Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Body Coach in Milan's underground, on Spanish busses, and in French railway stations

What a great marketing campaign!

On an empty stomach: lemon juice + rooibos tea + 1 Morning Green Boost

45 minutes walk on the telephone 
40 minutes passive muscle toning 

Breakfast: 1 bowl blueberries + home made raw cereal (hurray my first batch of the season!)

1h15 walk on the telephone 

Lunch 1 portion mixed salad + 2 slices toast with non-hydrogenated margarine + patrami + 1 orange (in fact I feel heavy after this meal, I should have kept it to one slice of bread only :)

well deserved nap

100 abs on the killer ab lounge

Snack: 3 mouthfuls chocolate/coconut (yummm could not resist :) + 4 Orea type cookies (organic version)

30 minutes walk with my son, we debrief the school day, we share, it does a world of good to have a good mother and son chat

Dozens of steps climbed during my telephone conversations

Dinner: asparagus with home made yogurt sauce LebootCamp Weightloss program style + 1 slice wholegrain bread dipped in the yogurt sauce + 1 orange 

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