Friday, June 12, 2009

M6 Boutique - I am their wellbeing expert - 2 lovely programs

Its looking like a great day ahead... I am going to the M6 studios where I already know I will be pampered!

The night was short because of big projects that needed some attention (good thing I'd slipped a nap in yesterday)

Breakfast after my green tea: raw granola, vanilla soya yogurt, 1 tub strawberries

Once arrived in my dressing room, I sip Mariage Freres green tea offered by Christophe always out to spoil me.
Make-up, hair and, hop on stage for the 10 am live show
with Laurence... we present muscle toning equipment I like that work nearly without thinking such as Ab Rocket and Leg Magic for example.

I bump into the dear Serge Molitor again and chat with Pierre Dhostel looking on tanned and on great form making a few envious around the studio.

Superbly orchestrated lunch at Fauchon: cream of courgette and mint, grilled chicken, pasta with little veg, 2 slices cheese and 1 chocolate macaroon

Little nap in the dressing room before getting back in the spotlight at 2 pm for the afternoon show with Laurence Peraud, a lovely TV presenter

No snack but plenty of tea

Lots of Leg Magic whilst demonstrating (so much so that I am quite stiff the next day) + plenty Ab Rocket as well, so I can say that my thighs and abs got a good work out.

30 minutes accumulated walk
2 minutes Brazilian moves
50 Hindu prayers

Dinner with...hush... a few almonds for pleasure and to regulate blood sugar levels, a veggie burger for me (grilled meat for the others), mixed green salad... 2 summer spring rolls (Parma ham rolled around some mascarpone + melon figs, divine!)... for dessert, a great fruit salad with fresh mint.

In bed very late... not so good for Saturday's M6 100% mag!

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