Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day trip to LA

Some days life just feels so sweet.... During my day trip to LA new avenues are opened... let's just say: everything is falling into place :) 
Up at 5 am for an interview, a bit of exercise at 6 am to be on form :) at 6h45 I wake up the wonder-kid and at 7 am I am in a cab for the airport. 

I am flying on my favorite airline, i.e.. Virgin America. My seating neighbour is so wrapped up in himself with an air of "I am sulking and that's it" that I am dying to tickle the miserable git!

Breakfast on board: green tea and little cherry cake

We land, no luggage, so I am out in no time at all... and I rush over to Sharon's salon (Megan Fox'sis one of is celeb clients) who always takes care of me with unquestionable talent. 

30 minutes accumulated walking

And then I just don't touch the ground, it is one mega meeting after the next and I meet an exceptional  woman I was dreaming to get to know for a long time... We discuss TV shows and other big projects but, well... let's wait a bit before revealing any more :) 

Lunch with the glamorous blond in Gwyneth Paltrow's Chef's restaurant, 
the M cafe in Melrose. It is a real macrobiotic eaterie so beware of the beetroot ketchup, it is really foul :) I have a portion fries + a tampeh club sandwich... Nothing to write home about but it is eatable. No desert here, it is a bit too scary.
I am off to The Garden for my next meeting where I enjoy a Rooibos tea with a Vegan cheesecake.

Then, I see Regis, the brains behind Ed Hardy who has now launched his own brand about to explode

Another two meetings and back to the airport.

I was planning not to eat anything on board but I can't resist their fat free crisps (yes, the potatoes are puffed up with air) with only 100 calories per packet I think I am safe + a packet of biscuits offered by the person sitting next to me.

Well, on a nutritional front this was not an exemplary day, but that isn't so bad as all the days before and after are balanced and healthy.

30 minutes accumulated walk and 200 butt squeezes

Friday, February 26, 2010

A very nice article distributed by Associated Content

a website that publishes news taken up a bit everywhere: Valerie Orsoni Sits Down to Chat with Associated Content

Today is a blustery stormy rainy day :)
Thank goodness I went walking/running, in short, for a Fartlek along the bay with Nestle first thing this morning (before the weather broke lose). It just goes to prove that the old adage "don't do tomorrow what you can do right now"- or something like that-  makes a lot of sense :)

A lot of Rooibos tea this morning
1 hour Fartlek

Breakfast: home made raw breakfast cereal + coconut milk (yummmy) 

a morning spent on the phone not walking for once, it is raining to heavily and I am much better by the fireplace :)

Lunch: 3 little blue corn tortillas with melted soya cheese + 1 apple

A wonderful nap, a real treat for the bad sleeper that I am (I'm trying to cure myself from insomnia but... I still like the siesta concept!)

after... can't remember :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LeBootCamp nominated for a prize in the USA - New York LeBootCamp in California

I cannot reveal exactly what it is about until April 5th but see for yourself how it makes me feel..

Let's just say that it is a prize that rewards our values (and I can advise that we have been examined from every possible angle for the nomination, therefore as you can verify, we don't just claim those standards and ethics but we can substantiate them :)

:) I just wanted to share the news with you, so there you go :) the whole of LeBootCamp's team is on cloud nine! 

I haven't been blogging for the past few days... so much is going on, it is hard to keep up ;)

To begin with, the New York team has arrived in California (to escape the blustering snow storms of the East coast, cheeky :) - We can get moving real fast on current projects. 

Next week, Germany is turning up :) 

I was really lucky to spend time with Guy Clement Cohen, a very successful out of the ordinary sculptor. Once I'd visited his gallery, I had no doubts on the reasons of his success! 

Monday, February 22, 2010

[nutrition coaching] : Why you shouldn't buy Californian almonds if you live in France

Corsican almonds nougatine :)

I sometimes read in French magazines that Californian almonds are delicious... I live in California and I can only agree, with the San Joachim Valley being the biggest producer of Almonds in the world...

However, almonds aren't indigenous of California, indeed they are originally from Asia and the Middle East. Therefore, in an effort not to pollute our planet more than it already is (airfreight has a very high carbon footprint), I believe that it is sensible if not preferable to buy local produce (there are some very tasty almonds grown in Europe too :),  pray, do choose locally grown crops! 
If you want an analogy: it is a bit like buying Spanish oranges in California when the American fruit is just as good :) 

I enjoy a lovely sunny Monday after a very busy week-end. But I shall say no more, all will be announced very soon, I keep quiet (as I am not allowed to tell you anymore for now :) 

I am very happy because I have finally found a great designer for LeBootCamp, Nicolas you are doing a master's job, thank you for your round the clock commitment! 
Also, our new Business development VP is joining us soon, all is well at LeBootCamp!

Today: rooibos tea in the morning + squeezed lemon in room temperature water + a coconut peach smoothie

30 minutes fartlek with Nestle
100 inner/outer thigh toning machine exercises... I had planned to do 300 today... lets see later :)
100 steps climbed

Lunch: 3 little blue corn tortillas + rice cheese + a ball guacamole + a ball cauliflower salad + a few rice/kidney bean crackers + 1 clementine + a little square date cake

20 minutes accumulated walk

Snack: raw granola

Dinner: 5 wontons + broth + guacamole with corn chips + edamame + 5 clementines

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stanford University - Back home - rest coaching :)

After a morning with the media in LA, my son and I jump in a plane off to San Francisco... I haven't got much time to catch my breath as I am expected at Stanford University CS as a guest speaker for a course on self branding. Thankfully I have my body guard, Eric, with me... I appreciate the company before facing the class :)

You can read an account of my presentation here

A good night replenishing sleep :)

Lemon juice + room temperature water + 1 Rooibos tea 
A raw food bar + 1 apple

Rest all morning... was a pleasure not to do anything!

Lunch with sonny: 2 slices sprouted seed pumpernickel + soyonnaise + a small tin sardines + 1 peach soya yogurt

A well deserved nap and I get back to a kind of routine: coaching sessions, rest, interviews, cooking, mommy... :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trip to LA for some weightloss coaching sessions and interviews

What a joy to be able to work with my 13 year old son by my side!... He is on holiday this week so he can accompany me straight from the Arizona desert to Los Angeles where I have a few coaching sessions awaiting me, a few interviews and last but not least, a great Lakers game.

On my schedule, less exercise than I had in the desert. I really can't turn up for interviews dripping in sweat, so the heat in LA doesn't allow me to walk across Berverly Hills as I usually do.

At Pain Quotidien, I find a vegan breakfast made of rice cheese, succulent... surprisingly so, even!
Great interview with the LA Times and other media. Coaching sessions in the southern sun.
And, to crown it all, I got to watch my friends the Lakers. Who won, that goes without saying! Great atmosphere, explosive energy... no wait for a taxi home, small pleasures that make life really sweet!

I'm in bed early. Tomorrow is another full day with  early interviews and a speedy trip back to San Francisco where I am a guest speaker at Stanford university in the evening! Thank goodness for the company of my son who takes the stress out of this intense schedule of events :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4 days to relax in the Arizona desert - fitness coaching!

It does a world of good to leave everything behind for a few days... That's what I did last week-end... 4 days "en famille" in the Arizona desert between Scottsdale and Sedona, a New Age town if ever there was one.

Our program was a nice blend of rest (obviously) and outdoor activities, long walks, bike rides (3 hours on the first day + 2 hours walk), slightly more challenging hilly hikes the other days... all in all around 4 hours exercise each days without really thinking about it. Of course, I couldn't resist a few relaxing lengths in the magnificient pool and daily massages to fulfill my chill out plans :)

We usually had brunch rather than breakfast and lunch, an afternoon snack later and dinner in the evening... 3 meals a day, great weather... how that feels good!

The batteries are recharged, ready for the forthcoming Body Fitness show, the imminent release of a new program, a new partnership to implement... in short... plenty of po-si-tive stress :)

On the food side, the style was Tex-Mex, of course. Guacamole packed with vitamin E, is great for the skin, so I come home with a baby's complexion :)

Now that I have replenished my energy reserves, I hit the ground an run!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We prepare for the Salon du Body Fitness (Paris fitness fair) on March 12-14 2010

Up at the crack of dawn...

Plenty of Rooibos tea to start with and 1 hour walk on an empty stomach (on the phone, walking the dog... or, how to kill 3 birds with one stone before breakfast :)

Breakfast: 2 slices roast ham + galetas (a kind of old fashioned tortilla cracker made of stone ground corn flour and water) with a bit of soyonnaise + 1 orange

My team and I are preparing for the Parisian annual fitness trade show in March 2010 where we have a superb 100 sqm stand...
We have a great program in store with some fun events, lots of treats, free profiles, free one to one consultations, plenty of really cool gifts (I really mean, truly cool stuff), discount vouchers to sign up to the program and many other goodies like low GI cereal bars, Californian almonds, Peruvian super seeds all carried in my luggage just for you... Part of the French and UK team will be with me, it is going to be smashing! Three crazy days with a boot.meeting half way though ;)
And also, a press conference on Friday 12th to announce the latest scoops, hush... be patient...
So, if you happen to be in the French capital over these few days, come and visit us! it going to be really exciting!

Before lunch a 40 minutes Fartlek session with my very own man, followed by a light mexican platter: guacamole/corn chips/mixed salad (spinach, cucumber, beet-root)... for pudding clementines in a light syrup, 1 churro + 2 squares chocolate

200 abs on the killer ab lounge
30 triceps dips on the edge of my bed

Snack: a small handful Californian almonds (I will discuss Californian almonds in more detail tomorrow) + 1 banana

15 minutes walk

I relax by doing some cooking tonight...

Dinner: sprouted spinach salad + grilled shrimps in coconut milk 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It was the Milky Way that started it!

Suddenly, right in the middle of an accounting meeting... bam!... a Milky Way attacks me... I won't go without a fight... I wolf it down. That was self defence! Honest :)

Let's start from the beginning....

Up very early in the morning because of major projects in the pipeline that I am really excited about.

Detox breakfast with my legendary Green Morning Boost that you can find in your Private Space on the weightloss program: 3 glasses

30 minutes walk

And then just before lunch, during the accounting meeting... well... you know already ;)

Lunch: 2 chicken breast filets with indian spices + 2 slices ewes milk cheese (it is the milk I digest the best) and 1 orange

30 minutes walk (on the telephone on loud speaker not to hurt my ears... )

30 minutes walk again

2 interviews for the US media that really loves my tips... unlike in other countries the Americans thoroughly checks that the tips are genuinely original and not copied from someone else. That works in my favour as we are create all of our own material here :)

200 abs on the killer ab lounge

Snack: 1 orange and 1 pear

Dinner... well it all goes a bit pear shaped now... I am "fed" a small portion French fries (I said "small" portion) and a simple hamburger like you can't find anymore: no cheese, no mayo, only one layer of meat... just a simple honest hamburger: bread, salad, tomato, onions, burger steak :) + a few baby crack cakes

I will burn it all off tomorrow!

2 minutes Brazilian moves (you can find the instructions in your My Private Space)

night night

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Boot.camper blogs her success

What a great day this has been...

A keen boot.camper wo follows our LeBootCamp Rajeunir program (LeBootCamp Anti-Aging, coming soon in English) has put together a great blog I invite you to follow (in French): Une Femme Comme Les Autres
Thank you Sandrine for sharing your day to day journey with us. I am delighted to see that you are rejuvenating every day :)
Not only that, but you have fully grasped the spirit of LeBootCamp, no deprivation, treats and little pleasures are to be enjoyed without guilt...
You too, will soon be able to benefit from lebootcamp anti aging coaching, in the mean time you can try out LebootCamp weightloss here: LebootCamp Weightloss Coaching 

I have a fabulous week ahead... Yes I admit, I have taken 10 days off the blog, but it is for the good cause, you will soon find out!

Breakfast: Nothing again... this time it is because of a busy morning on the telephone! So I walk for a total of 2 hours and drink liters of rooibos tea. 

Lunch: 2 plates minestrone soup with melted soya cheese + 6 crab cakes and a pear 

A very well deserved nap (oh yes!)

1 hour cycling (do I have to mention? in the pouring rain!)

Snack: 1 large rooibos tea with soya milk

30 minutes walk
50 brazilian moves

Dinner: 1 portion chicken with Indian spices, lambs lettuce, 1 slices toasted bread, 2 pears (well, why eat only one when two are begging for it?)

2 minutes leg swings

And I get back to preparing for my LA trip, looking forward to some great adventures that I will share with you of course!

Good night :)