Saturday, May 30, 2009

Big fright in tall grass

Breakfast after 1/2 liters of Rooibos tea: home made raw cereal with home dried pineapple, yumyum + almond milk also home made. Just so you know, I make it fresh every 3 days, it keeps very well in the fridge.

1h10 fartlek in a canyon in a natural park... one should always stay on the path I am told... I ignore the warning and stray away from the path... what a silly thing to do! here I am, running through the tall grass and suddenly find myself face to face with a very very large snake... the largest/longest snake in California... well, face to face, foot to snake rather and I only just avoided the beast... apparently not a rattle snake, and not a dangerous one either, despite its impressive size... but still ;)

10 push ups on the ground
10 triceps dips
30 lunges

Mexican lunch: a few tortilla chips with tomato sauce + shrimp/langoustine soup + a little guacamole

100 butterfly abs
50 wall press-ups
2 minutes very slow ballerina moves

snack: 4 little raw coconut macaroons (home made) + 1/2 banana (to refill on potassium, essential after exercise :)

No passive muscle toning today, one has to leave 2 day rest each week for muscles to recover and give a good tone.

Light dinner: tomato soup + raw crackers + plenty of berries

Tomorrow will be quite busy so give my stomach a brake :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Short night and early morning interview, a routine day :)

Up very early after a very short night... an after lunch nap will be most needed :)

Breakfast: home made raw cereal (just out of the dehydrator soft and crunchy at the same time) + almond milk

45 minutes walk on an empty stomach before lunch
55 minutes passive muscle toning

Lunch: one Tuscan panini + 3 slices pineapple

40 minutes walk on the telephone

Snack: 1 slice pineapple + 4 little macaroons + 1 pink grapefruit

Restful evening, that feels good, watching one of my favorite films from the last few months: Forgetting Sarah Marshall :)

Light dinner: 1 portion roasted green wheat (full of good things I will put all the details of on the FaceBook fan page) + 1 pink grapefruit

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chance meet with Gary Scott and 2 other superb encounters

There are days like this... where everything seems to go right... and where we meet impressive people... people you secretly admire and suddenly find themselves right next to you!

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach
2 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Breakfast: 1 bowl classic granola with almond milk and (home) dried fruit

30 minutes passive muscle toning exercises... We'll do that for 30 days :)

Meeting at the top with accountants...

Raw lunch: onion bread + tapenade + grapefruit and pineapple + a few raw teriaky almonds

30 minutes walk

And then off to SF... where I found my favorite Everest guide, Gary Scott...who really doesn't age at all... impressive, it is the LeBootCamp effect and the cold that preserves of course :) We discuss great plans... and I nip off to a "mixer" to celebrate the queen of the night. At this occasion, I meet an entrepreneur for whom I have the utmost respect, a true visionary, the creator of Ryse, one of the very first online social network, long before Facebook and others... was one of the first investors in Napster... great chat... to top it all, this guy is of incredible humility... who would have thought ... 

30 minutes walk in high heels 

This mixer offered came just at snack time: green tea + 3 small mushroom puffs and a few fries flavored with herbs and parmesan

30 minutes walk (in heels again) 
ps: for my anonymous commentator who tells me how bad walking in high heels is, you are absolutely right, unfortunately... there sometimes are meetings I have to walk to and need to wear heels to :) 

The day, the night, I should say, doesn't end there. I am invited to dinner with one of the most accomplished business women in the USA. From nothing, she built a company listed on the NY stock exchange that turns over 1.5 billion USD.
Superb diner. Ideas come from all sides. We shall meet again soon. Ihave great admiration for her... 4 kids, a life filled with passion, a dream that grew big without much planning to start out with... in the end, it is most often the entrepreneurs that started out with a dream rather than financial motivation that are the most successful... others, start out chasing money ... that confuses the focus and the success :) 

Light diner because I am under the spell of passion: Walu steak (a hawaiian fish) + a few asparagus + green tea

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A great productive day

1/2 liter Rooibos upon waking 

lots of fires to put out... c'est la vie! 

30 minutes passive muscle toning.... carrying on with my testing:)

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach

Breakfast: 20 raw teriaky almonds + 1 pink grapefruit + 2 little raw macaroons (yum!)

30 minutes accumulated walking on killer heels...(ouch) 

Some lovely encounters, good for business and for the spirit as well! 

Lunch with "The Board" ... The Board is very serious and me a bit less... 2 slices Italian bread with a bit of butter and some tomato to start, and yes, a slightly seared tuna steak + crab salad ...del-ish!

snack: 2 slices melon + 3 small raw coconut macaroons 

15 minutes accumulated walking still in killer heels Sonia Rykiel would not disown! 

Dinner after a very productive meeting, seafood plate: fried calamari (not to worry, there wasn't much), tuna sashimi (raw fish) and a crab cake, all washed down with green tea. I pass on the bread after my lunch performance :) 

All in all, a very productive day full of good news. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Raw macaroons? Delicious!

1 liter white tea upon waking... to keep well hydrated during my 3 hour telephone marathon... and no chance of fitting in any walking as I am on Skype

Nevertheless, I manage to squeeze in a 45 minutes conversation on the mobile phone, and the same amount of walking! 

Breakfast on Skype, again! a bowl of Strawberries + home made raw cereal + almond milk, home made of course 

Video shoot....

Raw lunch: 10 teriaky almonds + 2 slices melon + raw onion bread (a delight) with bruschetta + 1 pink grapefruit.

30 minutes passive muscle building... hard... just joking, I am testing some passive muscle building equipment, quite an easy one really :) results in 30 days

15 minutes walk

1 km mixed swimming... I go easy because my knee might get stiff and my foot broken 18 months ago "wakes up" occasionally 

Snack: I take the macaroons out of the dehydrator... bliss! 4 of them don't make it any further, yes, 4, but they are tiny, I promise! 

a lovely evening...

Diner: a small portion spaghetti with "funny" tomato sauce + 3 macaroons, yes :) 

Monday, May 25, 2009

LeBootCamp in ELLE + a restful 3 day week-end

Having pulled a few ligaments running with my dog on a lead pulling in all directions... I see myself having to rest this week-end... give the beast some recovery time I say... that way the body can repair itself... so no walking, running nor cycling... nothing that puts any strain on my left knee strained by my own private "monster". 

At the American box office, a successful spoof movie called dance Flick... attracted by the trailer, I make an attempt to see it, but leave the movie theater along with 25% of the rest of the audience only 20 minutes into the film. A really awful movie of very bad taste... I end up seeing Wolverine with the handsome Hugh Jackman at the top of his physical form! It must be said! 

Breakfast: just fresh fruit (strawberries + apple+ 1/2 banana) + 10 raw teriaky almonds + plenty of flowers white tea... little discovery I am testing.

20 minutes wobbling (very careful walking to test my knee) 

We are in ELLE (Fr) this week.
Yippee... with plenty of LeBootCamp secrets revealed :) there is even one of my most famous fitness secrets which is, as often, credited to someone else but that doesn't matter very much... Martine, don't worry about it (Martine is a FaceBook fan who pointed out that fact to me). You can find the articles on the FaceBook page 

Lunch at an Indian food buffet... beware of buffets! Not to fall in the trap of overeating, I only choose vegetarian food and only go to the buffet once for savory and once for sweet food... for desert I make sure I fill my plate with fresh fruit until there is only very little room left for the calorie bombs sweets Indians make so well! 

1 hour Kayaking... I give my arms a work out and catch some sun... total bliss after a whole week of cold weather 

No snack...

Diner watching The Tudors... I am against eating in front of TV, except... for The Tudors :) I am a big fan!
As a result, unlike most people, I just can't be bothered to get up to get something to eat, instead I steal 5 forkfuls of spaghetti in tomato sauce (funny taste but it is red so I assume "tomato") + 2 coconut raw macaroons... they aren't quite ready but I can't resist anymore... besides I should be tasting them!  

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beach, Madame Figaro, the Coach's euphoria :)

Lots of green tea upon getting up to clean out the beast as I like to say.

We are in this week-end's madame Figaro.... it feels good to be next to Noureev even if I dance like a duck, to read the article see you on the FaceBook fan page

30 minutes yoga on an empty stomach

Breakfast: a bowl of strawberries + homemade cereal + almond milk

Off to the beach where the sun disappears, it is only 12 degrees C, we have the whole beach to ourselves... a real joy

1 hour walk on the sand
30 push ups on the car whilst waiting...

delicious meal: a small portion edamame + 10 little sushis... some toro my favorite fish straight from japan! 

30 minutes walk

snack: 1 soya tchai tea with splenda

The sun, blue sky and the sound track to l'Auberge Espagnole on top of some decisions made today put me in a state of acute euphoria... life is beautiful... tout va bien... 

Back to the movies, it's my kind of therapy :) to see Management with Jennifer Aniston, a gem! 
At the cinema: I smuggle in my forever sweet potato fries with mango sauce + 1 portion blueberries + 1 portion dehydrated papaya. 

when back, 100 butt contraction in the car + 100 nutcrackers in the car as well :) 

Friday, May 22, 2009

the joys of cross stitching - the great Californian weather

Very short night, some good news kept me awake, but it's all positive. 

Green tea directly from japan... yummy...

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach :)

Meeting with the silicon valley cross stitching expert... what she can do with her own 2 hands is very impressive! 

30 minutes run before lunch time 
200 abs of various kinds
30 floor press-ups
50 wall press-ups 
10 inverted triceps

Lunch with the girls: 10 Teriaky almonds (sprouted, marinated and dried, yum) + large portion of steamed salmon (let's say, nearly 2 portions) + edamame with a little soyonnaise + a few wild strawberries

green tea galore

15 minutes walk 

snack: 1 small handful hand made raw cereal + 5 large strawberries + 1 salty caramel lollipop brought back from Brittany 

Diner at the movies to watch and enjoy "Angels and Demons". Ron Howard surpassed himself, in my opinion, I know some might disagree, but I enjoyed the film. On the menu... sneaked in of course, the food they have to offer is just dreadful! 1/2 portion sweet potato fries with mango sauce + 4 crisps nicked off my neighbour + 1/2 a dried papaya + plenty of water

200 but squeezes in the car 
250 nutcrackers in the car 
50 wall push-ups 

a really nice day under the sign of "dark" creativity... you know who you are, you will recognise yourself.

PS: there are more and more of you reading my blog and I do my best to keep it up to date... don't hesitate to let me know if there are particular topics you would like to see discussed in detail here (nutrition, sport, motivation, anti-aging, coaching, or any other...) 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Somme nice encounters... LeBootCamp in Closer Mag (FR)

We are in Closer this week... 

Another full throttle day today after yesterday's relaxed one :)

Very little exercise... so I adjust my meals accordingly and will catch up tomorrow with the active side of things. 

breakfast: after a lot of really Japanese green tea (!). 1/2 papaya and 3 slices Japanese bacon (no panic on the number of slices it only adds up to a total of  75 calories) 

I run off to San Francisco to meet a great man... I sip a green tea during our 

100% Raw lunch at Cafe Gratitude, my health HQ in San Francisco... in very good company: Japanese mushroom and veg coconut soup + tchai tea with almond milk + 1/2 slice hazelnut tart... everything is raw therefore vegan and uncooked... that provides me with  a lot of fibre, vitamins and god fats 
(only slightly saturated in the case of the coconut) 

20 minutes walk
2x2 minutes Brazilian moves
50 Hindu prayers

no snack

Light Diner: 1 small portion salmon + 1 portion edamame + 1 small apple

I promise tomorrow will be more sporty! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pathological jealousy and return home

I encountered the concept of pathological jealousy this week-end. A real illness that eats up those who suffer from it and saps the life of those around them drawing them into a wearing daily hell. 
For the coach that I am, this goes beyond my competence as we enter the world of medicine and psychiatry. 
I wonder if this condition that ages people before their time and wrinkles their soul, can be cured. 
Is it genetic? For those who are bullied by these ill minded people, what is the solution? Kowtow? Suffer in silence? Scream out against the injustice? Force the ill to get treated? 
In the end, this illness is a form of addiction, a monster that needs to feed and that the sufferer needs to nourish in order to stay in the hellish vicious circle. 
After all, Man hates the void, what would life be like? His reason to be? once the "beast" destroyed. The void, the gap that needs to be filled with love seems of abyssal depth, so difficult to handle. 
Once my son said, "You know, I can't understand how Joe can be jealous of Tom, I am not jealous of anyone".
Happy the one who stays in the virtuous circle of simple happiness.

On an empty stomach, after 2 rooibos teas, 30 minutes walk 

Breakfast: fruit (always after long distance flights :) 1/2 papaya and 1 banana

1 hour cycling

Lunch: all raw, 6 onion crackers + tapenade + 2 tomatoes in a salad with bruschetta + 3 chocolate truffles (all home made of course) + a few slices dry papaya

A little rest in preparation for a big meeting... must be get there fresh eyed and bushy tailed! 

30 minutes walk
100 floor abs
20 floor press ups

snack in business meeting: a fruit salad and chai tea

15 minutes walk
500 but squeezes in the car

Dinner: a HUGE portion edamame + 2 portions rare marinated salmon

green tchai

2 minutes Brazilian moves
50 Hindu prayers.  


Sunday, May 17, 2009

TV, Radio, Elysee, Legion d'Honneur, Line Renaud, Michou, Sonia Rikiel...

Fabulous day begins with sunshine and warm weather. 

Breakfast: Ceylon tea + 2 slices Essene bread + a slither of non-hydrogenated margarine + 2 slices salmon. 

and off we go for a crazy day! 

100 Hindu prayers

We kick off with the shoot for NRJ Paris who will follow me during 2 days (one day last week and today)... during my meetings, first with the chief editor of a big people magazine, then with BFM for the recording of my monthly column. 

Upon arrival at BFM, I came nose to nose with the husband of one of our private coaching clients that was also coached by the excellent Marion Bodin, qualified dietitian and level II coach. A lovely coincidence that calls for a photograph :) 

I share my air time on BFM with B. Taittinger the president of the Groupe des Parfums Annick Goutal of which I am a great fan.

Thank goodness my driver is on time, as I have very little time to rush to my Parisian HQ (La Villa Corse) to meet an "important" person for lunch, but hush, discretion prevails. 

On the menu: a few slices Corsican salami I cannot refuse, 2 tiny tapenade bread slices , line caught seabass with spring vegetables and a strawberry/tomato gazpacho

I barely touch the ground (as I said, this is a crazy day)... and run off to my publicist for a debrief and, yes, I must admit, a very much needed catnap :-)

And now off to another meeting with very important people who inform me that their benchmarking study about life coaching in France show us as No 1. Coming from such people, this result is received as a huge compliment for the whole LeBootCamp team that constantly thrives to re-invent ourselves, when the competition spends its time copying us. 

Star studded night oblige, I skip out of a meeting with my partnership development director to rush off for make up and dressing and hop to the Elysee. I share with you the pictures of people I am not coaching... so I am not revealing anything. 

An embrace with Michou, a shoulder rubbing with Sonia Rykiel, iconic fashion designer, gastronomic discussions with Paul Bocuse, diner with Patrick Sicard (CEO of LeNotre) whom Line Renaud has just given the Legion d'Honneur and plenty more great encounters among which a an aristocrat with a pretty name who did LeBootCamp and shows off her beautiful figure with pride!

Diner: no portion control at all, nil stress and 100% pleasure!

I fall asleep for a very short night as I am taking off for San Francisco in a few hours.

PS. for the Twilight fans, Robert Pattinson with be in Cannes on his way to Italy to finish shooting New Moon  with Ashley Greene who's role as grown for this part of the saga. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brittany is beautiful

Finally a few days rest (a full 3 day week-end! proper French 35h week style :) 

Back to some of my roots with visit of Brittany. Bagpipes in Nantes for a folkloric welcome. It is a very pretty town I discover for the first time. I catch up with Stallone I hadn't see for a long time! 
Lunch at Pornic... charming Breton coastal resort
The weather is quite capricious as we go from storm (cold, wind, rain) to sunshine (and, to be honest, still very windy). 

following day:

Breakfast: 4 teas + 2 slices roast ham + 1 orange + 1 banana

10 press ups 
20 minutes walk 
10 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Off to La Baule, trendy resort,  to purchase the trendy albeit classically Breton "mariniere

I take advantage of these few hours of rest to read, well ok, devour, the last Attali book about Karl Marx. The study is of great depth as usual, executed by one of the brightest author/analyst I have ever come across
The last GEO mag does a very good presentation of the Taliban movement, and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand the sensitive situation around the 3 frontiers.

1 hour walk under the blue sky admiring surfers and kite surfers digging it. 

Lucien Barriere lunch on the beach: baby leaf salad + Parmesan shavings + salmon and seabass tartar + strawberry gazpacho and 10 chocolate coated almonds 

1 hour walk in LaBaule

no snack

Diner at Quick (French fast food joint) on the motorway, even here you can make clever choices: 1 mixed salad with light vinaigrette + oriental chicken sandwich + 10 chocolate coated almonds (yes, you can't stop a gourmet)
That makes it a total of 550 calories, hardly any saturated fats, a little to much sodium but the right amount of fibre and protein (no sodas of course!)  

A lovely evening ahead and tomorrow, l'Elysee

PS for Larry Funck: go back where you know!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

That's it! The final is over! what a great day!

1/2 liter green tea on an empty stomach

20 minutes yoga

Breakfast: 1 apple followed by a slice of raw Essene bread with a tiny bit of cream cheese + 1 slice wild smoked salmon.

Lunch on the go. I am delivered 2 small portions edamame + 6 tiny sushi (I won't suffocate :) 

no snack

At last, after months of waiting, after being selected and becoming a finalist, here I am in front of the jury (I won't say any more for now) speed dating style.

Exhausting but very educational. In front of me: some pretty impressive people. The competition: some pretty impressive people as well. I am flattered to even participate in this event. To win it would be a fantastic victory for my team that has worked so hard and has been so committed during the tough times :) 
So, fingers crossed! 
The results will be announced on the 10th June during a gala evening.

At the finish there was an elegant buffet: I picked at a few pieces of tuna and grilled salmon. 

I move onto 4 TV interviews and hop, off home. 

What a great day! 

Diner: a small portion steamed salmon + soyonnaise + baby spinach leaf salad + 3 oranges 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

D Day!

Here I am in Paris!
D day has arrived!
This is so exiting! 

Yesterday: 2 hours walk to get as much natural light as possible, and rebalance my biorhythm :) 

Breakfast in the airplane: fresh fruit + fruit in syrup and stewed apple! Yes, I agree, inflight meal trays aren't always very balanced!

Lunch: 1 grilled chicken thigh + season vegetables + 1 slice Essene bread + 1 soya yogurt

Snack: 1 lime soya yogurt (yum) + 3 gluten free cookies

Diner: pickled cucumbers + chicken and veg + 2 lime soya yogurts (couldn't resist! :) 

Monday, May 11, 2009

D-3 and departure for Europe

Week-end on the run but it's all for good cause. 

Breakfast: carnitas grilled meat + 1 papaya

30 minutes walk 

and preparing... the flight is awaiting me... thank goodness Anissa is there to help me pack and my stylist puts together my outfits for my diner at L'Elysee :) 

A high octane week lies ahead... hello...

What a dream team I have!!! 

Right, I zoom off to the airport... see you soon for some hot news!

We are at D-3...... D-3....... oh yeah! 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Life is beautiful - the weather is fabulous!!

(coming Closer to the big day :)

32 degrees C in the shade, blue sky, summer is here and it feels good :)

Breakfast in 2 stages: at home after green tea and 10 minutes yoga, 4 tbspoons purple rice/salmon/soyannaise and then in a meeting with investors, 2 cups fruit and a grapefruit juice... that turns the preconceived idea on its head that one has to eat as the people we meet with eat :) I won't stuff myself with an omelet just because I am talking to someone who does!

15 minutes walk in high heels for a meeting at FaceBook's head office. There are, in fact, 10 unmarked buildings... well apart from one another... and guarded like Fort Knox, they must be afraid of being attacked by upset subscribers who've just lost their account!

Lunch: a few traditional style corn chips (they have really nothing to do with the stuff we are sold to dip in guacamole!) with home made tapenade and hummus home made as well and 4 raw chocolate truffles and 1 apple.

2 minutes Brazilian movements 

Siesta, in preparation to next week, which is promising to be pretty intense :)

30 minutes walk

I nip off to test a radio-frequency based collagen stimulation technique. It is meant to be very painful unless one takes a numbing drug, which I do... and then ,I don't feel anything, in fact, It knocks me out and I wake up thick headed and am nauseous for the next 24 hours. It's no surprise I had to sign a form "have someone to take you home"... and there I was thinking that they were only being paranoid Americans afraid of court cases :)
Well, there was no injection, no cutting up,... nothing scary...

Like all the tests we run at LeBootCamp, I document everything, so tomorrow, I will be having a professional micron detail picture taken :) see results in 6 months!
I have some nice pictures of Ellen treating me... she looks like an alien full of cabalistic signs on her face :) 

PS: no diner, feeling far to queasy. 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

LeBootCamp in Vie Pratique Sante

DAY D-8 

Well, we continue with our media coverage with Vie Pratique Sante... 5 pages with your humble servant coach ;-) 
A very special thank to all of my team that contributed much to this project. All the pages are available to you for reading on my fan page on FaceBook:

After my morning green tea... 
1 hour walk on the telephone with C... some really lovely news... projects maturing... and very soon, lunch at l'Elysee (come on, you know where that is :)

30 minutes yoga with Alejandro and 30 minutes massage before taking off :) 

Breakfast: an enormous papaya + 2 raw cranberry biscottis 

Lunch: a generous portion of steamed crab + 5 raw crackers (nuts and hemp seeds) + hummus + plenty of strawberries

1 hour walk 

Diner: purple rice salad + wild salmon + soyannaise and more strawberries to finish 

2 minutes Brazilian movements 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LeBootCamp in Reader's Digest

Up early to nip over to the airport...

We are in May 09's Reader's Digest (France)... I am repeating myself, but what a week... or rather what a year, I should say :)... with Johnny Hallyday on the cover, on top of that, yes I know, not so well known in the English speaking world, but in France he is a huge rock star, happiness :) 

Breakfast: 1/2 slice of wholemeal bread with tapenade + 6 little pieces raw onion bread with hummus + fruit salad left over (pineapple, grapes, coconut)

I slip-in a very quick catnap (10 minutes) halfway through the morning as the day is very intensive, who wants to travel far needs to sit easy in the saddle. 

30 minutes walk on the telephone 
30 minutes weight training (the whole body) to strengthen my bone density

Lunch on the run between 2 meetings: 1 slice wholemeal bread with tapenade + a huge bunch of grapes... sometimes you just have to do with what you
can find :) The idea is not to fall back on junk food on the pretense that the circumstances aren't ideal for a balanced meal... it is so easy to trap yourself :) 

45 minutes walk between 2 meetings in San Francisco 

Snack: a fruit salad with dried nuts in agave nectar, delish... 

2x2 minutes Brazilian moves 

Diner: purple rice (the Chinese emperor's "forbidden" rice) with a little bit of non-hydrogenated margarine and a bit of Parmesan. Did you know that a table spoon of Parmesan gives you 6% of your daily calcium RDA + a huge papaya/strawberry salad. 

In bed after managing a few very urgent messages and a rather congenial fire 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LeBootCamp in Femme Actuelle Weightloss Special Edition


What a week... after this week's ELLE, we find out that we are also in Femme Actuelle' s Weightloss Special Edition, in and article comparing 2 online weightloss programs and I must say that I am very pleasantly surprised with the result, we are very positively reviewed! hurray :)

Breakfast: 1 small slice strawberry cheesecake + 1/2 huge papaya

1h30 walk sucking my tummy in of course

Lots of time on the telephone... it for the good cause :)

Lunch at Sausalito with my "group", we are very lucky, the mist is lifting and a splendid view across the bay, the city and beyond unfolds (as far as Alcatraz), I must say... San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
On the menu: a whole crab (I turn down their awful melted butter) + 2 slices of toasted bread with parmesan and a bit of green salad. 

1h30 walk + 30 minutes walk on the telephone for a very important conversation, my goodness, this is huge... finally...

2x2 minutes of brazilian movements

200 butt contractions in the car

Snack: 1 banana/hazelnut Odwalla bar (I am a fan)  

Diner (home cooked for my VIP guests): Fresh truffle scallops in a muscat reduction + purple cabbage and wild rocket salad. For desert, a fresh pineapple salad with grapes and coconut.

What a wonderful eventful day this was!

Monday, May 4, 2009

LeBootCamp in ELLE magazine this week

A bit of relaxing reading 

I love weeks that begin this way... everything is lined-up... karma is there... a happy monday follows a week-end filled with friends and good cheer to celebrate my "25th". We are in ELLE (Fr) this week, you cannot miss us! To read the article check out my FaceBook page where it is posted:
(if you aren't a fan, you will have to click on BECOME A FAN first in order to read the article that you 'll find on the welcome page and also the the photo album called "Medias") 

45 minutes walk on an empty stomach on the telephone

I rush off to SF for a very important meeting... we are integrating a new product in our beauty and anti-aging program (program soon to be revealed to the english speaking market :)... coming soon... 

100 butt squeezes in the car

Raw breakfast: 1 portion strawberry cheesecake + 1 slice fresh pineapple

Raw lunch with Aline who's birthday we are celebrating (a Corsican taurus like me)... on the menu: Tchai tea with almond milk and agave nectar, a coconut milk and curry cold soup (and also plenty of vegetables inside) finishing with a portion strawberry charlotte (all raw, nuts based with almond and strawberries of course) 

Nap to start the week well and refresh before the next that promises to be really demanding. To doze off I read the article in ELLE on buckwheat seeds we 
worked on with the magazine. It is always a pleasure to see this kind of innovating article in my favorite magazines! 

Plenty of 25th hour exercises during this very busy day including a lot of stairs climbed (when I need to do one I add an extra 4 up/downs).

Snack: 1 portion salmon/shrimp terrine

Diner: 1 whole papaya and the rest of the delicious sea food terrine home made by Anissa

Sunday, May 3, 2009

LeBootCamp on BFM and France 5

<--- enjoying some fresh coconut juice - fantastic electrolytes

No blog for the last 3 days 
because of absorbing projects, my birthday celebrations and other excuse justified or not, this week end was very busy on the media front as we had our regular column on BFM that you can catch up with if you wish (it is in french): 

We were also on France5 for a show "the French and their bodies" ... really good. If you wish to see it you will find it online in a few days... as soon as I get hold of the link I will pass it on :)

Friday , a very busy day but I wake up very early, as sleep does not return, I put FIT TV (Body In Balance TV in the UK), my favorite TV channel (non-stop quality Fitness and Yoga classes almost around the clock) and I do 30 minutes yoga and 30 minutes gentle strength training... It helps to start the day efficiently before being completely engrossed by the current captivating project and all the new upcoming launches... but hush... I will say no more or I will get my knuckles rapped!   

No comment for the other days... We tackle a bombing week right from the first hours of Monday morning!