Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cycling into the wind

1/2 liter Darjeeling tea

Raw breakfast: a handful fresh nuts + 1 handful soaked goji berries + 1 banana

2 minutes pelvic floor exercises
1hour cycling on and empty stomach before lunch... I choose a very windy day so that means 20% more effort when facing the wind, 50% even, at some moments!  

Business lunch at Starbucks where I really enjoy the quality of service: 1 splenda tchai tea + 1 brown bread sandwich with tarragon/turkey/cranberry/pesto (as it is cold today the waiter removes the salad, toasts the the rest, puts the greenery back inside and serves me with a smile, all that for 4 dollars all included!) 

15 minutes walk 
50 hammers with a 5.5 pound ball
30 minutes walk in the wind storm
100 butt squeezes

Snack: 2 tortas + guacamole + wild salmon

1 long steam bath to detoxify the body, followed by a cold shower to whip everything awake! 

I had planned a very light dinner... that was without planning the unplanned, so: cheese and spinach raviolis with tomato sauce (to helpings) + 1 grapefruit

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