Tuesday, February 17, 2009

After the disappearance, the return

Sorry for the last few days without posts. Thank you for your messages, I'm getting back to it... however, it is sometimes refreshing not to say anything :-)... there wasn't much exercise going on but many other good things. No comment.

It is still raining over California... with its lot of landslides, flooding and other niggles that result from continuous rain. Let's not complain, the earth really needed it!

If you love the handsome Clive, don't miss The International, not so much for the story which is a bit warmed up, but just for his sake and that of the Calvini brothers ;)
To avoid reaching for the popcorn and other candy calorie bomb bars, I prepare my own sandwiches for MP and I, with wild smoked salmon on brown bread + a tub of blueberries... and a green tea bought there, indulgence without tipping the scales the wrong way. The only challenge is that I need a fairly large handbag to sneak my supplies in unnoticed to the guards at the entrance. 

Breakfast: home made chai tea (chai + almond milk + stevia) + 1 papaya with lime + 10 fresh almonds + 1 banana

100 standing up leg sweeps

Gym: 1h cardio training: 15 min recumbent bike, 15 min exercise bike + 15 min elliptical trainer + 15 min stairmaster + 100 gymball abs + 50 lunges carrying a 3kg ball.

Lunch: raw salad (sprouted quinoa + marinated seaweeds + goji berries) + steamed salmon/green veg and a little bit of brown rice + 2 satsumas

Meetings all day, we run and run and run ...during the four o'clock tea I grant myself a small treat with a Russian Tea Cookie (my guilty pleasure, they remind me of the Greek cookies of my childhood!)

10 min walk

Diner (after an evening in Sweden, yes MP, you'll recognize yourself!) : Vegan Buffalo wings + hummus/guacamole and light crisps + 1/2 Korean pear.

Work evening into the night but it is for the good cause :)

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