Saturday, December 19, 2009

We are in HEALTH NEWS :) yes!

 I love this very earnest French health site. Health News presents unbiased information with honesty and integrity unlike some other health sites where, considering the marketing incomes generated by their advertisers, the editorial content is strongly questionable as the brands can then lobby in their own favor.
You can read the article here: Valerie Orsoni - MyBodyCoach sur la Wii Sport

On an empty stomach: Rooibos tea followed by 45 minutes walk on the telephone

1 hour weight training with super Brian ant non stop video shoot

Lunch with girlfriends... we had a blast! and tapas: a bit of tuna carpaccio with a mouthful guacamole, 2 mini burgers, 1.5 empanadas and a nice strawberries and cream  desert :) yummy!

30 minutes walk on the telephone

No snack, let's be reasonable!

Dinner: watercress salad (with detoxifying virtues), home made hummus, 1 slice gluten free bread and 2 wiener style sausages and to finish 2 squares white chocolate and 3 slices fresh pineapple. 

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