Friday, February 27, 2009

I love Forest Whitaker :)

Short night because I am feeling a bit queasy ....

White tea to wake up + lemon juice to balance my body PH

Breakfast: grilled salmon+ 1 bunch of grapes

45 min walk on the telephone with weights on my ankles, 5 pounds on each leg just for the sake of burning a few more calories 

60 leg sweeps to the side , standing up

I spend the whole morning with my ankle weights (under my trousers, nobody can see!)... but for my business lunch I must take them off! 

Business lunch: a reasonable amount of tapas, no desert, some white tea 
I am Meeting with a serial entrepreneur who is just ab-so-lu-tely charming... and very bright. 

45 min walk to get to my next meeting 

And I do something I know is strongly inadvisable, I read my emails whilst climbing the garage stairs... Result: I miss a step, tumble down a whole flight of steps... injure a foot that was just recently on the mend and keeps (again) getting damaged... but I'm more shaken than hurt (of course, my suit is beyond repair) 

Gym: 1h05 Fartlek on stationary bike at 60-80% capacity + 15 min weights
No snack (still queasy)

Diner: 1 bow carrot/ginger soup + 1 bunch grapes + 1 banana

2 min ballerina moves

I'm still feeling yucky and that keeps me from sleeping, to keep my mind busy I watch Vantage Point. The plot is tightly wrapped up and it is impossible to guess the end. 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to walk the distance without noticing (for Murielle)

Message for Murielle: I do not walk for 4 hrs every day (even if I would like to). You posted your comment after a Saturday "en famille"... on week-ends, we make the time to walk together :) not really feasible on week days, I concede ;)
Otherwise, like a lot of my clients, I try to make all my phone calls from a cordless phone, or my mobile, to walk or tread around for an extra 1 or 2 hours a day without even noticing. (note: it is also much better for your back and your posture to stand up and move during phone calls, if you can) 

Roobois tea

Breakfast : 1 soya yogurt + sugar free cereals

1h10 walk on the phone with C and S... I am more energetic and alert walking than sitting with my bum stuck to a chair :) 

Lunch : 1 piece of chicken breast + sojannaise + 1 wholegrain rice cake with hummus + 1 soya yogurt + blueberries

Snack: 1 soya yogurt (new size 100 calories :) + a little sugar free cereals added to it.

30 min walk

50 abs under my son's supervision 

10 floor push-ups

Diner: portion wild salmon marinated and grilled + 4 forkfuls of Chinese noodles+ 2 pink grapefruit + tea + 2 Breton pancakes

100 abs on the abs lounge

30 splits

60 standing up leg sweeps on the side

Evening with M and the PB in TW (sorry for the code :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Signs of global warming

My tulip tree is blooming in February... it is stunning, it smells nice... carpe diem... life is beautiful...

On an empty stomach: green tea

Business meeting + breakfast in Starbucks: a handful fresh almonds + a fruit salad + one banana

In the gym: 30 minute spin class full throttle (wow, intense!!! lets see what stiffness I feel tomorrow... Nicole Kidman spins all the time and one can't accuse her of having fat thighs, that's motivating!) 30 min elliptical trainer to make it an hour.

15 min accumulated walking

Lunch: 2 portions mixed vegetables + 1 slice turkey ham + 1 Corean apple (for carbon footprint worriers: they are grown locally :) + a dulce orange yumyum!

1 hour walk with the hairy beast

15 min walk

snack: 10 fresh almonds + 4 clementines + 1 banana

30 minutes walk with my boy telling me about his day... I just love it!

100 abs + 5 x 20 biceps at speed

Diner: wholegrain rice cake with hummus + 1 portion grilled chicken breast + peas and roast tomatoe + 4 clementines

5 x 20 triceps

and this quote from Tolstoi to finish the day: "force is force... matter is matter... will is will... the infinite is the infinite... nothing is nothing" even more beautiful in Russian!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If the diet Devil had a name, it would be called...

ERIC !!!!! (see further down the posting for an explanation)

Rooibos tea + chai tea LeBootCamp Weight loss Program style

Breakfast: 1 porridge with dried + nuts

In the gym: 30 min stationary bike level 5 (that's roughly about 250 calories burned) + 10 min weight training

30 min walk with the hairy monster

Speedy lunch because of an interview with a journalist whom I hadn't met before and, based on the tone of her emails, my expectations are high!

1 apple (with the skin to benefit from all the fiber) + 1 portion wholegrain buckwheat pasta and soya cheese 

message for Pechcoco: the dress is a Lanvin prototype therefore unique, so you can only find it in my wardrobe, sorry :)

Snack: the devil presented me with a beautiful white chocolate stiletto shoe... and, of course, I couldn't resist! so I hate him but at the same time it was so good that the feeling melowed quickly! Thank you Eric!

1h walk to burn some of that diabolical thing

10 min walk
100 buttock squeezes
20 inverted triceps
100 floor abs
60 stand up leg sweeps

Light diner as I'm still feeling a bit queasy after such a white chocolate extravaganza :) 1 carrot and ginger soup + 7 satsumas

Monday, February 23, 2009

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1 liter water on an empty stomach to flush out the toxins

1h30 walk on an empty stomach
During which I am relieved by a pickpocket to the tune of $80 out of my jeans front pocket... I didn't feel anything... honest! Soon after, to add insult to injury, my handbag strap naps and I finish my morning stroll a lot less stylist that I started hugging my possessions like I was protecting Fort Knox!

Lunch at the Spa: 1 fruit and brown rice protein smoothie. 

15 min walk

15 min walk

Lunch at the airport: split pea/carrot/oats soup + chicken Chinese green salad 

Lots of tea

15 min walk

Snack in the airplane: little chocolate cookies

Diner: crisps/guacamole + 1/4 super cheese quesadilla + 1 kiwi

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lavo in Las Vegas - The Oscars

1 liter water on an empty stomach

15 min Morning Wake up Call Yoga + Kundalini

100 cross abs
10 regular press ups 
10 Hindu
50 sideways leg sweeps (standing up)

3.5h walk

No Breakfast because of interviews and meetings full throttle (yes, even at the week-end) 

Lunch at Paris' buffet: clam chowder + shrimp/crab + vegetable plate+ 4 cookies + 3 coconut macaroons + fresh fruit

30 minutes walk

2 handfuls popcorn

30 minutes walk

Diner, at first we attempt the Lavo (the new Vegas trendy place) but really it is too noisy and we fall back on Morels: carrot/lentil soup + 4 slices bread+ 1 small portion local delicious cheese + 1 roasted tomato + 1 heart of artichoke + 3 tbs potato gratin

15 min walk

The next day....

15 min walk on an empty stomach

Green tea

Breakfast: 1 fresh smoothie, blackberries/banana/apple

15 min walk 
15 min walk

Lunch, at Paris' buffet: clam chowder to start with followed by a seafood platter (smoked salmon, anchovies, shrimps, etc...) + vegetables plate + a plate of little deserts (yum)

1h accumulated walking

snack: 5 squares chocolate

15 min walk

Diner: beetroot salad + mariniere mussels + chips

15 min walk

The Oscars come back from several years in the dark, all thanks to Hugh Jackman who demonstrated that, if push come to a shove, he is a well rounded artist: singer, entertainer, crooner, actor and... charmer! Everyone was under the spell, the ratings for the Oscars are up 10%... that says it all... as expected, Slumdog Millionaire picked up nearly everything and Kate (Winslet) gave us one of her memorable speeches.

Friday, February 20, 2009

What happens in Vegas...

1/2 l water with lime

60 leg sweeps on each side

2 hours walk

Breakfast: fresh fruit  salad+ porridge with raisins

2 hours walk

Lunch: mariniere mussels + a small portion fries + 1 crepe suzette

50 stand up leg sweeps on each side
50 press-ups at 45 degree angle
100 floor abs

20 min oxygen bar

30 min walk

1h walk

Diner: cauliflower soup + 1 pot salmon rillettes  + 6 pieces baguette + green tea

100 leg sweeps on each side (standing up)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fan of Virgin America! I love it!

Breakfast : roobois tea throughout my meeting + 1 apple + 1 banana

30 min walk

Lunch at 2 pm because of a very busy fast paced morning: pistachio crackers with hummus and guacamole + 1 nicely ripe mango

A well deserved 10 mn nap as the night was especially short. 

I am often told "Just take a brake, take 3 days off, right now"... only, when running a business you often can't do that so easily. Some emergencies or crises arise, ... and, either you let them overrun you or you take them on and turn things around. 

snack: 1 soya yogurt + cereals

30 min walk with Nestle

We rush to be ready for take off for Las Vegas in 3 hours with soo many things to wrap up before-hand... thereafter off to the Oscars on the 22nd in LA... not a time to fall asleep!

Diner at the airport, thank goodness, there is no shortage of good restaurant here: edamame + green tea + 8 unagi sushis.

30 min walk in the airport + 30 walk upon arrival in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

l'Atelier's 30th anniversary

Breakfast: Roobois tea+ 10 fresh almonds +1 apple + 1 banana

30 min walk and 100 leg sweeps

Lunch: 2 slices pumpernickel + hummus + 1 soya yogurt

1h30 walk

meeting snack: 1 portion granola + soya milk

Wine bar meeting: 1 glass Greek pudding wine+ 1 handful roasted almonds 

I dine at the event hosted for the 30th anniversary of L'Atelier2 tiny slices brown bread+ 2 thin slices saucisson + water
We find Denis, a very dynamic and successful French entrepreneur and his accomplice whom I papped in the company of Pascale Diaine, Orange "evangelist".

At midnight, during a late-night work session, pistachios crisps + hummus and guacamole

Ate too much, but will catch up tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

After the disappearance, the return

Sorry for the last few days without posts. Thank you for your messages, I'm getting back to it... however, it is sometimes refreshing not to say anything :-)... there wasn't much exercise going on but many other good things. No comment.

It is still raining over California... with its lot of landslides, flooding and other niggles that result from continuous rain. Let's not complain, the earth really needed it!

If you love the handsome Clive, don't miss The International, not so much for the story which is a bit warmed up, but just for his sake and that of the Calvini brothers ;)
To avoid reaching for the popcorn and other candy calorie bomb bars, I prepare my own sandwiches for MP and I, with wild smoked salmon on brown bread + a tub of blueberries... and a green tea bought there, indulgence without tipping the scales the wrong way. The only challenge is that I need a fairly large handbag to sneak my supplies in unnoticed to the guards at the entrance. 

Breakfast: home made chai tea (chai + almond milk + stevia) + 1 papaya with lime + 10 fresh almonds + 1 banana

100 standing up leg sweeps

Gym: 1h cardio training: 15 min recumbent bike, 15 min exercise bike + 15 min elliptical trainer + 15 min stairmaster + 100 gymball abs + 50 lunges carrying a 3kg ball.

Lunch: raw salad (sprouted quinoa + marinated seaweeds + goji berries) + steamed salmon/green veg and a little bit of brown rice + 2 satsumas

Meetings all day, we run and run and run ...during the four o'clock tea I grant myself a small treat with a Russian Tea Cookie (my guilty pleasure, they remind me of the Greek cookies of my childhood!)

10 min walk

Diner (after an evening in Sweden, yes MP, you'll recognize yourself!) : Vegan Buffalo wings + hummus/guacamole and light crisps + 1/2 Korean pear.

Work evening into the night but it is for the good cause :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Whirlwind day

Very short night, again... I woke up just like that, at the crack of dawn... any reason why?

Breakfast: roobois tea (the ancestral Khoisan drink from South Africa) + 10 sprouted almonds + 1 apple + 1 papaya + 1 slice wholewheat bread /melted soya cheese.

No morning hike today because it is a very very busy day with interviews, tourist arrivals and very important meetings... all done at full throttle...

I still fit in: 
50 abs on the killer abs lounge + 100 buttock squeezes in front of my computer .

In short, the day flies by... and I can't remember what I did :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We are in Le Journal Du Dimanche, Biba and

A beautiful day... under a sun that filters through the clouds... oh yes, the rainy season is in full swing!

Breakfast: Roobois tea + 1 apple + 1 bowl Ptitim (see last night's diner ;)

60 leg sweeps on each side
30 min yoga with Alejandro

30 min massage to straighten out the beast

30 min walk

Lunch on the go because of multiple meetings, conference calls and more film shoots: smoked salmon (wild) + 1 slice whole-wheat bread + soyanaise + 2 handfuls cashew nuts + 1 papaya

45 min accumulated walk

Snack: 1 bowl wholegrain cereals + almond milk

Thank you to Super Geek, who will know who he is, for saving me from the virus's claws... and for reinstalling in emergency, at the local Starbucks, the office tools that Google Docs cannot yet replace :)

Diner: 1 apple + meat free buffalo wings (tofu based) + ketchup (full of hart friendly antioxidants!) + 4 satsumas

60 leg sweeps on each side 

200 mat abs  (100 obliques, 100 sit ups)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pasolini's The Gospel according to St Matthew and Speak

One of my favorite fact, my all time No1 favorite.

Very short night because of riveting reading, I just couldn't put my book down!

Difficult rising as my body reminds me of yesterday's Pilates Reformer session... I am aching all over!

Breakfast: rooibos tea + 5 satsumas + 1 soya yogurt + cruesli

I run, run, run

Business lunch: pumpkin and brown rice soup + 1 veggie steak + 1 slice of bread + 1 salad of little melon balls (very light, but it suits me as I've had a migraine all morning!) 

To sweat out the toxins, and hopefully rid myself of this intense headache, I scoot off to the gym.
60 min cardio training at 120 bpm : 30 min elliptical trainer + 30 min recumbent bike 
30 min weights training

10 min walk  in high heels (still.. not good)

Snack: smoked salmon+ blueberries + satsumas + a few dates

Speak, an indie film from 2004, I recommend. A gem. Kristen Stewart' s performance, at the age of 14, is amazing in this tortured role that she embodies with astounding realism. 

Diner: a handful cashew nuts + a cod steak with soyonaise + ptitim (an Israeli dish made with buckwheat/peas/pine nuts + 5 satsumas

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pilates Reformer and guaranteed next day stiffness

Breakfast: 3 cups of Rooibos tea + 1 soya yogurt + 1 nice handful organic blueberries + 1 handful cruesli

50 Hindu prayers
50 leg sweeps on each side

A race pace day because of meetings all over the place, but it is worth it!

Lunch at LI: green salad/pink grapefruit + 1 mahe-mahe steak on a bed of roast peppers and a portion black lentils. For pudding, 4 squares of white chocolate + Earl Grey tea.

At the gym: 1 hour Pilates on the machines + 1 hour cardio training at 120 bpm (15 mn elliptical trainer and 45 mn recumbent bike to be able to work as the day is mad) 

10 mn walk on high heels (why am I doing this to myself?) 

Snack: 1 soya yogurt + 1 portion cruesli

Business diner: cucumber sunflower seed sprout + 1 marinated salmon steak + corn chips and guacamole + 1/2 pan-fried peach in butter and honey

60 leg sweeps on each side 
100 abs on the killer abs lounge

I make progress with my current literary endeavours ... but hush :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

12 degrees Celcius- The Artic circle reaches San Francisco

Plenty of Rooibos

A very busy day lays before me

Breakfast: 1 small cranberry porridge 

30 minutes walk with Nestle

At the gym: 60 minutes cardio training at 125-135 bpm mixing exercise bike, elliptical trainer, stairmaster + 30 lunges with 5 pound weights in each hand

Lunch: 8 raw Nori rolls + 1 wholegrain rice cake with guacamole + 4 fresh dates

30 minutes walk around the bay

Snack: 1 apple + 2 satsumas + 8 dates + 12 square chocolate (yes, it is a lot but the diet vampire laid them out prominently)

30 minutes walk
100 abs on the killer abs lounge
40 inverted triceps

Diner: steamed asparagus+ soyanaise + Brussels sprouts and steamed cod fillet with a drizzle of olive oil + 4 satsumas and 3 dates.

100 leg sweeps on each side

I will finish the day with a thought for our Australian friends and more specifically in those in the state of Victoria where the fires are raging... the biggest natural catastrophy of its kind... not that natural after all, as some of the fires are the work of some pyromaniac(s?)... to be followed

well I am not quite finished, on a lighter note,... someone did their free profile on today and has put their address as "valerieorsonihasabigbum' ... very amusing, and true and I am proud of it, men like a bit of shape, let it be known!
If you recognise yourself , please contact us, we love a good laugh here! 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Les Fatals Picards "Cure Toujours" - can't get enough of it!

For those who listened to The Cure (and Indochine, a French group often parodied like here) in the 80s... Just love it... sorry, it is in French... I'll put something in Italian another day, to please everyone! One should really listen to the lyrics;)

Breakfast: Rooibos tea + 1/2 papaya + 2 gluten free waffles without anything (total of 200 calories for those 2 mini waffles)

45 minutes walk in the grey weather that is finally reaching our side of the globe.

2 minutes ballerina movements

15 minutes walk on high heels (not so good)

Lunch: lentil soup + a Cesar salad + 1/4 Reuben sandwich (my favorite with sauerkraut and pastrami) + 5 french fries pinched on my right + green tea

20 minutes walk in high heels (or should I say hells?)

Snack: 5 fresh wall-nuts + 1 well ripened pear + Rooibos tea

Well, that's all well and good but I am still far from my 3 hours exercise a day target... dusk comes early, so it becomes obvious that the gym is my only option.

In the gym: 1 hour cardio training at 125 bpm

Diner: 1 portion steamed brown rice with oignons + 1 portion orange cauliflower with some soyanaise to make it onto a nice mash + 2 tbs cherry soya ice cream

2 minutes ballet moves

100 standing up leg sweeps on each side

100 abs on the killer abs lounge

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Demi Moore's youth secrets

Besides the cosmetic surgery expenses accredited to her and her VERY SUCCESSFUL personal maintenance, rumored to be reaching around £500,000 (a highly questionable figure if you ask me), Demi exercises for 3 hours everyday. Yes you read me right , ... THREE HOURS! and I am not even talking about her incredible ability to follow a non-inflammatory diet (without any industrially refined foods)... she was a 100% raw-foodist for a while at the time of the first Charlie's Angels.
You can, by the way, find some raw recipes in the LeBootCamp weight-loss program.

Oxygen facials, glycolic acid  peelings,  detoxifying leech treatments in Austria, etc... she is the queen of novelty and hard work.
As a result, at the age of 46 and married to a 31 year old man, Demi has got "It" and really doesn't look artificial unlike some scalpel happy celebs do.

As a result, motivation comes and, I have a rather busy day:)

Unlimited Roobois all day long.

30 min walk with Nestle on an empty stomach (my walk, not the dog)

Breakfast: 1/2 papaya + lime juice + 1 a small handful of fresh nuts... and I was going to stick to that, when diets' death angel appeared (yes Paula I am talking about you) with hot cookies straight out of the oven... oh come on, let's enjoy, it is good for the mood and hop a cookie... I'll go and burn it off later!

Off to the gym: 10 min elliptical trainer + 1h Pilates class with a ball (intense) + 35 min exercise bike.

Lunch: 1 bowl of leek and potato soup + 1 veggie steak with steamed cauliflower + 1 whole-grain rice-cake/guacamole + 1 blood-red orange

1h walk on the bay

Snack : 1 handful nuts + 1 banana (to prevent muscle cramps as I had 2 during my Pilates class) + 1 small handful Inca berries + 1 cube of plastic American cheese 

Diner: a couple of dozen corn crisps  + salsa + 4 chicken wings + 1 portion apple flamenkuche + 1 ball soya cherry ice cream 

50 jumping jacks
100 abs on the killer abs lounge
30 wall press-ups
100 stand-up sweeps on each side
2 min ballerina 

I discover Girl With a Pearl Earring with the superb Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson. A must see if you haven't already done. Don't expect any action, it's more of an aesthetic, subtle and emotional film. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

GRAN TORINO by Clint Eastwood - a real gem

Not much exercise today... it is a real race around the French Consulate with three midgets in tow

Breakfast: 3 wholegrain rice cakes+ 2 thin slices roast ham + 1 pear

30 min walk

Lunch : 1 fish soup (yummy "bouillabaisse" just like back home!) and a few stray mouthfuls of things around me.

30 min walk in the steep winding streets of the most tortuous city in the world!

No snack

100 buttock squeezes in the car 

100 leg sweeps on each side

20 min accumulated walking

Diner at the cinema, I sneak in my healthy sandwich (rather than gorge myself with popcorn): 1 a small sandwich with guacamole + a slice of cheese +a tub of blueberries ... and at midnight, we all decide to have a salad, that would have still been OK and then the boys went for the mini burgers and I just couldn't resist... will have to burned off tomorrow, because  4 minis = 1 whole one!

GRAN TORINO by Clint Eastwood... a moment of great cinematographic joy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your coach loves Pilates!

Message for MP: take care of yourself, darling :)

Breakfast: White tea + muesli + almond milk

The morning is full on (meeting after meeting interview after interview... but it's for the cause, that of the boot.campers, but hush, I shall say no more! it's a surprise) 

Lunch : 13 thin thin gluten free crackers + about 2 tbsp guacamole + 1 portion crust-less, egg-less quiche  (alright, alright, it isn't really a quiche but it is a "fake egg" recipe for allergic people like me, I've been asked to test - results: rather "rubbery" ... so-so but nutritious)

Gym: 20 min elliptical trainer

40 min private Pilates lesson

10 min exercise bike

What is Pilates? it is done on a machine like the one on the picture:

Here is a little history :
Born in 1880 in Germany, Joseph Pilates was a sickly child and was left with a weak chest. He overcame his fragility and became an accomplished athlete practicing ski, diving, yoga, boxing and gymnastics. Drawing from his experience, he devised exercise aids by attaching bed springs in various positions over a bed so that injured hospital patients could exercise safely. That was the original machine that has evolved into today's Reformer (also known as Cadillac). In 1923 he emigrates to New York and opens an exercise studio where professional dancers go to train or to recover from injuries. He invents exercises and designs machines with the aim to correct bad posture and develop harmonious bodies, they became better known as the Pilates method.

Snack: a small handful of roasted pistachios + 1 banana

Diner: 10 roasted pistachios + 1 bowl home soup ("classic": potato, leek + carrots) + 1 slice pumpernickel and ham + 3 slices fresh pineapple

2 min ballerina
2 min stand-up leg sweeps (during tooth-brushing :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Filming in 5 languages, yes, yes, it can be done

The day starts out in bright sunshine, and then, for the first time in 10 days, the sky gets overcast... not great for a filming day but we can't delay.

30 min walk on an empty stomach with Nestle

Plenty of tea

Breakfast: raw cereals  + almond milk

Lunch with the girls: lentil/carnitas soup+ 10 thin gluten free crackers and guacamole + 1 orange + 1 after eight

No snack (it is crazy how hunger isn't felt when one isn't thinking about it... this proves that most of the time snacking is only a "pastime")

Filming (nearly) all day long... in 5 languages (French, English, German getting steep, Spanish let's concentrate... and the cherry on the cake, in Italian... it was hard and don't tell me that it is like Corsican or I scream!)
In any case, many thanks you to the crew (yup, thanks!) that made sure that everything went well, from the hair and make up, to the pronunciation help, the lighting and all the other vital details. Well done!

At the gym: 1h cardio-training full blast (500 calories burnt). Alternating: 15 min elliptical trainer + 15 min recumbent bike + 15 min running + 15 min stairmaster

Diner prepared by my boy: lentilles/carnitas soup+ 1 vegan corndog + 10 thin gluten free crackers with guacamole + 1/2 orange + 6 After Eight (that's it they are finished!)

There, one would think that we are done for the day... no way... we'll slip a few abdominals and biceps curls into the evening, I can feel it.

20 min strength building (I got them in!)

2 min ballerina moves whilst brushing my teeth

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why? There is no Why !!??!

It is Philippe Petit's response to the barrage of reporters come from all over the world to question him as he finishes his crossing of the Manhattan sky, without safety protection, on a cable... madness... a must see in MAN ON WIRE. A beautiful story. A man untouched by the opinions of others. A man with a desire who sets a goal and reaches it no matter what. It is beautiful, it is strong. One feels very small (literally) after this film, raved right up and... inspired. 

Article about him in the New York Post : click here 

Breakfast: green tea + 1 nutty porridge + 1 other green tea during a meeting

At the gym: 30 min elliptical trainer at maximal incline + incremental resistance + 30 min recumbent bike full throttle

Lunch with a journalist in a Mexican restaurant: a few corn crisps+ salsa/guacamole + a plate of "camarones a la diabla" (shrimps in tomato sauce) + a bit of rice/beans

30 min accumulated walking

No snack (forgot!)

50 lunges (that burns)
100 abs on the killer ab lounge 

Diner: 2 plates of  red lentil soup/onions/carnitas (from LeBootCamp Weight Loss Program) + 1 grapefruit

Edward Burns are Rachel Weiz are fabulous in CONFIDENCE! check out the trailer here

100 butterfly abs
20 classic push-ups
2 min ballet move
(you can find all these slimming exercises online in My Gym).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jessica Simpson and her weight..

Considering the challenges he is facing, Obama is certainly a very important man at this moment in time, but who is selling paper and getting the search engines buzzing? It is Jessica Simpson and the unflattering pictures that are making the headlines. She has, indeed, put on some weight, but nothing very tragic. Only just, America is raving about those few extra pounds. Some celebrities stand up to defend her, the New York Post attacks her with disgraceful caricatures, some blog criticize her, some other praise her,...
With all the difficulties that America is facing, I wonder why so much energy is spent on a problem that is, after all, far from being important, especially since as a singer, Jessica Simpson isn't supposed to be scrawny. We expect her to have a voice of gold and a tasty figure as long as she is in good health!
(c) image from US Magazine.

Having said that....

Breakfast after a very short night because of night interview: green tea + 1/2 cup raw cereals + almond milk

1 h walk before lunch (all on the telephone)

Lunch : a bit of spinach salad + 1 large, I say, large!) bowl of lentils and vegetables soup

1h15 around the bay with N and A.

Snack: 1 apple + a couple of dozen crisps +around 3 table-spoons guacamole

50 lunges
100 abs on the killer abs lounge

20 press-ups

15 min in the steam room to eliminate the stress-induced toxins this unusual day has brought on.

Diner : a few spoons sweetcorn and broccoli + lentil/veg soup + 1 pink grapefruit + 5 After Eights + very black tea

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl !!!

What a promising day... digestion was sluggish after last night's diner!

upon waking : 1 liter green tea over 3 hours then 4 satsumas and 1 slice dark chocolate cake (it's not my fault, it was eyeing me!).

I run around all morning.

Lunch with the Super Bowl gang. on the menu, beautiful mixed green salad, tomato/zucchini gratin, eggplant dip, roast sweet peppers, corn crisps, little quesadillas, as we have laid out a quesadilla bar, each chooses what they want in their pancake and grills it on a special plate. 
No cake for pudding, just fresh fruit, pineapple and oranges.

During the super bowl which does not enthrall me, we brake up into two groups: the couch potato group, and the "let's move" group... 1h30 Fartlek/sprint/walk, great fun among girlfriends

Snack: 6 satsumas

Diner : a few crisps + eggplant dip + carnitas + guacamole

50 abs on the killer ab lounge

2 min buttock contraction during a night interview.