Saturday, June 27, 2009

Off to Avignon - Thank goodness for AC (that we don't have in our "oeuf"

We packed the C1 (Citroen)... it looks like a snail that's eaten too many pies, the car is splitting at the seams it is so full :)
We have cancelled the TGV tickets to drive down together ;)

40 minutes passive muscle toning

Breakfast: 2 ryevitas + pesto + 1 soya yogurt + a handful strawberries + tea
A few hours in the car where I fit in hundreds of butt squeezes and 10 minutes pelvic floor exercises.

Lunch in Aix en Provence: baby leaf salad + and a little foie gras, confit chicken gizzards and cured ducks breast + fruit soup for desert and green tea
1 hour walk in Avignon

Snack: a few chocolate olives (dark chocolate coated almonds) a childhood favorite, a "Madeleine de Proust"

Dinner at the foot of the Palais des Papes: 3 slices smoked wild salmon + 1 blini + some tarama + mixed salad.

Off to bed coachie, the next 4 days are promising to be really intense.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Support democracy in Iran

On an empty stomach: 30 floor press-ups + 10 minutes Yoga + 50 Hindu prayers + 20 triceps dips

Breakfast: 1/2 tin of white wine marinated mackerel (I love it, if you find that shocking at breakfast, you must know that it isn't said anywhere that breakfast should be sweet :) + 3 Ryevita + some tapenade + 1 tub raspberries and a few pieces home dried pineapple that is finishing the Euro tour with me.

Lunch on the beach in Antibes overlooking a beautiful protected little cove: a piece of bread with black olive tapenade (yum) + a grilled fillet of john dory on a bed of zucchini puree + 1 cup wild strawberries (with 3 teaspoons whipped cream swiped from my neighbour)

200 meters swim in the sea... I spot a few jelly-fish one of which brushes me without stinging and I tell myself that they aren't that dangerous...

After one hour walk on the telephone, I go for another swim with the idea of swimming for one km... but before getting in, I lay my eyes on Ed who was attacked by a jelly-fish (yes, the kind we get here actually go for you) it looks impressive and it is painful... I swim out a little less comfortable... and eek! my efforts are stunted after only 200 meters by a mini shoal (ok, only a dozen) of big purple jelly-fish... I have a film shoot on Monday and Tuesday and I'd rather not get there all swollen up.
So I go back to shore.

No snack

Dinner: bana cauda (Northern Italian dish of fresh vegetables and anchovy sauce, a personal treat) + 1/2 plate of porcini raviolis + a fruit salad

To support democracy in Iran, you can make your twitter avatar green or change your profile picture. You can fin the information here:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fog on the Cote d'Azur!

Up very early because of a deaf neighbor listening to the radio full blast at 6 am!

I spent the day on the Cote d'Azur in fog thick enough to cut with a knife.
Black tea + multi-vitamins (has to be sometimes) + plenty of water. Getting on with a script.

40 min passive muscle building
50 Hindu prayers

Breakfast in my room: 15 sprouted almonds + 1 tub strawberries + 1 nectarine + 1/2 banana

30 minutes UPHILL walk with lots of steps on an empty stomach! We reach the top of the medieval town of Eze.

Pic-nic lunch: 1 slice roast ham + 5 little slices cured meat + rye wasa crackers + 50 grams tarama (I am not counting, it is written on the jar) which in energy terms represents a whole hour of walking + 1 tub cherries

1h30 walk

no snack

300m breaststroke

Diner: 3 slices smoked trout, some calamari, 4 wasa crakers, pesto and tapenade, 1/2 tomato + 1/3 tub of cherries.

50 butt contractions
100 floor abs
30 triceps dips on the side of the bathtub

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monaco and Costa Rica same difference

Same difference in the lack of road signs or, even worse, unclear sign posting!
beautiful day...

50 minutes passive muscle toning

Breakfast: fruit and raw cereal + 3 buckwheat crackers (organic, yeast and gluten free)

Hectic morning where I validate some very confidential content.

Lunch in Monaco: 1 black Pollock steak with crayfish juice, a few vegetables dipped in warm anchoiade (Provencal anchovy sauce) + fruit soup... during that time, I watch the Monegasque workers union demonstrate... their work conditions don't seem to be at their best...
4 hours walk and step climbing (yes the town is built on a rock!)

Snack whilst on the telephone... 3 hours on the phone today, many irons in the fire but hush... silence is key, all the more since we bother copycats so much they are beginning to criticise us behind our backs in the least ethical ways! anyhow, for snacks: cherries and strawberries

1 hour walk

Dinner: a little salad Nicoise + 1 slice bread + 5 grilled sardines and little vegetables and, as I've bee good today, I treat myself to the pleasure of a desert: a portion apple tart with whipped cream

Monday, June 22, 2009

LeBootCamp is on TF1 in 10h00 Le Mag - Antibes is beautiful!

Superb dinner last night with a LeBootCamp veteran... she was very "good" ordering grilled salmon, I just indulged with mussels and potato chips (galore, so I had seconds, but let me reassure you, we are talking French portion sizes ie. small)

For those of you who wish to see the TF1 LeMag here is the link:

The day begins hectic... many projects are coming to fruition... exiting!
30 minutes passive muscle toning during intense telephone calls + 1 very long interview with a charming journalist.

breakfast: fruit and raw cereal (2 nectarines and 2 apricots)

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach in water up the my thighs

Lunch: 2 slices roast ham + 5 buckwheat yeast free crackers (organic) + 2 handfuls cherries + 1 handful strawberries
30 minutes swim
30 minutes walk on the telephone
1h30 walk

No snack... I'm constantly on the phone for some never-ending projects :)

Dinner in Antibes in a very nice wine bar: 3 slices patta negra ham (the best cured ham in the world) + 1/3 socca (a typical Nicois chickpea and olive oil flat cake/bread) + a mini sausage + rocket salad + 1 slice warm bread

Sunday, June 21, 2009

National "Fete de La Musique" in Nice and picture of my son :)

My son in a red shirt on a red background -->

A superb day basking in the heat of the "cote" and pleasant change from Paris :)

wake up with black tea followed by 15 minutes Morning Wake-up Call Yoga (you will find the routine in your My Gym space on or

Raw Breakfast: raw granola that traveled with me + 1 tub raspberries + 1/2 banana + almonds and apricots

15 minutes walk

Lunch on the beach: 11 local little sardines (a fabulous source of perfectly absorbable calcium, whether the milk lobby likes it or not :) + a mixed salad (lettuce and tomato) + green tea

Some swimming in the sea but I'm not so keen on pebbles so I soon give up.

3h45 walk

Snack: 2 scoops red berry sherbet

Dinner, nearly all raw in the hotel room (well, on the balcony:): teryaki almonds + tomatoes + ratatouille + raw onion bread and new garlic pesto (yum) and for desert 1/3 of a tub strawberries + 2 raw macaroons I've brought all the way from San Francisco

100 abs on the floor
30 triceps dips on the edge of the bathtub

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shooting with Mica for TF1 and Paris-NIce by train

After great day of shooting with the beautiful Sandrine, we are heading for Nice... by train which allows plenty of time to watch landscapes unravel and time go by.

The documentary filmed with Sandrine, our witness, will show on TF1 on June 22nd at 10h am in 10h00 LeMag.
The topic is "how to get a dream bottom for the summer" :)

I love this kind of topic as it concerns a lot of people: women who wish to improve the tone of their august behind and men who can then whisper in honesty that their companion has a nice derriere ;)

I share with you a few pictures of the delicious Sandrine, of Mika, our cameraman and of course of your dedicated coach.

As soon as I have the URL for the TF1 video, I'll put it on the blog, and of course on the FaceBook fan page :)

Today I was woken up at 4am by some very noisy Italian neighbours, that guarantees me a nice sleep on the TGV iDZEN :)

Breakfast at the train station, it is virtually impossible to find any fruit or anything I like eating in the morning for that matter, so I fall back onto the famous "French breakfast" very poorly balanced but, heck, I'm hungry :)
So that is: a Lipton Yellow tea (or dust in a sachet - really revolting), a croissant, some buttered bread and, miracle, a fresh pineapple salad. Lots of sugar and saturated fats in this meal, I'll have to make up for it later.

30 minutes walk with some VERY heavy luggage, the SNCF (French national rail service) having, deemed it unnecessary to provide and kind of trolley in the Gare de Lyon, which is, I'll just mention in passing, rather filthy... pity for France's image.

Over 10 minutes accumulated butt contractions on the train + 10 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Lunch on board the TGV (the journey is quite long, that should prepare me for the Trans-Siberian crossing :) ... nothing other than "croques monsieurs" available... so: a "croque"and a fruit salad washed down with rooibos tea (fairtrade the tea, I admit being astonished to find that on the train)

300 metres swim

Snack: 1 tub tasty "Charlotte" strawberries + a few pieces home made dried pineapple I still had with me + 1 handful homemade teryaki almonds

3 hours walk along the beach

Dinner at Hi Beach where a "Sushi Master" exercises his art: 6 makis, 8 nigiri sushis of "normal" size as opposed to those found in the USA. No Desert but some green tea instead.

100 mixed abs on the hotel's carpet
1 minute plank
25 wall press-ups
25 triceps dips on the edge of the bathtub

Au lit!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday under the sun

Up at 4 am... 2 days in a row... I'm having delayed jet lag!

2 handfuls raw sprouted and dehydrated almonds (that I travel with in vacuum packed bags) and green tea... I read in the hope that my soporific choice of readings will send me back to sleep, but no...

After a liter of green tea and a few emails dealt with + 1 movie watched I head for the gym just to slip in 30 minutes of exercise bike (150BPM)

I am late for breakfast so I zoom off to my meeting at Fauchon where I seem to be establishing some kind of HQ by the looks of it... its a great meeting with an outstanding entrepreneur with whom we should be doing some great things.

During my meeting
I sip a teapot of Fauchon Blend sweetened with Stevia (which I carry with me around the globe)
15 minutes walk

Lunch: 1 handful home made teryaki almonds + 1 grilled burger + 1 tomato and rocket salad + 2 dried figs + 1 chocolate soya yogurt

30 minute walk

A little nap to catch up on a short night

12 floors climbed on foot

A successful shoot for a cool partner site... followed by an interview for a magazine and a telephone coaching session with one of my tip-top clients

The afternoon is run at race pace... but its for the good cause... many projects are coming to fruition now, it is great to see many all mine and the team's efforts materialising...

25 minutes passive muscle building

Dinner: 1 small handful home made teryaki almonds + a tub raspberries and another of cherries

30 minutes walk

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lunch at Fauchon - yummy what a treat!

Very very light breakfast to make up for yesterday and the day ahead... lots of green tea + a small handful almonds + a handful organic cherries

15 minutes yogaboost from the LeBootCamp Anti-Aging Beauty program

15 minutes accumulated walk

6 floors climbed on foot

Lunch at Fauchon with I...
on the menu, I am being treated to the yummiest: goose foie gras on toasted brioche + a superb mixed salad with a lichee dressing... all accompanied by Fauchon tea of course... and I finish with a salty toffee eclair and a macaroon... my goodness, one shouldn't eat that way everyday :)

15 minutes accumulated walk
50 Hindu prayers
100 butt contractions
100 V contractions (coming soon in My Gym)

no snack but plenty of tea during two wonderful meetings...

Dinner: a bowl pumpkin/chestnut soup, 120 g (yes precisely, it is written on the package) organic salmon + 1 banana

In bed early to catch up on a very packed lovely day led at race pace (as usual)

100 butt squeezes

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Up early to stretch before what promises to be an awesome day... that was without counting on Skype and the guys partying at home in California... in the end, after 45 minutes of jolly transatlantic banter I forgot all about yoga!

Breakfast: vanilla soya yogurt with raw granola + 2 apricots

50 Hindu prayers

Fatma picks me up with her husband and adorable baby :) and we scoot off to Val d'Europe to meet up with some very motivated BootCampers!

After a green tea (I savour that from Pascal Lamour, some great tea!)... we head for Daily Fitness where Litana, our MC, has organised a private class just for us
1 hour intense exercise... in heavy heat, the studio isn't air conditioned, all the better, that gives us a sauna/hammam at the same time (we won't forget to rehydrate:). Spirits are high... the class is fun and we discover some new exercises. Everyone keeps up rather well, Chloe and Sayu win the "buttock competition", well done! the prize: a LeBootCamp engraved Din Vahn bracelet :)

After a replenishing shower... we run off to Disney Studios where Litana has organised a treasure hunt like she does do well... but before hand let's feed ourselves... Mickey Mouse is running low on salad, the choices lessen considerably!
I go for a cheese burger without cheese nor bread...;) so only a wafer thin piece of meat is left + a tiny side salad (the only ones left) and a San Pelligrino... not enough to feed the coach!

We walk and walk... over the course of the day: 3 hours accumulated walk, 3x100 butt squeezes on the rides or on the train and plenty of pelvic floor training...

Snack... oh yes... snack time: a tiny fruit salad + the and Nutella stuffed brioche... yes we are allowed :)

During that time, the teams hurry up to win the treasure hunt... all are running in every direction and Armageddon win the sacred cow (our big prize)

Ii is time to part... some are traveling back to Paris, for others like Emilie, who made us the honor of coming all the way from Rouen, the journey back will only get them home around midnight... cheers to them!
Diner with Litana, green salad and buckwheat raclette cheese pancakes... I know, I know, that wasn't a model day of balanced eating, but that doesn't matter, those who do LeBootCamp know that what matters is non-deprivation and balance over several day.

To be done again! I've thoroughly enjoyed meeting the new faces and, of course, to see all the regulars as well :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

100% Mag M6 shoot and a great play :)

The sun is shining in Paris this morning (early up as usual)

Breakfast: raw cereal + soya vanilla yogurt + 4 apricots + vanilla black tea

M6 shoot for the 100% Mag program. We do an interesting piece on brunches, are they balanced meals or not, what to avoid, etc... a topic I am passionate about. I will let you know as soon as I know when it airs.
As I leave the juice bar where we filmed the program, I pick up a fresh juice: carrot, apple and ginger

Lunch: organic smoked salmon + 4 apricots + 1 chocolate soya yogurt

1 hour walk

Snack: 1 tub strawberries + 1 tub cherries

30 minutes walk

Dinner: 1 vegetarian lebanese platter before theatre... a unique moment of escapism during my 3 week tour!
Fabrice Blind who also wrote it is great in this play... I really recommend "Ma colocatataire est encore une garce" ("My flatmate is still a bitch")
30 minutes walk to get back... as my days are really long and full this helps me a lot towards getting some exercise :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

M6 Boutique - I am their wellbeing expert - 2 lovely programs

Its looking like a great day ahead... I am going to the M6 studios where I already know I will be pampered!

The night was short because of big projects that needed some attention (good thing I'd slipped a nap in yesterday)

Breakfast after my green tea: raw granola, vanilla soya yogurt, 1 tub strawberries

Once arrived in my dressing room, I sip Mariage Freres green tea offered by Christophe always out to spoil me.
Make-up, hair and, hop on stage for the 10 am live show
with Laurence... we present muscle toning equipment I like that work nearly without thinking such as Ab Rocket and Leg Magic for example.

I bump into the dear Serge Molitor again and chat with Pierre Dhostel looking on tanned and on great form making a few envious around the studio.

Superbly orchestrated lunch at Fauchon: cream of courgette and mint, grilled chicken, pasta with little veg, 2 slices cheese and 1 chocolate macaroon

Little nap in the dressing room before getting back in the spotlight at 2 pm for the afternoon show with Laurence Peraud, a lovely TV presenter

No snack but plenty of tea

Lots of Leg Magic whilst demonstrating (so much so that I am quite stiff the next day) + plenty Ab Rocket as well, so I can say that my thighs and abs got a good work out.

30 minutes accumulated walk
2 minutes Brazilian moves
50 Hindu prayers

Dinner with...hush... a few almonds for pleasure and to regulate blood sugar levels, a veggie burger for me (grilled meat for the others), mixed green salad... 2 summer spring rolls (Parma ham rolled around some mascarpone + melon figs, divine!)... for dessert, a great fruit salad with fresh mint.

In bed very late... not so good for Saturday's M6 100% mag!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A mad pace :) but... under the sun!!!

Breakfast: plenty of green tea + raw granola + vanilla soya yogurt + 1 tub strawberries

30 triceps dips on the side of the bath
30 granny squats
1 minute pelvic floor exercises

Great interview with an a-do-ra-ble journalist

Lunch: 1 quinoa salad + tomatoes + light vinaigrette + 1 portion cherries

1 hour walk

Snack: 1 green salad + 1 little pumpernickel salmon sandwich (at Cafe Du Pain, divine!)

2 green teas during an interview with a very pro and really friendly journalist

30 minutes walk
25 floors climbed

Dinner: 1 grilled burger (organic:) + 2 dried figs (for calcium and pleasure) +1 vanilla soya yogurt (I just love them!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

D Day - some great encounters...

Up very early for a very exiting and eventful day and also because of jet lag... and I'm starving, so I have breakfast at 4h30 am: a small handful teriaky almonds, 1 handful cherries, 1 soya yogurt, 1 banana.

I try to go back to sleep but nothing can be done so I head for the gym at least I can start the day on a right foot.

1 liter vanilla Darjeeling tea to wake up "the beast"... I am very touched by all your messages of support for tonight... we believe in it... but in all honesty, even if I don't win the award, the simple fact to have been selected and got to be a finalist is already a nice dream come true!

Sleep won't return so I take advantage of my new Parisian's hotel's gym... after trying out little boutique hotels and the Parisian palaces with their rather snobby reception... I have found a gem, I am de-ligh-ted!

30 minutes cycling (50% @ 120 BPM, 50% @ 150BPM)
15 minutes rowing machine
100 abs
2 minutes pelvic floor work
10 minutes yoga (Morning Wake Up Call, you can find the routine in My Private Space in My Gym)

Breakfast: raw cereal + 1 vanilla soya yogurt + 1 handful cherries

20 minutes accumulated walk

Lunch: 120g organic smoked salmon (the weight is very precise as written on the packaging) + 1 small portion steamed quinoa + 1 handful cherries + 1 fig soya yogurt.

A short nap...

Plenty of green and black tea throughout the day
Snack: cherries and almonds

And off to the Trofemina Award night
Luce is the winner, she is a woman full of life who is attempting a solitary crossing of the Atlantic without assistance... the adventure was very interesting and has put on my path many very extraordinary people... and I was showered with gifts by the award's sponsors :)...
ON the left foreground of the picture, Gonzague de Saint Bris admiring the ladies on his table :)

3 star dinner at the Bristol: Lobster tails and king prawns in a light sauce, stuffed courgette with rock red mullet (goatfish), light dessert with fruit ice cream. A typical LeBootCamp meal!

In bed very late because of such a long evening... lets get back on track for tomorrow, another very intense day!

PS: More photos of the award night on the fan page

Monday, June 8, 2009

Whirlwind departure...

SF Airport

Breakfast after 2 cups rooibos tea + stevia: 1 soya yogurt + puffed corn flakes + dried pineapple

15 minutes accumulated walking 
5 minutes speedy yoga
25 minutes passive muscle toning 

Lunch at the airport: 12 sushis (I am ravenous) + green tea 

30 minutes accumulated walk

Dinner in the airplane (I always book a vegetarian or seafood meal to try and avoid the poorly balanced inboard meals) 
green salad, buckwheat and salmon + grilled seabass with vegetables and white (alas) rice and fruit compote for desert. no bread. 

No snack, lets not overdo it I am really not moving in the plane. 
200 butt squeezes 
100 nutcracker

Watched Safari (great in an airplane to forget that we are 36000 feet above the ground/sea) + New Town with Renee Zellweger.

Upon arrival, lunch at the airport with my charming "reception" :) at Chez Paul, very large green salad with grilled salmon + green tea.

2 hours accumulated walk in Paris for a successful settling in.

2 interviews press and TV one after the next... that is called hit the ground and run I think... I am beginning to feel the jet lag... a pebble in the bath, a vanilla scented travel candle, et voila, I am ready for a good sleep to iron out the traveling and the jet lag. 

50 wall press-ups
30 inverted triceps
50 hindu prayers

Dinner: 1 soya steak from Sojasun + 2 vine tomatoes + ready made organic dressing + 1 punet woodland mara strawberries (so delicious do French!)

50 granny squats 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surfing in Capitola

A beautiful day full of sun and surf (and by definition on the beach!) 

Breakfast: smoked salmon + fresh pineapple + 2 little raw biscottis

1 hour walk

Lunch on Capitola beach: rare tuna + baby leaf salad cherries bought on the beach.

1 hour walk and surf

Snack: cherries 

Early dinner the American way, at 5pm: watercress salad with pumpkin seeds + green tea

45 minutes walk in Los Gatos


Watching Bridget Jones and Surfer Dude, 1 handful teriaky almonds + 2 raw macaroons, home made as usual 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hangover - movie- We are in La Parisienne (female supplement of LeParisien)

We are in La Parisienne, the women's supplement of Le Parisien.

Breakfast: 1 slice hemp bread + non-hydrogenated margarine + smoked salmon + 1 pink grapefruit

20 minutes walk

Lunch at the fete: 2 huge samosas made by Sonya + a few "bugnes" a Lyon in between waffle and donut... not very balanced but I eat what I find

30 minutes walk

1 hour passive muscle toning 

Snack 2 handfuls teriaky almonds

2 minutes Brazilian moves
2 minutes ballet moves

Dinner at the cinema, Eat Your Fries, this is for you: sweet potato fries with mango sauce + 1 vegetable sandwich and one VitaminWater10

Hangover, a movie with actors I love, a "forget all" film, in other words, for 2 hours we forget all problems, stress, everything and we work the zygomatics, the abdominals and recharge the batteries... Highly recommended!

50 Hindu prayers
50 wall press-ups

Friday, June 5, 2009

Reunion with an old friend from 20 years and more :)

20 minutes walk

Breakfast: almond milk, bananas, home made dried fruit

Lunch: 2 slices gluten & yeast free bread + non-hydrogenated margarine + wild smoked salmon + 1 soya yogurt + strawberries

45 minutes walk

Snack: teriaky almonds + a few strawberries

Today was marked by the reunion with an old friend I hadn't seen for many years (about 20 in fact)... I love these en of the world encounters... each one living in a country on a different end of the globe and still such a natural connection... happiness... 

30 minutes walk in Stanford 

Japanese dinner: edamame + green tea + 8 different pieces sushi

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Message for Max + answer to the raw cereal question

30 minutes + 10 minutes + 40 minutes walk on an empty stomach

3 cups Rooibos tea 

Breakfast: a nice portion organic raspberries from the farmers market + raw breakfast cereal + home made almond milk

The raw cereal recipe is in the LeBootCamp Weightloss program under the name "raw granola"... a few weeks in, so if you have just begun the program you won't have it quite yet :)

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach (before lunch) in high heels, I know, I know, it isn't very good...

Lunch with some French entrepreneurs who are doing "something" I am very interested in, but, shhh... on the menu: yucca crisps with guacamole + 3 kinds of ceviche + a bowl of strawberries with light cream... yummy... all accompanied by green tea. 

No snack because lunch was late and another big meeting followed at the fateful snack hour... so there you are, when the mind is busy, the stomach doesn't think about food. 

30 minutes accumulated walking still in high heels
70 minutes passive muscle toning
2 minutes Brazilian moves
2 minutes leg ballet moves
50 Hindu prayers

Raw dinner: a small handful home made teriaky almonds + 1 peach + 1 banana

one facial Galvanic treatment, more about that soon... Max that is for you if you are reading ;)

50 wall press-ups
100 abs on the killer ab lounge 
2 minutes Brazilian moves

Off to bed after a great and busy day filled with good things... 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Answers to Chris and Anon's questions

Green tea straight from Japan

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach on the telephone
Yes Anon, walking on an empty stomach allows the body to draw on its energy reserves as by definition the stomach is empty :) therefore, to find the energy to move, the body needs to reach for its energy stocks ... however, don't exercise too hard or the body goes in starvation mode and protects its reserves of energy, it produces an adverse effect to the one desired.

Breakfast: home made raw cereal + almond milk + 1 nice and ripe apricot

30 minutes walk on the telephone  

Lunch: heirloom tomato salad + zucchini, nut and onion raw crackers + teriaky almonds + 2 home made raw coconut macaroons + cherries and strawberries 

Chris, I make the macaroons twice a week as they are very successful, but I make the quite small :)

15 minutes walk 
3x2 ballerina movements 

Snack: Red berries + 2 raw coconut macaroons (homemade) 

1 hour passive muscle toning

Dinner: raw onion crackers + 1 heirloom tomato + 1 stray piece of cheese + 2 raw coconut macaroons + 1 handful cherries

I am frequently asked how I eat on business trips... well, I cart around my raw cereals and other home made teriaky almonds in vacuum packed bags (I invested in the vacuum pack machine)... that way, in any situation, I know that I can reach for a healthy light snack.