Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day trip to LA

Some days life just feels so sweet.... During my day trip to LA new avenues are opened... let's just say: everything is falling into place :) 
Up at 5 am for an interview, a bit of exercise at 6 am to be on form :) at 6h45 I wake up the wonder-kid and at 7 am I am in a cab for the airport. 

I am flying on my favorite airline, i.e.. Virgin America. My seating neighbour is so wrapped up in himself with an air of "I am sulking and that's it" that I am dying to tickle the miserable git!

Breakfast on board: green tea and little cherry cake

We land, no luggage, so I am out in no time at all... and I rush over to Sharon's salon (Megan Fox'sis one of is celeb clients) who always takes care of me with unquestionable talent. 

30 minutes accumulated walking

And then I just don't touch the ground, it is one mega meeting after the next and I meet an exceptional  woman I was dreaming to get to know for a long time... We discuss TV shows and other big projects but, well... let's wait a bit before revealing any more :) 

Lunch with the glamorous blond in Gwyneth Paltrow's Chef's restaurant, 
the M cafe in Melrose. It is a real macrobiotic eaterie so beware of the beetroot ketchup, it is really foul :) I have a portion fries + a tampeh club sandwich... Nothing to write home about but it is eatable. No desert here, it is a bit too scary.
I am off to The Garden for my next meeting where I enjoy a Rooibos tea with a Vegan cheesecake.

Then, I see Regis, the brains behind Ed Hardy who has now launched his own brand about to explode

Another two meetings and back to the airport.

I was planning not to eat anything on board but I can't resist their fat free crisps (yes, the potatoes are puffed up with air) with only 100 calories per packet I think I am safe + a packet of biscuits offered by the person sitting next to me.

Well, on a nutritional front this was not an exemplary day, but that isn't so bad as all the days before and after are balanced and healthy.

30 minutes accumulated walk and 200 butt squeezes

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