Thursday, December 17, 2009

Message for Marie

Marie, thank you for your comment on the blog ;) For your love handles, as you call them, don't hesitate to sign up to LeBootCamp as the site is teeming with tips suited to your situation... love handles can have many causes, it wouldn't be reasonable of me to give you advice without knowing more about you :)

Rooibos tea + carrot/apple Boost and I suspect my father of having slipped some black radish in it without me seeing...

No time for breakfast, because I am training with my fitness coach, super Brian, at dawn. So: 1 hour weight training

Breakfast: I am starving so I gobble 2 slices toasted farmhouse bread with non-hydrogenated margarine + wild smoked salmon + 4 clementines

30 minutes VERY fast walk 

Lunch: 2 slices toasted bread with raita (light recipe but very tasty and full of flavor to find on and smoked salmon + 1 papaya + 3 dried figs 

Snack: 5 clementines

15 minutes yoga

Aperitif: 3 clementines, 10 crackers + raita. I don't know what it is but I am ravenous today! So I listen to my body that wants warm and fatty foods, it must be the polar weather that is firing the furnace :) (I need some kind of excuse!)

Dinner: 2 artichokes + soyonnaise + 6 large artichoke raviolis + 2 oranges 

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