Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why? There is no Why !!??!

It is Philippe Petit's response to the barrage of reporters come from all over the world to question him as he finishes his crossing of the Manhattan sky, without safety protection, on a cable... madness... a must see in MAN ON WIRE. A beautiful story. A man untouched by the opinions of others. A man with a desire who sets a goal and reaches it no matter what. It is beautiful, it is strong. One feels very small (literally) after this film, raved right up and... inspired. 

Article about him in the New York Post : click here 

Breakfast: green tea + 1 nutty porridge + 1 other green tea during a meeting

At the gym: 30 min elliptical trainer at maximal incline + incremental resistance + 30 min recumbent bike full throttle

Lunch with a journalist in a Mexican restaurant: a few corn crisps+ salsa/guacamole + a plate of "camarones a la diabla" (shrimps in tomato sauce) + a bit of rice/beans

30 min accumulated walking

No snack (forgot!)

50 lunges (that burns)
100 abs on the killer ab lounge 

Diner: 2 plates of  red lentil soup/onions/carnitas (from LeBootCamp Weight Loss Program) + 1 grapefruit

Edward Burns are Rachel Weiz are fabulous in CONFIDENCE! check out the trailer here

100 butterfly abs
20 classic push-ups
2 min ballet move
(you can find all these slimming exercises online in My Gym).


  1. I loved this movie, too. And gosh...Edward Burns is so so so very handsome!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us (I live in Taipeh and love going back to Europe - I am from Ireland) :)

  2. well yeah...why would there always be an answer to a why question? you exercise good Valerie!