Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas + this week's ELLE mag

A Christmas eve that promises to be sleepless... too many great things are happening, my mind is racing, I can't sleep!
I begin the day with a HUGE interview with the San Jose Mercury News then the San Francisco Chronicle... that's over 4 million daily readers!

A balanced breakfast: papaya with lime juice, home made granola cranberry cereal with home made hazelnut milk ("Hazelnut Milk" recipe in the LeBootCamp weightloss program)

1h work out with Brian to keep up the good habits...

Some last minute shopping, light lunch in prevision for tonight: lentil soup, a little grilled salmon and lots of berries. 

1 hour accumulated walk

no snack

Festive dinner, of course I do not watch what I eat when I am celebrating, so I won't list it,.... as you know, LeBootCamp is not a diet but a lifestyle... tout va bien!

We have the pleasure of being in ELLE this week :)

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