Sunday, May 3, 2009

LeBootCamp on BFM and France 5

<--- enjoying some fresh coconut juice - fantastic electrolytes

No blog for the last 3 days 
because of absorbing projects, my birthday celebrations and other excuse justified or not, this week end was very busy on the media front as we had our regular column on BFM that you can catch up with if you wish (it is in french): 

We were also on France5 for a show "the French and their bodies" ... really good. If you wish to see it you will find it online in a few days... as soon as I get hold of the link I will pass it on :)

Friday , a very busy day but I wake up very early, as sleep does not return, I put FIT TV (Body In Balance TV in the UK), my favorite TV channel (non-stop quality Fitness and Yoga classes almost around the clock) and I do 30 minutes yoga and 30 minutes gentle strength training... It helps to start the day efficiently before being completely engrossed by the current captivating project and all the new upcoming launches... but hush... I will say no more or I will get my knuckles rapped!   

No comment for the other days... We tackle a bombing week right from the first hours of Monday morning! 

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