Thursday, April 30, 2009

The anteater's diet without a coach: pure protein :)

This big teddy is a giant anteater that crossed my path in the jungle :) 
Did you know? it eats 20,000 ants a day! Pure protein only:)

DAY D-13 

My FaceBook page is still suspended... that is ridiculous. Their sense of (or absence of) service is bewildering! 

A bit of a day off exercising after the rather intense past few...

Breakfast during an IT meeting (great abdominal work-out thanks to a big fit of giggles): Tchai tea with soya milk and splenda + nutty porridge with dried fruit.

Spa session between 2 meetings (my birthday present to myself) 

Business lunch where I meet a very interesting person... I loved last night's restaurant so much, I went back and had: fresh guacamole with multicolored taco crisps as a starter + followed by swordfish ceviche, so I allow myself a lovely almond cream and tapioca desert... yumyum!

1 hour accumulated walk

Snack: dried fruit 

I continue my dehydrated cooking as the party is coming up fast. I already have: cranberry granola, biscottis, teriaky almonds, nut sweets, chocolate macaroons, vanilla macaroons... and I now tackle the onion bread!

30 minutes walk 

500 abs (yes five hundred) on the killer ab lounge (I beat my record... it sometimes feels great to stretch out of the comfort zone and not repeat the same things) 

50 wall push ups

It is 10pm... and, hurray!... well, half-hurray, my Facebook profile is reactivated... but I still can't access my fan page... you can however become a fan: 

Dinner: ricotta and vegetable lasagna + strawberries

In bed early... tomorrow is a big day ... no May day bank holiday in the USA!

PS: Thanks to you all for your birthday messages... I am very touched!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FaceBook packed up!!! too many messages on my page

In a very remote place, hours from everything... with nothing other than the wooden cabin in the background and a river where I go and catch MY trout 

DAY D-14

Facebook suspended my account for a while because of too much activity! (on my birthday I must ad) 
They thought SPAM and... oh, there we go, we close your account! I found them a bit small on that one! 

Green Rooibos tea for a good start of the day.

After taking the drying fruit from yesterday's batch out of the dehydrator, I set up another 5 trays in preparation for Saturday's party.

30 minutes ULTRA SLOW (legs only) - it really burns without the momentum of movement! 

100 abs on the killer ab lounge

Breakfast: left over of rocket and crab salad + marinated mushrooms + 5 almonds + 1 banana

1 hour walk on the telephone
15 minutes stairs on the telephone... it makes you hot (as in warm :) but maximizes conversation time :)

Lunch: a bowl raw cereal + home made almond milk + 4 clementines 

1 hour accumulated walking 

Snack: a few teriaky almonds (a new recipe I am trying :) + 1/2 banana + 1 handful strawberries 

I am going though a fruit phase... it sounds a bit like instinctotherapy but I'd rather listen to my body than the scare-mongering news about swine flew... a school nearby closing because of a positive case and other... 

2 x 2 minutes Brazilian movements 

Message to all those who try to post rude, negative or aggressive comments, ads for phony diets, slimming patches, or other... you are wasting your time... your messages will never be posted :) May I suggest that you rather enter the virtuous circle of value creation... be creative, do good, be smart with what you do of your 24 hours a day... It really makes me sick to see the amount of negative time and energy some spend on my blog... thank goodness there are only very few such people out there, let it be known that we have been able to track down IP addresses thanks to some very well connected geeks... but I will say no more :)

Now, as I am repeatedly requested with great insistence, I confirm that 4 tablespoons hemp seeds contain 11 grams protein. It isn't a very well known fact and I am glad I can share that with you :) 

Birthday dinner in Adam Lambert's mum's restaurant yippee :) on the menu: lobster tapas and other treats... half a pudding but that's enough for me. I am spoilt by my men :)

Such a great day........... 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A lot of telephone interviews = loads of walking

In Houston
DAY D-15

Breakfast, just like yesterday, the vitamin loaded smoothie I call "Berry Blast",  you will soon find its recipe on LeBootCamp your favorite weightloss companion! Made with home made almond milk + hemp seeds (fabulous source of protein) + fresh strawberries + a bit of coconut butter + 3 tbs hemp shake mix, Enjoy!

1h30 walk on the telephone

lots of green tea

Non-stop interviews, great!
40 minutes walk again on the phone, always on loud speaker, to preserve my ear :)

Lunch: Canadian wild smoked wild salmon + a salad: sprouted quinoa/tomato/basil/chickpeas + 1 papaya

15 minutes walk 

Snack: fruit salad 

Diner: marinated portobello mushrooms (nama shoyu (raw soya sauce)/balsamic vinegar/olive oil) +wild rocket salad with crab (shallot vinegar) + 1 generous handful blueberries + 2 home made raw biscottis (new recipe I am still perfecting, the taste is right but not the look :)

Another splendid day with plenty of Facebookers celebrating my name day... tomorrow is the birthday... my 25th... yes. I have been Twillighted. Isn't that great?

100 abs on the killer abs lounge


Monday, April 27, 2009

LeBootCamp on NT1 - acclaimed by a "test client"

Poas Volcano
DAY D-16

Very short night because of my 2am night interview (time difference with France oblige), I suddenly get the munchies, hop a banana full of potassium to keep going. 

That's it! We found it!  It was on NT1 that LeBootCamp was critically acclaimed last week end... now all we have to do is find the tape to share it all with you :)

Breakfast full of vitamins:
a smoothie I call "Berry Blast" the recipe you will soon find on your favorite slimming  site LeBootCamp! made with home made almond milk + hemp seeds (did you know that 4 tbs of hemp-seeds gives you 11 grams of absorbable protein!) + fresh strawberries + 1/2 tbs coco butter + 3 tbs hemp shake powder. 
oh so yummy! 

1 hour walk on the phone
10 minutes Bowflex (I am a fan) 
50 lunges
100 abs on the killer abs lounge

Plenty of green tea to brave this week which I expect to be rather challenging (in a good way)

We find out which was the TV channel that praised LeBootCamp the week end, thank you NT1, how gratifying!

Lunch: 1 huge wild red tuna steak, sashimi grade (that means so fresh you can eat it raw) quickly pan-fried on each side (still raw inside) + 1 papaya

Well owned nap :) I fall asleep reading "Crepusculo", the Spanish version on Twilight... handy to continue improving my Spanish

10  minutes Kundalini yoga
10 minutes fast walk
2 minutes Brazilian moves

Snack: 5 Brazil nuts + 1 handful strawberries + 5 dates + 1 banana

30 minutes Fartleck training with Serena Williams, she kicked my butt!
100 abs on the killer abs lounge

Diner: a Tuna steak, same as lunch time + 1 sprouted quinoa salad (instead of cooking it I sprout it, that way it is full of enzymes and absorbable protein) with tomatoes, chick peas and basil + 5 clementines

A truly good day!

Sunday, April 26, 2009 chooses LeBootCamp as the ideal weightloss program for the summer

I am up very early as it was up at 5am everyday in Costa Rica... yes the birds chirped as early as 5am and the sun was up and shining just as early... life was already very active at dawn.

There is nothing to eat in the house as we arrived last night... so breakfast in a restaurant, american style... did you know? breakfast eaten out is on average 700 calories! that is about twice as much as the average breakfast eaten at home... and more than 40% of breakfasts eaten out exceed 1500 calories! when we know that 7000 calories too many make it 1kg of extra fat on the body... that, is food for thought!

Breakfast: Earl Grey tea with stevia + 1 bowl of granola (at least 3 portions, crazy) + soya milk and fresh blueberries. 

50 minutes walk on the phone as I debrief on the big projects in the pipeline with super Carole.

Light lunch, I listen to my body that isn't asking for much: a pink grapefruit + 5 sprouted almonds and lots of tea...  a bit of a detox day then :)

Friends visit us, it is nice to see them after all this time... a few interview requests for some south american press that came through whilst away, emails from american journalists... the usual day to day... I discover some superb projects very skillfully led by my amazing team... I think I might as well get away again soon as their efficiency is staggering! Of course not, my celebrity clients are waiting for me... they needn't worry... I will never reveal the secrets of their great shape... coaching and ethics are two inseparable concepts! 

I prepare my show for BFM that will be recorded during the night (at 1 am, ha... don't we love our favorite presenters!) 

Shopping with Maud on great form,... and snack time: 1 banana full of potassium and 5 brazil nuts for the selenium... very good for a healthy brain all that. That makes me think of some brain tests and exercises I have discovered that are of greater level than anything that currently exists on the market to date... those guys are going to fly!! I really believe it...

Light meal to continue my healthy post-unbridled-vacation day :) a plate of wild smoked salmon, tomatoes, cucumbers, chick peas with a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar ... and 3 clementines to finish off

I find out that, yesterday, LeBootCamp was presented on a cable TV channel among other online weightloss programs and we were very warmly praised!! anybody knows which one it was? 

Come on, it is 2am, it is time to go to bed... It is to early to use up all the benefits of regenerating holidays :)

Ah! I almost forgot, the title of this post! yes, has put us forward on their website and on their newsletter: 

Back from Costa Rica - and many thanks to my powerhouse team!

One of my joys, bottle feed a cute little kid

Those were fabulous days where I stayed web-  and computer-chaste (except once but it was really important) in Costa Rica where WiFi is everywhere, the Internet and computers are on free service all over the place... temptations I resisted pretty easily as there was so much else to do! 

The food was excellent. It is impossible to eat badly in Costa Rica! Sea and fresh water foods, all extremely fresh, cooked all sorts of different ways, and for those who are more of the meat eaters, I am told it is tender and succulent.

There were fruit and vegetables in abundance... it seems like a country invented for LeBootCamp... apart from... well, yes, one also needs some naughtiness or else life would be a bit dull... Costa Rica is also, after Argentina, one of the biggest producer of Dulche de Leche (after the arrival of the Quackers in the 50's/60's in the region of Monteverde)... so between the dulche de leche and their calorie bomb desert quite appropriately called "tres leche"
... one needs to do some serious hiking to burn off those treats... which is rather easy here as 33% of the land is protected with natural reserves, national parks etc... here is a country that has understood that green tourism is the future. 
Apart from that, it is really easy to find organic produce and, unfortunately, aspartame everywhere.

People are adorable (maybe, it has something to do with the fact that there isn't any army in Costa Rica, that might keep minds at rest :) ... always happy to help a lost tourist.

Between the very active volcanos continuously erupting,  the variety of jungles, the spectacular beaches, one visit (this my second) isn't enough, to really discover the country properly, one needs to plan at least 10! 

That's done!... Next time I will be the east-west crossing of a splendid cordilliera!  

I did plenty of walking and swimming in surroundings worthy of Jurassic Park... and had a lot of leches... so in the end I gained a couple of pounds and a lot of happiness... whilst the former will soon be gone the latter will stay with me. 

I took a staggering 800 pictures (as I don't have a very good memory, they will certainly help)... I will spare you... promised :)

I saw a lot of wildlife, among them a beautiful margay (a kind of small Jaguar) that came so close that that I could have touched it.   
And also, wondering into the hotel,... a starving cuddly ant eater, iguanas of all sizes, some little monkeys, rabbit-cows (well, they had very long ears), quetzals, toucans flying here and there... the only animal I didn't get to see is the sleuth I was lucky to observe on my previous visit.    

It was a great stay far away from everyday life... and during my absence, my super team developed some fabulous new things... How lucky is it to be so well surrounded with people who have such initiative, creativity (very important, as we never copy others and much prefer innovation and develop our ideas in-house, so much more satisfying for the soul :) and last and foremost, implication and commitment as, after all, LeBootCamp is also their "baby". A big thank you to you all, my powerhouse team! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I 'm off to Costa Rica

For some real holidays... no computer, not even a telephone... nothing at all... of course, MyPrivateCoach  and LeBootCamp are in the very capable hands of my wonderful team so, no worries :)

As it is really me writing my blog "for real", as well as the Facebook page and my Twitter, there will be no postings until my return... I am sorry but it is more honest this way :)

Until then, eat well, move a lot, and I'll be back with you very soon! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cycling into the wind

1/2 liter Darjeeling tea

Raw breakfast: a handful fresh nuts + 1 handful soaked goji berries + 1 banana

2 minutes pelvic floor exercises
1hour cycling on and empty stomach before lunch... I choose a very windy day so that means 20% more effort when facing the wind, 50% even, at some moments!  

Business lunch at Starbucks where I really enjoy the quality of service: 1 splenda tchai tea + 1 brown bread sandwich with tarragon/turkey/cranberry/pesto (as it is cold today the waiter removes the salad, toasts the the rest, puts the greenery back inside and serves me with a smile, all that for 4 dollars all included!) 

15 minutes walk 
50 hammers with a 5.5 pound ball
30 minutes walk in the wind storm
100 butt squeezes

Snack: 2 tortas + guacamole + wild salmon

1 long steam bath to detoxify the body, followed by a cold shower to whip everything awake! 

I had planned a very light dinner... that was without planning the unplanned, so: cheese and spinach raviolis with tomato sauce (to helpings) + 1 grapefruit

Monday, April 13, 2009

Some movement and a bit of indulgence too :)

A beautiful sunny day begins with meetings at the top... I say... oopsy... I almost spilt the beans :).. Me and my big mouth! 

2 cups Darjeeling tea start the day in a good way, I ad some stevia to alkalise my body, that does me good. 

50 hammers
100 abs on the killer ab-lounge
50 push-ups against the wall (at an angle it gives a stronger work out :) 
1 hour walk 

And now, I reach lunchtime and realise that I, the epicurean, have forgotten to eat breakfast!!! There you go, the body sometimes doesn't demand anything...

Lunch with girlfriends: 2 tortas (a thin little flat corn cake, about 6 inches in diameter) with guacamole and wild salmon + 1 bowl of Moroccan lentil soup + 5 clementines

Video shoots
Lovely nap... ahh that's so good! 

Preparing for a very important meeting... getting psyched up :)

Snack: 1 tomato juice during the meeting and a banana afterwards

15 minutes walk 
50 hammers
100 abs on the killer ab-lounge

Dinner: I latch onto some sweets that I had originally brought back for my son and hidden away in a cupboard except, I know the hiding place... well, based on the wrapping information, I had 300 "empty" calories as I call them... so, I have a very light meal not to ad insult to injury! 6 panfried scallops in Sauternes + baby leaf salad + 1 pink grapefruit, et voila! 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

We celebrate Easter without counting calories, the coach said so :)

Preparing for Costa Rica as, tonight, the young will be sent over as an advance party. I will be joining him in week to the day.

Breakfast: 1 smoothie (almond milk + 1 banana + stevia + chocolate and hemp seeds shake) ... sooooo yummmmy! 

1 hour accumulated walk 

Lunch with friends, mexican food, at home: wild rocket salad + 2 small soyonnaise artichokes + 3 tortas/guacamole/aubergine dip + 1 pink grapefruit to finish

Snack with a devil temptress... or the devil's temptress rather... yes it is Easter, so, by definition, that means chocolates and other dangerous treats, the result is: almond tuiles, coco
nut rock cakes, macaroons, and a bit of fruit salad for the vitamins... all washed down with liquerish tea (to soothe the stomach) 

50 killer hammers
2 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Diner: 2 tortas with goats cheese + 1 bowl cockle soup + 1 clementine

Late evening spent at the airport.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A party with friends... a guarantied feel good!

Breakfast: 1 bowl wholewheat O shaped cereal + 1 soya yogurt + 2 clementines and white tea.

45 minutes walk around the bay

Lunch: 3 Chinese ravioli + 1 artichoke with soyonnaise + 1 new Le BootCamp recipe: "Cinnamon and pine nuts ptitim"... reserved to the boot.campers who have already been with us for a whole year + 3 clementines

15 minutes walk
2X2 minutes Brazilian movements
1 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Snack: what is left of the ptitim and 3 clementines 

Diner: tapas with friends for super E's "25"th birthday! 
too long to describe, but had a bit of everything - one does get caught up and eats far more than needed but... we laughed so much that that the cardiovascular system got a great workout, I justify myself as I can :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Vin Diesel, philosophy, speed and the rest

Breakfast: 3 thin slices pastrami + 1 papaya + plenty of green tea

2 minutes pelvic floor exercises
2 X 2 minutes very slow butt squeezes

Lunch with an impressive serial entrepreneur. On the menu from this restaurant I love: 1 (very small) grilled chicken kebab + 1 tiny green papaya salad + 1 vegetarian spring roll + 8 caramelized shrimps. No rice but lots of jasmine tea 

1hour walk on 2.5 inch heels... very bad for my back, I know! 
100 butt squeezes

Snack: 1 soya strawberry yogurt + 7 bite size cookies

Off to see a movie I have been waiting for... I am a fan of speed, cars and Vin Diesel. I am not going for any kind of philosophical inspiration, that's for sure! ... but with the right company... of coke drinking, ice cream eating men, I spend an extremely enjoyable time. 
I go for the healthy option and drink a Fuze (Perez Hilton luuves) + 1 banana sneaked in in my handbag and, after the film, corn crackers and guacamole... not a very balanced diner but I managed to walk past many teats, which although moderately tasty are never the less very tempting. I'd rather keep myself for tomorrow evening, the big birthday diner, when there will be absolutely no limits... I will slip into my epicurean skin.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Strategic coaching day and LeBootCamp on TF1 continued...

Fripouille from Macon (comments, about TF1 LeMag program): oh you know, there will always be someone to criticize what we do... I personally found the program very well done, the pace was perfect. We have even had several journalists contacting us for interviews following the show. The water bottles aren't news? How do we distinguish what is new from what isn't widely known? at least with the bread baguettes, we must have surprised her ;) Thank you for your support! 

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach, of course after my morning white tea

Breakfast: 1 coconut yogurt with Cheerios + 1 apple

1h15 accumulated walking: walking meeting and walking telephone call (I said: make the best of your time :)

30 seconds invisible chair
2 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Business lunch: 1 artichoke with vinaigrette + 5 pot-stickers (a kind of Chinese ravioli) + 1 small papaya

30 seconds invisible chair

Snack: 6 squares milk chocolate + 1 apple (organic of course) + an energy bar 2 hours later (not to take my malaria tablets an empty stomach)

100 butt squeezes in the car... again maximizing my time :)

Diner with friends: 2 wild scallops with pastrami and deglazed with vinegar (a spontaneous invention that turns out really delicious) + sauteed mushrooms and wild rocket salad + strawberries (not wild :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things are moving... and we cook with the coach :)

Breakfast: 1 apple + 1 bowl Cheerios + vanilla soya milk + plenty of pomegranate white tea

20 minutes walk
2 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Business meeting, plenty of green tea

20 minutes walk
200 butt squeezes in the car (that's another tick in the box) 

Big business lunch (hush): despite the comments (impossible to find anything healthy here), I finally spot a ratatouille (not too bad, but as often, not gently stewed on low heat for a long time... it feels like vegetables thrown into the pan all at the same time, cooked fast on a hot fire) +1 vegetable salad with balsamic vinegar and no fat + 1 little wholemeal bun all washed down with blackberry green tea.

--> for a really delicious and foolproof ratatouille recipe go to your LeBootCamp private space 

30 minutes walk

Snack: 1 soya yogurt with Cherrios

Dinner: wild Alaska King salmon + chicken/tomato soup + 1 pink grapefruit

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Full on with Twitter! I am a real fan!

This is were you can follow me:

We progress, we progress, we progress, but we'll share all very soon!

Breakfast: a bowl of Cherrios + soya milk (very early) 

So, around 10h30 I stumble upon a box of cookies that a little devil had left lying around on the kitchen table, therefore close to the eyes and even closer to the stomach of the coach :)

30 minutes walk

50 abs

Lunch: 1 bowl chicken/tomato soup + 1 soya yogurt

snack: 1 very small slab of chocolate (I have finally found one of tiny proportions in the US) + 1 soya yogurt + Cherrios

30 minutes walk

Diner: a giant WILD rocket salad (yes, the real thing you find in nature only) + a little home made vinaigrette + wild King salmon (yumm, my favorite kind) + a bit of panini bread + 2 pink grapefruits (I am hooked) 

Monday, April 6, 2009

A beautiful week starts

Green tea + 1 apple + 1 nice portion Cherrios with soya milk 

35 minutes walk before lunch

Lunch: tortilla/chicken soup (very light, in fact, 90 calories per cup and very filling) + 1 artichoke with soyonnaise + 1 large pink grapefruit

100 butt squeezes in front of my computer... a lot to catch up with after nearly a week off 

100 abs on the ab-lounge 

Snack time with the weightloss death angel, the chief saboteur of slimming, the little devil who waves treats in front of my nose.... yes, that is who I mean, my dear son, Master B. Well yes, I caved in and had the caramel pop-corn... but I will find some benefits to this thing, just to shoo away any kind of guilty feeling... and apart from the pleasure fix received during the relish, there isn't anything (other than sugar that of course!) + 1 apple

30 minutes walk
2 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Diner: 2 perfectly grilled cod fillets! + baby leaf salad + 1 grapefruit + 2 little cookies

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Follow us on Twitter :)

We are on Twitter! -->

tea tea tea 

45 minutes accumulated walk on an empty stomach and 5 minutes isometric biceps exercises (5kg each side)

breakfast: I keep the same habits as per the last 2 days: 1/2 cup gluten free granola + 1 portion pomegranate probiotic soya milk

30 minutes walk before lunch

Lunch: 1 slice roast ham + 1 bowl split pea soup + 1 soya yogurt

Diner: I forgot

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I snuggle up at home :)

No exercise today as I can feel the virus invading and I must be on form for my departure for the jungle in 10 days time. 

Breakfast: after 1 liter tea sweetened with some lovely Scottish tea from Fortnum and Masons, 1 small portion gluten free cereals with probiotic soya milk (that should help my little concern) + 1 papaya

Lunch: 1 slice roast ham + 1 bowl split pea soup

10 minutes walk tops

Snack: a handful fresh nuts + 1 soya yogurt + 1 banana

Dinner: 3 grilled scallops deglazed with muscat vinegar + 1 grapefruit