Friday, November 12, 2010

Did I say 15-hour day? More like 18 hours!

An intense Thursday which starts at 8am and finishes at 11pm.....phew!

After 10 min of morning yoga on the floor in my room (+ push-ups and abs), travel vitamin packet....I head out for my 30 min morning walk on an empty stomach :)

I meet - for the first time - the President of Readers Digest, Harold Clarke. A charming man who knows the book market like the palm of his hand, and who is intent on making my book - which launches in January - a best-seller. I trust him:)
We meet in Starbucks, so I get a roobois tea with splenda and soymilk + porridge sweetened with Truvia and with dried fruit. This will give me energy for the rest of the day.

I just have to cross the street for my interview with SELF, one of my favorite magazines. Then I have lunch and spend a little more time with Sara Hecht, our Director of Operations.

Lunch at Club House (OU): a buffalo burger (without the bread but with the fries) + green salad and tea for dessert

2 hrs of walking

After an active afternoon, we go for my first dinner at Mike's Bistro (OU), followed by an extremely pleasant and interesting second dinner :).

On the menu: merou ceviche + a little quinoa risotto with wild mushrooms for the first dinner, and burbot pate and green salad + 3 teaspoons of pecan tart for the second. I've avoided the worst!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A 15-hour day!

But of course, no complaints because it's all for a good cause!

10 min of yoga in my room (plus abs and push-ups)

I spend the morning with Sara Hecht - our Director of Operations since the very beginning! A person who is always there when you need inspiration, a true rock of confidence. Without her, I would not be.....public holiday or not, she is there.....full of energy or a little worn out, she is there....never in a low mood....never frustrated in our email correspondences.....always full of faith in our success. Thank you Sara for being there and for sharing the workload for 8 years!
I meet her in Brooklyn, in the heart of Crown Heights, the Jewish Orthodox/Hassidic community.
We set off on a secret expedition which takes all morning.

Breakfast as available: 2 biscuits and 1 bar of chocolate + a mint tea

30 min accumulated walking

Lunch in two parts: at a kosher deli: split pea soup and 8 pieces of spicy tuna sushi then in a strictly kosher, but very very hip restaurant - dessert: a tea with soymilk and a Napolean....and yes, I indulge and enjoy!

My return trip from Crown Heights deserved to be filmed, and you had to have been there to believe is so insane that I won't dare tell the full story here lest I get in serious trouble :) But I will note that it included a Christian woman with her Bible who wanted to save the rabbis ("Israelites," she called them) from hell in asking them to renounce their faith, all accompanied by a Moslem short, a crazy cavalcade!

30 min walk

I have a superb interview with a national magazine (26 million readers!)....and they offer us a cover!!!! I am excited like a kid!

No nap, I go to my hotel (30 min walk) to change (I dressed "modestly" for Brooklyn), and then dinnertime.

Dinner: always a little of everything at Bar Basque restaurant

It is 11pm, bed-time for your coach!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pilates to unwind...

Fresh lemon juice in room temperature water + sobacha + green tea

1 hour of pilates on the machine

10 min of yoga

Breakfast: a raw carrot bar

Lunch with the team (working on the next project together :) : a rice tortilla with soy cheese and smoked salmon + green salad + pink grapefruit + 4 prunes

500 glute contractions in the car -- feeling the burn!

30 min walk in the canyon, that is 4,000 steps, but on unleveled ground and while talking on the telephone :)

Snack: the little rascal! Toblerone again...I am not to blame, the squares of chocolate attacked me! A little Indian pemmican.

30 min jogging to Lady Gaga music to burn off at least 1 square of Toblerone!

Dinner: salad greens + split pea soup with pancetta (not Corsican, but Italian!) + 1 orange + 2 prunes

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An active day, mentally and physically!

There's nothing like a healthy mind in a healthy body to face life with a smile :)

A one-day marathon (like many other days, you're probably thinking - and you are right!). But with everything that happens at LeBootCamp, it's impossible to lower your guard for even a moment….

After an early wake-up, I have my my routine lemon juice followed by sobacha and green tea. I get into the car and bless my Bluetooth which allows me to talk on the phone without getting a big fine and losing control of my vehicle :). Some glute contractions at the red lights - of course.

I head to the gym - and those of you who know me well, know that I am actually not a fan of gyms unless there is a killer class going on :). Which is the case with a 30 min salsa class. Ideal for recharging yourself in the morning! This is followed by 30 min of mixed cardio: 10 min on the stairclimber + 20 min stationary biking on the maximum resistance. You gotta sweat!

Breakfast: a blueberry soy yogurt with raw homemade cereal. Yum!

After some interviews and a conf's time to meet with super Tony, Vice President at WebMD, whom I have worked with in the past. Great conversation about potential projects.....all over a balanced Thai lunch: shrimp masuman with white rice + brown rice and for dessert, a little honeydew. All accompanied by Thai tea.

A short afternoon walk, some of my famous 25th Hour exercises and then I prepare dinner: some anchovies in truffle oil (yum!), 2 raw onion crackers with sweet pepper tapenade, 1 bowl of soup (white cheddar potato) and 1/2 a vegetarian steak. For dessert: 1 pear.

Voila, before lying down: 100 abs, 1 min shaking dumbbell, 30 reverse triceps, and then to bed for your coach!