Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trip to LA for some weightloss coaching sessions and interviews

What a joy to be able to work with my 13 year old son by my side!... He is on holiday this week so he can accompany me straight from the Arizona desert to Los Angeles where I have a few coaching sessions awaiting me, a few interviews and last but not least, a great Lakers game.

On my schedule, less exercise than I had in the desert. I really can't turn up for interviews dripping in sweat, so the heat in LA doesn't allow me to walk across Berverly Hills as I usually do.

At Pain Quotidien, I find a vegan breakfast made of rice cheese, succulent... surprisingly so, even!
Great interview with the LA Times and other media. Coaching sessions in the southern sun.
And, to crown it all, I got to watch my friends the Lakers. Who won, that goes without saying! Great atmosphere, explosive energy... no wait for a taxi home, small pleasures that make life really sweet!

I'm in bed early. Tomorrow is another full day with  early interviews and a speedy trip back to San Francisco where I am a guest speaker at Stanford university in the evening! Thank goodness for the company of my son who takes the stress out of this intense schedule of events :)

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