Friday, May 8, 2009

Life is beautiful - the weather is fabulous!!

(coming Closer to the big day :)

32 degrees C in the shade, blue sky, summer is here and it feels good :)

Breakfast in 2 stages: at home after green tea and 10 minutes yoga, 4 tbspoons purple rice/salmon/soyannaise and then in a meeting with investors, 2 cups fruit and a grapefruit juice... that turns the preconceived idea on its head that one has to eat as the people we meet with eat :) I won't stuff myself with an omelet just because I am talking to someone who does!

15 minutes walk in high heels for a meeting at FaceBook's head office. There are, in fact, 10 unmarked buildings... well apart from one another... and guarded like Fort Knox, they must be afraid of being attacked by upset subscribers who've just lost their account!

Lunch: a few traditional style corn chips (they have really nothing to do with the stuff we are sold to dip in guacamole!) with home made tapenade and hummus home made as well and 4 raw chocolate truffles and 1 apple.

2 minutes Brazilian movements 

Siesta, in preparation to next week, which is promising to be pretty intense :)

30 minutes walk

I nip off to test a radio-frequency based collagen stimulation technique. It is meant to be very painful unless one takes a numbing drug, which I do... and then ,I don't feel anything, in fact, It knocks me out and I wake up thick headed and am nauseous for the next 24 hours. It's no surprise I had to sign a form "have someone to take you home"... and there I was thinking that they were only being paranoid Americans afraid of court cases :)
Well, there was no injection, no cutting up,... nothing scary...

Like all the tests we run at LeBootCamp, I document everything, so tomorrow, I will be having a professional micron detail picture taken :) see results in 6 months!
I have some nice pictures of Ellen treating me... she looks like an alien full of cabalistic signs on her face :) 

PS: no diner, feeling far to queasy. 

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