Thursday, April 9, 2009

Strategic coaching day and LeBootCamp on TF1 continued...

Fripouille from Macon (comments, about TF1 LeMag program): oh you know, there will always be someone to criticize what we do... I personally found the program very well done, the pace was perfect. We have even had several journalists contacting us for interviews following the show. The water bottles aren't news? How do we distinguish what is new from what isn't widely known? at least with the bread baguettes, we must have surprised her ;) Thank you for your support! 

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach, of course after my morning white tea

Breakfast: 1 coconut yogurt with Cheerios + 1 apple

1h15 accumulated walking: walking meeting and walking telephone call (I said: make the best of your time :)

30 seconds invisible chair
2 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Business lunch: 1 artichoke with vinaigrette + 5 pot-stickers (a kind of Chinese ravioli) + 1 small papaya

30 seconds invisible chair

Snack: 6 squares milk chocolate + 1 apple (organic of course) + an energy bar 2 hours later (not to take my malaria tablets an empty stomach)

100 butt squeezes in the car... again maximizing my time :)

Diner with friends: 2 wild scallops with pastrami and deglazed with vinegar (a spontaneous invention that turns out really delicious) + sauteed mushrooms and wild rocket salad + strawberries (not wild :)

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