Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stanford University - Back home - rest coaching :)

After a morning with the media in LA, my son and I jump in a plane off to San Francisco... I haven't got much time to catch my breath as I am expected at Stanford University CS as a guest speaker for a course on self branding. Thankfully I have my body guard, Eric, with me... I appreciate the company before facing the class :)

You can read an account of my presentation here

A good night replenishing sleep :)

Lemon juice + room temperature water + 1 Rooibos tea 
A raw food bar + 1 apple

Rest all morning... was a pleasure not to do anything!

Lunch with sonny: 2 slices sprouted seed pumpernickel + soyonnaise + a small tin sardines + 1 peach soya yogurt

A well deserved nap and I get back to a kind of routine: coaching sessions, rest, interviews, cooking, mommy... :)

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