Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting back into the swing of good habits

After a beautiful quiet night far away from the hustle and bustle of Beverly Hills...

On am empty stomach: 45 min yoga/meditation Kundalini

Rooibos Tea +1 handful cashew nuts

30 min walk

Breakfast: 1 slice sprouted seed German rye bread + 1 teaspoon soyonnaise + 1 slice ham + 1 bunch of red grapes

1h recumbent exercise bike levels 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 changing every 2 minutes (that should make it 380 calories burned) 
100 abs on the killer abs lounge 

Light lunch because I am throwing a Savoy style diner party with some friends from "back home", so lunch will only be: a portion of "spring mix" (a few spaghettis and lots of steamed sweet corn and broccoli) + soya cheese.

no snack time

15 min walk

Savoy themed diner at home: mixed leaf salad and "croziflette" (gratin made with whole-meal buckwheat "crozets", a kind of savoy square pasta + fresh cream + alps ham + mushrooms + caramelised onions) + a slice of home made chocolate cake + fresh berries coulis + 5 satsumas.

Friday, January 30, 2009

I spend my day with my favorite French stand-up comedians :)

breakfast : 1 /2 liter of water at room temperature + 1 raw bar

Then, 7 hours on the road... I love it... I spent my time in the company of Laurent Gerra and Coluche (some french stand up comedians)... Amel Bent and James Brown... Led Zeppelin and Muse... and lots of phone calls (rest assured, I am using my hands free kit!)

(sorry, it's in French...)

500 buttock contractions
100 jumping jacks (in the lavatory on the motorway:)

Fast food lunch : 1 chicken/lettuce sandwich + 1 portion french fries and a huge Splenda sweetened coke

Snack : 1 bunch grapes + 1 handfull cashew nuts

Diner : 1 soya yogurt + wholegrain cereals

Well, from tomorrow, back to the healthy life after such an unbridled week!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lily's French Cafe in Venice Beach

I wake up with a bad chill... the city's drafts + the very wintery temperature + heating that started blowing ice cold air, all together have broken down my defenses....

breakfast: 1 tub strawberries + 1 raw bar + 1/2 liter water

30 45 degrees press-ups
200 abs
100 side to side leaps on each side 
100 Hindu Prayer Moves
1h accumulated walking on the telephone

Lunch at Pane Vino with a man worshipped by all men but I enough said :)..... I arrive an hour too early, let down by my non-updated diary... 3 slices of bread + olive oil + 3/4 of a WAFER THIN pizza WITHOUT cheese (called puttanesca in fact it is base + tomato sauce + capers) + 1 bowl of fresh berries + green tea.

I rush off to meet 2 really nice women who get about in the movie industry... I only have a bottle of San Pellegrino (let's not abuse it)... we discuss the outfits and styling of some movies, and several other topics as well....and off.....I go...

100 buttock sqweezes in the car

5pm, touch the ground and run... meeting with "The" hollywood publicist, again at Kate Mantelini's, which is becoming my base camp.... we cannot not order anything from the menu... it isn't a bar so, green tea + fruit cobbler + 1 ball toffee ice cream

In the evening I scoot off to Venice for diner/interview in Lily's Cafe Francais, a really friendly French restaurant (very far from the arrogance of its hollywood-ian or Berverlyhills-ian counterparts). On the menu: lobster bisque, half a portion mussels and fries + 1/2 raspberry mille-feuille... how can I resist? the mille feuille is called... NAPOLEON!
Their website, a bit of free advertising for them:

I finish Confessions of a  Shopaholic, which movie with Isla Fisher is about to be released... the style is basic, not particularly riveting... but the story is interesting and if cleverly directed, the end product might be entertaining.

A long hour answering urgent emails and off to bed I have a big day on tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

(Too) Large portions - The pittfalls of eating out

breakfast: 1/2 l water at room temperature on an empty stomach to cleanse my body+ 1 raw snack-bar +1 banana

Meeting after meeting

30 min accumulated walking

Lunch at Kate Mantilini,  the agents' and managers' cantine who have their offices on Wilshire Bld (that is 85% of them!). On the menu, a complete "omega 4" plate :skinless/boneless sardines open sandwich+ 1/2 avocado + cucumber and tomatoes + 1/2 banana + 1 cup cottage cheese + 1 tbsp honey... I give in to two slices of bread with butter....

200 buttock squeezes in the car

Fatefully meeting at the Ivy for snack-time, here again, another colorful venue... I let go and have a lemon and chocolate cake... since this has become a self-indulgence day,  I might as well enjoy it and catch up later... it is rare, so there is certainly no guilt to have!

1h15 walk before the next meeting.

Diner at Pali House, a charming Hollywood spot. Portion of thin fries with truffles + unlimited green tea + 1 wild mushroom soup + 1 tiny cookie that was on my dining companion's ice cream . Very good meeting.

A beautiful day, bathed in sunshine and  milder temperatures....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pacing through the day in Hollywood

On an empty stomach: 10 min yoga breathing
Morning Wake Up Call (yoga)
100 abs

30 press-ups

No breakfast, no time, my hotel's restaurant service is so slowwwww

a morning of filming for a top secret project. All will be revealed on the February 15th.

Interview at Chateau Marmont (the restaurant where the stars can dine undisturbed, taking pictures is forbidden, we are among "friends")... In her heyday Lindsay Lohan used to have a suite there (she is a bit broke now). A 2 hour interview with a really lovely journalist.

My choice: lentil soup + 1/2 portion medium cooked salmon (yes, the soup effect, it stills the appetite, well it reduces it) + a few vegetables... and for pudding, 4 earl gray tea muffins (yes 4... but it could have been worse in my journalist hadn't helped me) + stewed pear.

No snack because I am in meetings all afternoon.

Diner in my hotel room where I prepare for tomorrows meetings and video shoots... on the menu: carrot/ginger soup + 1 tub strawberries + 1 banana

No cardio today my schedule is too tight... I will catch up tomorrow! (Although if we take into account the multiple outfit changes - 4 today - that's exercise all right!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

I am singing in the snow in LA

6 hours drive instead of flying... I love finding myself alone on the road and for 3 hours of the journey, there is no reception at all so I am really totally on my own... almost!

I use the opportunity to de-stress and relaxing my diaphragm by singing at the top of my voice (nobody can hear me)....Les Fatals Picards, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Abba, I went through them all!

90 km from Los Angeles, it is 1 degree C and it is snowing! It is, look at the picture... and, of course, I hadn't planned for that... my wardrobe will be too light!

Breakfast on the road at Starbucks: porridge with dried fruits and nuts + as much tea as I can drink.

Lunch in Beverly Hills where light food is easily found with all the skinny nymphets around nurturing their extreme slimness (witch I do not support!): mixed baby leaf salad with fresh fruit (mainly berries) and a portion grilled salmon + black tea

Snack: 2 little square brownies during my meeting

Business diner at Matrix with Mika, Jennifer Aniston's favorite Mexican restaurant : chips and guacamole and salsa + some ceviche + 1/2 egg free flan + 1 Splenda diet coke

200 buttock contractions

100 jumping jacks whilst filling up at the gas station
20 min walk

Sunday, January 25, 2009

500 posts!

There I am, publishing my 500th post on my French blog (a little fewer on this one)... and I am reminiscing over a few years of my life as your dedicated coach :) 
We have been trough many events together, ups and downs (more ups than downs after all), tears and laughter, some blue and some rosy, some pounds too many and some lost, fixed elections and real elections...

I had one of those week-ends the way we love them... diner with friends, race in the woods, shopping for my trip to LA, fits of laughter... and some sport of course...

Rather than share with you everything I eat, drink or sweat... This time I wish to dedicate this post to all of you, my faithful readers,... all of you who "scold" me when I haven't written for a few days  :)

Let's carry on together in good cheer and happiness... and as Obama says ....YES WE CAN!

To all fast,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

DETOX Day for the coach

Beautiful detox day... in the rain!

No strict meals at specific times but a choice of foods that are recognised for their detoxifying virtues.

Unlimited green, white and red (rooibos) tea during the day. 

1 papaya
1 pink grapefruit
1 banana

1h yoga with Alejandro
1 h massage

1 Green Detox Boost
1 pink grapefruit
1 papaya 

30 minutes accumulated walk

1 handful sprouted seeds
1 banana 
5 raw cookies

30 minutes accumulated walk

300 buttocks contractions

1 soup broth/mushrooms/oats/carrots

1 portion kimchi (I will tell you all about its benefits tomorrow)

1 soya pudding + 2 raw cookies

2 mandarins

1 l rooibos tea

200 abs on the killer ab lounge

2 min ballerina moves

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Only in America!

Breakfast on the run : 1 pear+ 1 orange + 2 slices German style sprouted seed rye bread with soyonnaise + 1 slice ham (paper thin slice :)

plenty of green tea

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach before lunch

On the way to my luncheon, I "bump into" a queue that wraps around several blocks... mainly orientals (I will never find out why!), the never ending human line stretches right up to Macy's entrance... a bit further on, the same, this time the queue takes its "participants" towards luxurious Neimann Marcus (where Victoria Bekham has an account allowing her 5 millions dollars expenditure!)....I enquire and find out, this could only happen in America. Here is the story, because of a billing problem, each retailer had over-charged by $2 on a range of cosmetics they where selling and as a result of loosing the class action lawsuit, the outlets must offer the plaintiffs a compensation: a lipstick worth $10... To obtain it? One must queue for 4 hours in rain that lashes down after 2 weeks of bright sunshine... and have the receipt for the wrongly billed item (purchased 3 months ago) as well as the original packaging... despite these conditions and the ridiculously low amount at stake, the queue grows to half a mile long outside each shop!
A case of "why keep it simple if we can fill the pockets of lawyers and waste a lot of time" 

Zen lunch in a vegan restaurant :Miso soup with tofu cubes+ 1 bowl edamame + monk's salad (plenty of baby leaf salad, pieces of Japanese apple and light dressing)

1h30 walk between meetings

snack: nothing but 2 teas with my various "contacts", all right then, 1 bunch grapes

100 buttock contractions

Japanese diner : 6 eel sushis  + small green salad + 5 sashimi and green tea

2 min Brazilian moves

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historical moment - The Obama Day

Breakfast: Green tea (1 liter during Obama's speech) + 1/2 cup raw cereals + almond milk+ 1 bunch grapes

Great moment of history... Obama's speech was superb, he is a real preacher (in the good sense of the term). Did he have notes? He surely never looked like he had! He hid nothing of the massive challenges and difficulties America faces but also knew how to give us hope.

1h cycling on an empty stomach

20 min relaxed walking just before lunch

Lunch: 1 bowl split pea soup + 1 banana + 1 bunch grapes

snack : 1 soya yogurt + 1 small packet cereals (150 calories :)

30 min walk

Gym : 60 min varied cardio training (elliptic trainer, recumbent bike, straight bike etc... full blast with high resistance)
100 abs
30 biceps each side
30 triceps each side

Diner : 1 bowl "dahl", a small portion peas + 1 orange and a small bunch grapes

Lots of tea.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day

It is Martin Luther King day here... a lot of liveliness and entertainment as it is also the eve to Barrack Obama's big speech... Obamania is in full swing!

Breakfast: 1 freshly pressed lemon juice +room temperature water + 1/2 cup raw sprouted buckwheat cereal with agave nectar (yumyum) + almond milk and grapes. This time I actually measure the quantity of cereal, I usually just raid the packet.

I rush to the gym with a stack of articles I have to read and "stick" myself onto a sitting stationary bike (to work out gluts without getting huge calves),  I pedal for 1h:
5 min at level 1
5 min at level 2
5 min at level 3
5 min at level 4
5 min at level 5
35 min at level 6
pffhew, it does feels good to push oneself like that!

Lunch: 10 olives + 1 small bowl tomato soup + 3 tbs spaghetti bolognaise+ 1 Japanese apple

I want more, but I am still applying objective visualisation... there is no way I will let myself get off track...the goal forever, the some say "eyes on the prize".

Despite all my precautions and protections, a big Trojan virus has penetrated my computer....verdict: wipe it all and start again...luckily at LeBootCamp we do a lot of our work online and do regular a result, the drama isn't too...dramatic! And, fortunately, I have Super Geek to hand....I won't name you but you know who you are:) (thank you, thank you, thank you!)

snack : 3 clementines

A great chat with Tany, my former publicist who is pursuing her dream...she has written a book about women and dogs... you can find it here: Babes with Dogs

Diner : 1 bowl of dhal soup (Indian curried spilt pea soup) + 1 bowl carrot and cauliflower curry soup+ 10 crumbled thin crackers in the soups + 1 pear.

50 stand up press-ups

Feeling stiff all over

Well, I can say that I called upon every muscle in my body yesterday, even those that I never knew I had until this very intense class :)

I had planned to do pilates this morning , but NO, I shall take it easy...a walk and that's it or nearly, all right a jog but let's go easy....! let's allow the muscles to"regenerate".

On an empty stomach : a freshly squeesed lemon juice 
Breakfast : porridge with dried cranberries + a bowl fresh blueberries

30 min walk on an empty stomach before lunch

A client sends me a link to an article about me published in Venezuela : Celebridades: Los trucos de sus entrenadores personales
It is a joy to see our slimming message taking off to new horizons...
Don't hesitate to send us those articles wherever you find yourself in the world!

Lunch : baby leaf salad+ 3 slices wild smoked salmon+ 1 japanese apple (don't worry about the carbon footprint,  the variety is japanese, the production is local:)

After a long siesta - reading - meditation, I get moving, give myself a huge kick up the b*** and get to the canyon: 1h Fartlek :running up and walking down.
I am feeling the stretch! Keeping my eye on the goal!

No snack

Diner : "tortilla soup", mexican recipe a base of tomato broth, chicken and vegetables + a dozen crumbled rice/quinoa crackers+ 5 clementines + 1 small bunch raisins

I'm going out tonight..I don't get tempted by anything to naughty, I anticipate my weaknesses and bring with me some "100 calorie treats" and drink a splenda diet coke.
Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day....a semi-bank holiday here... rendered more important this year as it will also open the ceremony celebrating Obama's arrival at the White House. 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

If I gave up... no-one would know

<-- JP and Isabella, your wishes are my commands: here is your favorite photograph on the blog :) 

Breakfast :Rooibos tea + 1 mall bowl of porridge with died mulberries

1h of BootCamp BOSU: I nearly gave up after 30 min...I was exhausted...the pace was mad...who would have known if a gave up?...and then, I gave myself a kick up the bum, I did some objective visualisation. That means that, whilst I was doing exercises that where pushing me to the maximum of my abilities, I thought of my current objective,  I visualised it with such strength, to the point I could touch mind was 100% focused on my goal, ...and I managed to complete an hour. I was very proud in the end, I had succeeded. Yippee! I don't know if I will be able to move tomorrow but I did it!

Lunch : 1 huge mixed salad (baby leaf, lettuce, spinach, smoked salmon, cold turkey, nuts) + 10 raw crackers with raw hummus + 1 orange 

A nice siesta...ha it does feel good to take care of oneself :)

1h15 in the canyon: running uphill and walking downhill... it's tough but it feels great at the same time,muscles are used in a different way, results won't take long to show.

Snack time: (remake of the breakfast) Roobois tea+ 1 little bowl of porridge with dried mulberries...I find that porridge really fills me up, I am usually always starving!

15 min cumulated walking

Diner and TV evening with friends ...that's what life is about! on the menu (for myself, I won't even describe what the others ate, no comment!) : 1 one toasted slice wholemeal bread with super A's fabulous shrimp and scallop terrine, 2 helpings of baby-leaf salad + 2 mandarins. Ha,I almost forgot pre-diner nibbles: plenty of crackers and hummus (raw)

We delight in a little Lebanese jewel : CARAMEL. It available in DVD, go and get it (and if yo u are living in the USA, you can play it straight of Netflix :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

About BOSU and Inca Berries...

Rooibos tea

Breakfast on the go, whatever I can lay my hands on, I get hold of
2 cereal snack-bars... check the calorie content just in case, I wouldn't like to be binging first things in the morning, pffhew! 180 + 150, 330 that's all-right.

Gym: 30 min Bosu Balance Trainer (see photo) + 15 min exercise bike

30 min Fartlek before lunch.

Lunch: warm salad of beans/shallots/smoked salmon + 1 quiche without the base and without eggs (I am allergic to them)...all right, it isn't really a quiche, but it looks like one:) 1 handful golden Inca berries....

Ah, golden Inca berries...I promised to tell you about them today...slightly tart taste, a bit candy-
ish. Those berries have several names, the official one is: physalis peruviana, they are also called Cape Gooseberries or goldenberries. This new superfruit has the highest level of easily absorbed amino acids of all fruit (to date:) with a content of 16 % protein. It also contains vitamin P (a very powerful flavonoid), pectin (that absorbs water, fills you up and reduces your appetite), it helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus and B vitamins!
Not yet so easy to get hold of (you will have no trouble buying them online), those berries are a fabulous source beneficial effects!

Snack time: 2 little apples + 1 small bowl porridge + 1 hand-full dried mulberries.

20 min cumulated walking

Diner with friends, greatly mood uplifting and beneficial for cardiac health (thanks to our numerous fits of laughter!):  I indulge myself with
little crackers and hummus during our pre-diner drinks... so, when we get to the Vietnamese restaurant, I stick to a crab Pho soup : lots of stock, crab and mushrooms. Very filling with very little fat.

100 abs on the killer ab lounge.

2 min "side squats"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am a fan of Romain Duris

When you really take a closer look at them, many praised actors become famous over night and then keep to a certain type of role: the heartthrob, the baddy, the action man, the comedian...

Romain's range of acting is so rich that I am always exited whenever I see his name appear on a film's credits: I never know if he will be the hunk (think of The Spanish Hotel), or the tortured soul of Gadjo Dilo, (one of my top 10 films, thanks Ed for introducing me to this gem), of course that is not all....very few actors achieve that...

So, for me here, all the way away in america....I wished to spend some time with Romain:)

In the States, we are often at the mercy of the hype ...the buzz...the sensational marketing surrounding the "launch" of THE "new stars" who haven't got the time to build night wonders.
I can't wait for Persecution with Romain Duris and Jean-Luc Anglade, two of my favourites,... what a treat!

Green tea + Chai tea during the morning's technical is getting tricky...let's say that my wonderful ideas aren't always technically that easy to translate into reality

2 min brazilian moves
45 sec invisible chair (whilst waiting :)

breakfast : 1 nicely ripe papaya (enjoying the benefits of papain) + 3 dried figs+ 1 french toast (like yesterday, all ready, no eggs, delicious)

1h cycling to go from one meeting to the next
30 min walking on the telephone

Lunch with A : baby-leaf salad+ smoked salmon + 5 raw crackers + 1 slice sprouted grain bread+ 1 tiny slither of non hydrogenated margarine + 1 bowl minestrone + 1 small hand-full dried mulberries

30 min walk

Snack-time : 2 small soya yogurts + 1 handfull Inca berries (I will tell you all about them tomorrow :)In the meantime here is a picture so you canse what they look like.

Diner : warm salad of beans/shallots/wild smoked salmon + 3 latkes (potato pancake, polish jewish recipe) + 4 dried figs

100 abs on the killer ab lounge :)

I live with the Komboi... well, not me really:-)

Breakfast much too early because of a very very short night (up at 3am, no comment as to why :-)

Black tea + at least a pound of huge blueberries + 1 french toast (ready made and frozen, I admit but it is wholemeal and made with egg substitute as I am allergic to eggs) with a spoon of agave nectar..yumm.
Eventful morning....things are moving and shacking at LeBootCamp

15 min dance
30 stand-up press-ups

I rush to a lunch meeting at Butterfly in San Francisco, this fusion food restaurant serves a great grilled bream, rice noodles, rice vinegar and spring onions. No pudding, influenced by my companion who is watching their figure.

1h walk along the bay to get to my next meeting.

snack time : 2 European size soya yogurts + 1 hand-full dried mulberries

At the gym : 20 min stairmaster level 5/6, 20 min exercise bike, 20 min weights 

I must admit that I really really didn't fancy the gym but my professional conscience reminded me that I had to go and be supportive to my favorite client! I really had to give myself a big kick up the proverbial this time!

Diner : turkey minced meat (1% fat, can that be beaten?!), baby leaf salad + 1 apple + ginger green tea

I finish the day watching an episode of  "Living with the Komboi"...une aventure en Papua New Guinea

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globes - Tina Frey - Slumdog Millionaire

Vanilla Rooibos Tea + 1 squeezed lemon with room temperature water....why not hot water? simply because heat destroys Vitamin, whenever I see written in  articles that we should drink hot lemon juice in winter ...I have got to laugh!

Breakfast: wild smoked salmon + very black berries + grapes + 1 banana (there, an entirely raw breakfast)

A long morning working non-stop.... taking notes and analyzing on the telephone so I cannot walk whilst talking... never mind I will catch up later.

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach

Lunch: Carrot and lentil soup, 6 crackers with hummus, 1 soya yogurt + dried mulberries + green tea

Snack : 4 crackers + hummus + 1 orange + B tempts me with a frightening snack : Vanilla flavored frozen cereals... I admit I can't resist...a few mouth-fulls :)

Let's go back to the Golden Globes... what should we remember from this year's edition? 
Slumdog Millionnaire, superb and less assuming movie with a breathtakingly natural Dev Patel, picks up the choicest awards. I shall go an see it again as my first attempt was interrupted in full swing.
Amidst frocks less extravagant than for the Oscars...
A Kate Winslet who can barely act in front of an audience of peers but goes home with two awards. Angelina forgotten on her list... Heath ledger's posthumous award...Tina Frey rewarded for a role I believe not her best ...but she always excels!

30 min walk

Light diner at a Vietnamese restaurant: fish soup Pho + 1 coconut juice.

Not much exercise today, it is sometimes good to have a break,... instead this was a day of intense coaching and business negotiations ... in bed early, a hot bottle, a good book... sweet dreams!

Loved SICKO by Michael Moore - lots and lots of walking

1 liter green tea sipped between 6 to 9 o'clock during morning meetings

20 minutes walk on an empty stomach speaking to a really lovely journalist.
25 minutes walk still on the telephone (killing two birds with one stone as I there is no time to go out and exercise).

Raw Breakfast; 12 fresh almonds + 1 papaya+ 1 banana

25 minutes walk on the phone
200 abs

Video shoot (it's in the can, yeah!) lunch with A: what is left of the fresh pasta with mushrooms (I can't waste that) + 3 dried figs + grapes + green tea

1h15 walk with A along the bay... on the way, superb aigrettes and herons take off right in front of us ... beautiful!

Back to work....

Snack (quite large like yesterday): 1 strawberry banana smoothie (recipe from LeBootCamp recipes) + 8 crackers with hummus

30 min Fartlek 75/25 (That is I run 75% of the time and I walk 25% of the time)

Diner: stir fried peas and veggy steak + grapes + 1 soya yogurt

2 min ballerina (waistline exercises from LeBootCamp's Gym)

I finish the day by watching Michael Moore's film SICKO... well, even if one takes into account Moore's sensationalist side and his quite simplistic anti americanisms, one would perhaps rather go and get treated in Cuba! I recommend this film it is definitly food for thought...

Monday, January 12, 2009

French lover with english accent - irresistible

If an englishman talks like this to me...I'll just run after him like crazy :-)

Short night after a really great evening. 

1/2 liter water  at room temperature.

1h15 de Fartlek in the canyon ... if you go downhill, inevitably you know it will go uphill at some point... rather intense!
At the canyon's entrance a reassuring signpost: there are pumas roaming around at this time of the year, Lyme disease infected tics, poison oak, rattle snakes...if we get out alive and unharmed, we will be lucky!

500 glute contractions

Very late breakfast: 1 banana + 1 bunch of grapes

Lunch prepared by expert hands (thanks:) --> fricassee of shittake mushrooms, 5 fork-fulls of fresh pasta + a bunch of grapes + green tea

1h barefoot walk on the beach, what a joy! I don't wish to sound too smug but it is 25 degrees C here and the sky is bright blue...

Big afternoon snack : 1 LeBootCamp style Chai tea (1 Chai teabag + 1 shot soja milk + Splenda + a sprinkle freshly grated nutmeg) + 1 small organic cereal and dried fruit snack bar ...and I can't resit 6 crackers with a bit of blue cheese

Diner : one bowl of tomato bisque + 1 baby-leaf salad + 5 large fork-fulls fresh pasta with pan fried mushrooms

20 stand-up push ups
60 glutes contractions
20 granny squats (with arms stretched out in front)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sing and run with me - my latest playlist

I can't complain, it isn't nearly as cold here as it is in London, Paris or New York!

After my sacrosanct morning green tea, I wrap up nice and warm and I am off for my 30 minute pre-breakfast walk with my dog, Nestle, always up for an early stroll... it is frosty but the bright blue sky promises a gorgeous day.

Breakfast: oats with flax seeds and mulberries + 3 dried figs ( did you know: they supply me with 6%of my daily calcium needs)  

Throughout the day, I drink my alkalizing drink par excellence: I drop a few slices of lemon in a big jug of water and ...detox!

We are on TV this week-end, all over Closer's commercial, and tomorrow I am doing my monthly review on BFM radio in France. 

30mn of SambaBox(tm), invented by us, works-out the whole body without thinking about it.
100 abs

my current playlist:

Butterfly (my happy song:)
Massive Black Holes (boosts me, you cannot run slowly on that one)
Money Money Money (ABBA)
Millimeter (Noa - I know it by heart in Hebrew)
Que Hora Son (Mano Negra - to brush up on my Spanish)
Aux Sombres Heros de l'Amer (Noir Desir, to keep the French going)
Bubbly (Cobby Caillat - I luuuve it)

Lunch on the go: 2 slices of sprouted seed bread + a little non-hydrogenated margarine + wild smoked salmon + 2 crackers + 1 apple + 3 dry figs + green tea

30 minutes walk

snack time: some fresh almonds + 1 apple + Romain arrives and I scoff 10 After Eights, not so good :)

15 minutes walk

We dine out with friends (we laugh continuously for at least half an hour, I shall count that towards my daily all ads up): citrus salad, a few mouthfulls of some of what the others ordered... some buttered bread... so so as a meal but it was all washed down with green tea and the mood was great!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Losing weight after the holidays

I am frequently asked what to do after the Xmas season in order to lose a few excess pounds, get a flat tummy,... so, as it is the time for good resolutions, fitness and weight loss goals galore... I can only recommend you come and pay a visit to the website already the French leader in its field and newly launched in the UK, my gift to you: Valerie Orsoni's LeBootcamp, how good is that!

Breakfast: Pot of green tea + 2 apples + porridge with white mulberry fruit (yes, from the same tree used to feed silk worms... yummy... not the worms the berries;-)

During the morning the pace picks up as Carole and Selina keep me on my toes :)... several projects materialise ....whilst others are kept on the back burner...Robert we are coming and TL hold on tight as Krav Maga is powerful and intense when used the way I mean to. 

15 mn yoga (directly from "my gym" on coaching yoga LeBootCamp)
100 abs on the killer ab lounge
50 standing press ups against the wall

Lunch in a Japanese restaurant: 1 small green salad + edamame + 6 eel sushis and lots of green tea

10 mn walk
60 kicks

Snack time: 1 slice of wholemeal bread + a little non hydrogenated margarine + wild smoked salmon. 

Diner: 4 mini hamburgers (about 2/3 of a regular one) + 1 apple

To finish, look out, soon you will see us all over your favorite magazines. Happy fit and glamorous year 2009!