Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cold wave!

A great day begin with VERY COLD weather... polar weather I'd say... indeed it is -3 degrees Celsius at 7 am... quite on the chilly side, this is San Francisco after all!
The gutter is frozen... goodness!... thankfully, a few hours later a relative warmth returns.

On an empty stomach: lemon juice + room temperature water + rooibos tea

Breakfast: 1 bowl blueberries and home made raw cereal + almond milk (I admit that isn't home made today)

1h30 hours walk on the telephone... in the frosty cold but wrapped up like a polar bear
300 steps climbed (I have got a goal of 1000 per day)

Lunch: 8 little bite size tofu and lemon grass nibbles (succulent) + 10 pistachio crackers with hummus + 1 thinners' chocolate souffle (home made with only 100 calories, pleasure without the punishment hihihi)

40 minutes passive muscle toning

1 hour cycling + 30 minutes walk 

Snack: OK I let myself go a little... it is freezing cold and it is a well know fact we burn more calories in the cold...hum, is that true? anyhow,  tea with real sugar and 4 biscotti :)

200 more steps climbed

Dinner: watercress soup + 1 sausage + sauteed potatoes + 2 oranges

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