Friday, February 6, 2009

GRAN TORINO by Clint Eastwood - a real gem

Not much exercise today... it is a real race around the French Consulate with three midgets in tow

Breakfast: 3 wholegrain rice cakes+ 2 thin slices roast ham + 1 pear

30 min walk

Lunch : 1 fish soup (yummy "bouillabaisse" just like back home!) and a few stray mouthfuls of things around me.

30 min walk in the steep winding streets of the most tortuous city in the world!

No snack

100 buttock squeezes in the car 

100 leg sweeps on each side

20 min accumulated walking

Diner at the cinema, I sneak in my healthy sandwich (rather than gorge myself with popcorn): 1 a small sandwich with guacamole + a slice of cheese +a tub of blueberries ... and at midnight, we all decide to have a salad, that would have still been OK and then the boys went for the mini burgers and I just couldn't resist... will have to burned off tomorrow, because  4 minis = 1 whole one!

GRAN TORINO by Clint Eastwood... a moment of great cinematographic joy!

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