Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FaceBook packed up!!! too many messages on my page

In a very remote place, hours from everything... with nothing other than the wooden cabin in the background and a river where I go and catch MY trout 

DAY D-14

Facebook suspended my account for a while because of too much activity! (on my birthday I must ad) 
They thought SPAM and... oh, there we go, we close your account! I found them a bit small on that one! 

Green Rooibos tea for a good start of the day.

After taking the drying fruit from yesterday's batch out of the dehydrator, I set up another 5 trays in preparation for Saturday's party.

30 minutes ULTRA SLOW (legs only) - it really burns without the momentum of movement! 

100 abs on the killer ab lounge

Breakfast: left over of rocket and crab salad + marinated mushrooms + 5 almonds + 1 banana

1 hour walk on the telephone
15 minutes stairs on the telephone... it makes you hot (as in warm :) but maximizes conversation time :)

Lunch: a bowl raw cereal + home made almond milk + 4 clementines 

1 hour accumulated walking 

Snack: a few teriaky almonds (a new recipe I am trying :) + 1/2 banana + 1 handful strawberries 

I am going though a fruit phase... it sounds a bit like instinctotherapy but I'd rather listen to my body than the scare-mongering news about swine flew... a school nearby closing because of a positive case and other... 

2 x 2 minutes Brazilian movements 

Message to all those who try to post rude, negative or aggressive comments, ads for phony diets, slimming patches, or other... you are wasting your time... your messages will never be posted :) May I suggest that you rather enter the virtuous circle of value creation... be creative, do good, be smart with what you do of your 24 hours a day... It really makes me sick to see the amount of negative time and energy some spend on my blog... thank goodness there are only very few such people out there, let it be known that we have been able to track down IP addresses thanks to some very well connected geeks... but I will say no more :)

Now, as I am repeatedly requested with great insistence, I confirm that 4 tablespoons hemp seeds contain 11 grams protein. It isn't a very well known fact and I am glad I can share that with you :) 

Birthday dinner in Adam Lambert's mum's restaurant yippee :) on the menu: lobster tapas and other treats... half a pudding but that's enough for me. I am spoilt by my men :)

Such a great day........... 

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