Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alejandro is back!

And it hurts :) After 2 weeks of not practicing consistently :)

Upon rising: freshly squeezed lemon juice in room-temperature water followed by sobacha

30 min walk

Breakfast: 1 mini raspberry smoothie + 1 soy yogurt with raw homemade cereal (the famous croustinoisette which you all love so much and can find in the recipe section on LeBootCamp)

A big meeting followed by 1 hr with my dear Alejandro who tortures Anissa and I!

Lunch: lentil soup + raw burger (made with sunflower seeds and walnuts) with a sort of sweet pepper tapenade as ketchup :) + raspberries

1 hr walk during which I get a Tazo passion fruit tea sweetened with Splenda at Starbucks

Dinner: 1 bowl of tomato soup + ceps cooked in olive oil/soy sauce/balsamic vinegar + raspberry & peach salad + 1 cutie (see photo :)

PS: according to my brand new iPod which also acts as my pedometer, I've walked 12,000 steps!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Boxing to de-stress

Good habits mean:
Lemon juice + sobacha + 30 min walk with Nestle....all the while on the telephone of course! I am lucky, the weather is great!

Breakfast: raw homemade smoothie: almond milk + agave nectar + organic raspberries + 1 organic banana

I'm enjoying the good weather, my mood being so directly linked to the color of the sky!

Lunch at the cinema, and yes, Monday is my secret movie lunch date with a girlfriend. The latest chick flick is Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. Neat, fun and romantic...
Menu: 1/2 serving of sweet potato fries + 1/2 spa wrap (i.e only veggies) + green tea

Snack: not perfect because we were "attacked" by terrible chocolate goodies! Kinder happy hippo chocolate and chocolate mushrooms too! But we enjoy the moment...

30 min jogging to Taylor Swift's music
10 min of crazy boxing on my punching bag. It really clears up the mind, guaranteed!

Dinner: 1 chicken leg grilled with honey (so no doubt about eating the skin ;) + mache salad + watermelon

To bed!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Return to San Francisco for 10 days!

I am back and EXHAUSTED!!! But so many wonderful things happened in Paris...great meetings...amazing projects to come...I am psyched! I am supported by so many wonderful people :)

A weekend spent with friends, unpacking my bags (which weighed 32kg on my return!), , and preparation for my trip to Los Angeles in 10 days for a casting call, a session of work on a new reality TV show + the documentary shooting with M6.

A superb dinner on Saturday evening - very LeBootCamp-friendly and nutritionally balanced: some healthy dips, followed by marinated moules and homemade fries (just a small portion), with a little tomato crumble (amazing)....I pass on the cheese plate and only take the green salad. For dessert, strawberries with English cream...I only take the strawberries to fill up on vitamins :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Weight Loss coaching in Paris for 2 weeks

Hello from Paris!

I haven't posted daily since my arrival simply because I have found in the only hotel in Paris that doesn't have Internet!!!

As soon as I landed in Paris I went to a meeting, and then on my way to Britanny! Not for fun but for work :). I was lucky enough to visit Britanny with a sunny sky - apparently something very rare here! There were amazing local culinary specialties which I could not resist trying like the kouign-amman: a mix of butter, flour and sugar! Not good for me, but delicious :)

Since I walked a lot I also authorized myself to enjoy 2 buckwheat crepes with ham...yummy!

After this work/touristic weekend, on my way to Paris where we come full circle back to the beginning of this post: I am internet-less again :).

Two weeks swamped with extraordinary meetings, insane projects (exceeding anything I'd imagined), and everything at a mad pace, but of course it is all for a great cause!
Some highlights:

(1) I spent 9 hours in a studio taping the soundtrack of MyBodyCoach for Wii and Sony Move game. I was coming down with the beginning of a sore throat, so hot tea, honey and drops all day long. I can say YES YOU CAN in so many ways now!

(2) A superb press conference on September 14th held at Cafe Fauchon with a great group of journalistes and partners. There we unveiled our new coaching program "STOP CHOLESTEROL", which will officially launch on October 15th, developed in collaboration with French expert on the subject, Nathalie Hutter Lardeau. We also presented our CoachingBox, the Secrets de Coach package, and plenty of other beautiful things, all of this accompanied by a gourmet breakfast. Because you know it - LeBootCamp is the food lover's diet!

(3) A photo shoot with Nathalie to illustrate our next coaching program to fight against cholesterol.

(4) A 1-hr live chat for Le Journal des Femmes

(5) An integrative exercise session - my famous "25th Hour" - with journalists/bloggers from BE, the new magazine from Lagardere

(6) Meetings with members of the French team from Lille, Strasbourg, Carcassonne, Toulouse, Bastia....beautiful dinners at La Villa Corse, my Parisian HQ.
Bravo Nadege and Marjorie for their very active participation with La Parisienne for our partner Nestle.
Bravo Sarah for having organized this press conference with such class and efficiency!