Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl !!!

What a promising day... digestion was sluggish after last night's diner!

upon waking : 1 liter green tea over 3 hours then 4 satsumas and 1 slice dark chocolate cake (it's not my fault, it was eyeing me!).

I run around all morning.

Lunch with the Super Bowl gang. on the menu, beautiful mixed green salad, tomato/zucchini gratin, eggplant dip, roast sweet peppers, corn crisps, little quesadillas, as we have laid out a quesadilla bar, each chooses what they want in their pancake and grills it on a special plate. 
No cake for pudding, just fresh fruit, pineapple and oranges.

During the super bowl which does not enthrall me, we brake up into two groups: the couch potato group, and the "let's move" group... 1h30 Fartlek/sprint/walk, great fun among girlfriends

Snack: 6 satsumas

Diner : a few crisps + eggplant dip + carnitas + guacamole

50 abs on the killer ab lounge

2 min buttock contraction during a night interview.

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