Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday under the sun

Up at 4 am... 2 days in a row... I'm having delayed jet lag!

2 handfuls raw sprouted and dehydrated almonds (that I travel with in vacuum packed bags) and green tea... I read in the hope that my soporific choice of readings will send me back to sleep, but no...

After a liter of green tea and a few emails dealt with + 1 movie watched I head for the gym just to slip in 30 minutes of exercise bike (150BPM)

I am late for breakfast so I zoom off to my meeting at Fauchon where I seem to be establishing some kind of HQ by the looks of it... its a great meeting with an outstanding entrepreneur with whom we should be doing some great things.

During my meeting
I sip a teapot of Fauchon Blend sweetened with Stevia (which I carry with me around the globe)
15 minutes walk

Lunch: 1 handful home made teryaki almonds + 1 grilled burger + 1 tomato and rocket salad + 2 dried figs + 1 chocolate soya yogurt

30 minute walk

A little nap to catch up on a short night

12 floors climbed on foot

A successful shoot for a cool partner site... followed by an interview for a magazine and a telephone coaching session with one of my tip-top clients

The afternoon is run at race pace... but its for the good cause... many projects are coming to fruition now, it is great to see many all mine and the team's efforts materialising...

25 minutes passive muscle building

Dinner: 1 small handful home made teryaki almonds + a tub raspberries and another of cherries

30 minutes walk

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