Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back from Costa Rica - and many thanks to my powerhouse team!

One of my joys, bottle feed a cute little kid

Those were fabulous days where I stayed web-  and computer-chaste (except once but it was really important) in Costa Rica where WiFi is everywhere, the Internet and computers are on free service all over the place... temptations I resisted pretty easily as there was so much else to do! 

The food was excellent. It is impossible to eat badly in Costa Rica! Sea and fresh water foods, all extremely fresh, cooked all sorts of different ways, and for those who are more of the meat eaters, I am told it is tender and succulent.

There were fruit and vegetables in abundance... it seems like a country invented for LeBootCamp... apart from... well, yes, one also needs some naughtiness or else life would be a bit dull... Costa Rica is also, after Argentina, one of the biggest producer of Dulche de Leche (after the arrival of the Quackers in the 50's/60's in the region of Monteverde)... so between the dulche de leche and their calorie bomb desert quite appropriately called "tres leche"
... one needs to do some serious hiking to burn off those treats... which is rather easy here as 33% of the land is protected with natural reserves, national parks etc... here is a country that has understood that green tourism is the future. 
Apart from that, it is really easy to find organic produce and, unfortunately, aspartame everywhere.

People are adorable (maybe, it has something to do with the fact that there isn't any army in Costa Rica, that might keep minds at rest :) ... always happy to help a lost tourist.

Between the very active volcanos continuously erupting,  the variety of jungles, the spectacular beaches, one visit (this my second) isn't enough, to really discover the country properly, one needs to plan at least 10! 

That's done!... Next time I will be the east-west crossing of a splendid cordilliera!  

I did plenty of walking and swimming in surroundings worthy of Jurassic Park... and had a lot of leches... so in the end I gained a couple of pounds and a lot of happiness... whilst the former will soon be gone the latter will stay with me. 

I took a staggering 800 pictures (as I don't have a very good memory, they will certainly help)... I will spare you... promised :)

I saw a lot of wildlife, among them a beautiful margay (a kind of small Jaguar) that came so close that that I could have touched it.   
And also, wondering into the hotel,... a starving cuddly ant eater, iguanas of all sizes, some little monkeys, rabbit-cows (well, they had very long ears), quetzals, toucans flying here and there... the only animal I didn't get to see is the sleuth I was lucky to observe on my previous visit.    

It was a great stay far away from everyday life... and during my absence, my super team developed some fabulous new things... How lucky is it to be so well surrounded with people who have such initiative, creativity (very important, as we never copy others and much prefer innovation and develop our ideas in-house, so much more satisfying for the soul :) and last and foremost, implication and commitment as, after all, LeBootCamp is also their "baby". A big thank you to you all, my powerhouse team! 

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