Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Full on with Twitter! I am a real fan!

This is were you can follow me: http://twitter.com/valerieorsoni

We progress, we progress, we progress, but we'll share all very soon!

Breakfast: a bowl of Cherrios + soya milk (very early) 

So, around 10h30 I stumble upon a box of cookies that a little devil had left lying around on the kitchen table, therefore close to the eyes and even closer to the stomach of the coach :)

30 minutes walk

50 abs

Lunch: 1 bowl chicken/tomato soup + 1 soya yogurt

snack: 1 very small slab of chocolate (I have finally found one of tiny proportions in the US) + 1 soya yogurt + Cherrios

30 minutes walk

Diner: a giant WILD rocket salad (yes, the real thing you find in nature only) + a little home made vinaigrette + wild King salmon (yumm, my favorite kind) + a bit of panini bread + 2 pink grapefruits (I am hooked) 

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