calories :)

Lunch during a meeting: a gazpacho + 1/2 chicken/avocado sandwich + 1 baby brownie and green tea

I go on to other meetings and then meet again with Stacey Ashton, Vice President of sales at Readers Digest...she is in charge of all the marketing campagin for my book that will be released on December 14th! Exciting!

We spend valuable time together, brainstorming while drinking 1 liter of sparkling water + 1 slice of wholewheat bread with a little butter , some tapas and a rice pudding and with cherries. Yum!

A short walk before a good sleep!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One week in NY - coaching full throttle! (Monday/Tuesday)

Back in the Big Apple!
Lots of humidity which my hair withstood with ease thanks to a Brazilian hair straightening!

A Jet-Lag Weight Loss Secret :) --> Only 2 meals per day when I am in NY, quite simply because at breakfast time I am not yet hungry due to jet-lag….and by the time I get hungry at night, I'm already asleep :). So at midday I eat the equivalent of breakfast in California and in the evening I have my lunch :)

Monday: spent on the airplane with approximately 1 hr of walking in the airport and good organic, gluten-free food...Virgin America definitely knows what they're doing :)

I finish the day with a dinner with my US publicists....they are doing a great job as usual.

On the menu: grilled cod with green veggies. I don't resist dessert and have a rhubarb/strawberry tart...yum!

Tuesday: interviews, coaching session, and 2 hrs of walking in the city in both heels and flip-flops, depending on time and place :). My day started off with yoga in my room, followed by 100 abs on the floor + 20 push-ups on the floor and 50 standing push-ups.

Plenty of green tea throughout the day!

A very healthy lunch with a man who is passionate about his products (of which I am a fan). We lunch at Pure Food and Wine (One Lucky Duck), a very trendy raw restaurant here in NY! On the menu: a raw "hamburger" and for dessert, a caramel bar and dark chocolate. Yum!

The afternoon passes with interviews + 1 coaching session

Dinner with the big boss at Readers Digest who shows me a copy of my upcoming's all very exciting!!! They are brilliant at Readers Digest!

On the menu: tomato soup + grilled halibut with a little tiny bit of mashed potatoes and green veggies...finished off with a square of dark chocolate.