Friday, April 10, 2009

Vin Diesel, philosophy, speed and the rest

Breakfast: 3 thin slices pastrami + 1 papaya + plenty of green tea

2 minutes pelvic floor exercises
2 X 2 minutes very slow butt squeezes

Lunch with an impressive serial entrepreneur. On the menu from this restaurant I love: 1 (very small) grilled chicken kebab + 1 tiny green papaya salad + 1 vegetarian spring roll + 8 caramelized shrimps. No rice but lots of jasmine tea 

1hour walk on 2.5 inch heels... very bad for my back, I know! 
100 butt squeezes

Snack: 1 soya strawberry yogurt + 7 bite size cookies

Off to see a movie I have been waiting for... I am a fan of speed, cars and Vin Diesel. I am not going for any kind of philosophical inspiration, that's for sure! ... but with the right company... of coke drinking, ice cream eating men, I spend an extremely enjoyable time. 
I go for the healthy option and drink a Fuze (Perez Hilton luuves) + 1 banana sneaked in in my handbag and, after the film, corn crackers and guacamole... not a very balanced diner but I managed to walk past many teats, which although moderately tasty are never the less very tempting. I'd rather keep myself for tomorrow evening, the big birthday diner, when there will be absolutely no limits... I will slip into my epicurean skin.

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