Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas + this week's ELLE mag

A Christmas eve that promises to be sleepless... too many great things are happening, my mind is racing, I can't sleep!
I begin the day with a HUGE interview with the San Jose Mercury News then the San Francisco Chronicle... that's over 4 million daily readers!

A balanced breakfast: papaya with lime juice, home made granola cranberry cereal with home made hazelnut milk ("Hazelnut Milk" recipe in the LeBootCamp weightloss program)

1h work out with Brian to keep up the good habits...

Some last minute shopping, light lunch in prevision for tonight: lentil soup, a little grilled salmon and lots of berries. 

1 hour accumulated walk

no snack

Festive dinner, of course I do not watch what I eat when I am celebrating, so I won't list it,.... as you know, LeBootCamp is not a diet but a lifestyle... tout va bien!

We have the pleasure of being in ELLE this week :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

We are in HEALTH NEWS :) yes!

 I love this very earnest French health site. Health News presents unbiased information with honesty and integrity unlike some other health sites where, considering the marketing incomes generated by their advertisers, the editorial content is strongly questionable as the brands can then lobby in their own favor.
You can read the article here: Valerie Orsoni - MyBodyCoach sur la Wii Sport

On an empty stomach: Rooibos tea followed by 45 minutes walk on the telephone

1 hour weight training with super Brian ant non stop video shoot

Lunch with girlfriends... we had a blast! and tapas: a bit of tuna carpaccio with a mouthful guacamole, 2 mini burgers, 1.5 empanadas and a nice strawberries and cream  desert :) yummy!

30 minutes walk on the telephone

No snack, let's be reasonable!

Dinner: watercress salad (with detoxifying virtues), home made hummus, 1 slice gluten free bread and 2 wiener style sausages and to finish 2 squares white chocolate and 3 slices fresh pineapple. 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Message for Marie

Marie, thank you for your comment on the blog ;) For your love handles, as you call them, don't hesitate to sign up to LeBootCamp as the site is teeming with tips suited to your situation... love handles can have many causes, it wouldn't be reasonable of me to give you advice without knowing more about you :)

Rooibos tea + carrot/apple Boost and I suspect my father of having slipped some black radish in it without me seeing...

No time for breakfast, because I am training with my fitness coach, super Brian, at dawn. So: 1 hour weight training

Breakfast: I am starving so I gobble 2 slices toasted farmhouse bread with non-hydrogenated margarine + wild smoked salmon + 4 clementines

30 minutes VERY fast walk 

Lunch: 2 slices toasted bread with raita (light recipe but very tasty and full of flavor to find on and smoked salmon + 1 papaya + 3 dried figs 

Snack: 5 clementines

15 minutes yoga

Aperitif: 3 clementines, 10 crackers + raita. I don't know what it is but I am ravenous today! So I listen to my body that wants warm and fatty foods, it must be the polar weather that is firing the furnace :) (I need some kind of excuse!)

Dinner: 2 artichokes + soyonnaise + 6 large artichoke raviolis + 2 oranges 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cold wave!

A great day begin with VERY COLD weather... polar weather I'd say... indeed it is -3 degrees Celsius at 7 am... quite on the chilly side, this is San Francisco after all!
The gutter is frozen... goodness!... thankfully, a few hours later a relative warmth returns.

On an empty stomach: lemon juice + room temperature water + rooibos tea

Breakfast: 1 bowl blueberries and home made raw cereal + almond milk (I admit that isn't home made today)

1h30 hours walk on the telephone... in the frosty cold but wrapped up like a polar bear
300 steps climbed (I have got a goal of 1000 per day)

Lunch: 8 little bite size tofu and lemon grass nibbles (succulent) + 10 pistachio crackers with hummus + 1 thinners' chocolate souffle (home made with only 100 calories, pleasure without the punishment hihihi)

40 minutes passive muscle toning

1 hour cycling + 30 minutes walk 

Snack: OK I let myself go a little... it is freezing cold and it is a well know fact we burn more calories in the cold...hum, is that true? anyhow,  tea with real sugar and 4 biscotti :)

200 more steps climbed

Dinner: watercress soup + 1 sausage + sauteed potatoes + 2 oranges

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Body Coach in Milan's underground, on Spanish busses, and in French railway stations

What a great marketing campaign!

On an empty stomach: lemon juice + rooibos tea + 1 Morning Green Boost

45 minutes walk on the telephone 
40 minutes passive muscle toning 

Breakfast: 1 bowl blueberries + home made raw cereal (hurray my first batch of the season!)

1h15 walk on the telephone 

Lunch 1 portion mixed salad + 2 slices toast with non-hydrogenated margarine + patrami + 1 orange (in fact I feel heavy after this meal, I should have kept it to one slice of bread only :)

well deserved nap

100 abs on the killer ab lounge

Snack: 3 mouthfuls chocolate/coconut (yummm could not resist :) + 4 Orea type cookies (organic version)

30 minutes walk with my son, we debrief the school day, we share, it does a world of good to have a good mother and son chat

Dozens of steps climbed during my telephone conversations

Dinner: asparagus with home made yogurt sauce LebootCamp Weightloss program style + 1 slice wholegrain bread dipped in the yogurt sauce + 1 orange 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brian returns! Ouch, ouch, not the head

I haven't posted for several days... well yes, one has to take a break from one's blog from time to time... and I have been posting for years :)
Breakfast: 1 lemon juice + room temperature water + 1 Morning Green Boost (that you can find in the LeBootCamp Weightloss program) + 1/2 papaya + 1 large bowl raspberries... my body is craving fresh fruit... I tune in!

I am rather stiff this morning... the day after a 45 minutes fitness trail + kicks on my punching bag... and in 45 minutes dear Brian, my killer fitness trainer arrives! ouch... 1 hour very intense work out with Brian... a personal trainer coupled with a genuine life coach who knows how to drive and push just the right way... bravo... now I can't feel my shoulders nor my legs but it is for my own good, he says :)

Lunch: 2 little chicken legs + white wine sauce + 1 huge portion green salad + 2 oranges and a slice toast

1 hour walk in the afternoon

no snack

Dinner: home made soup + 2 slices toasted bread + soyannaise + 4 slices Parma ham