Friday, January 30, 2009

I spend my day with my favorite French stand-up comedians :)

breakfast : 1 /2 liter of water at room temperature + 1 raw bar

Then, 7 hours on the road... I love it... I spent my time in the company of Laurent Gerra and Coluche (some french stand up comedians)... Amel Bent and James Brown... Led Zeppelin and Muse... and lots of phone calls (rest assured, I am using my hands free kit!)

(sorry, it's in French...)

500 buttock contractions
100 jumping jacks (in the lavatory on the motorway:)

Fast food lunch : 1 chicken/lettuce sandwich + 1 portion french fries and a huge Splenda sweetened coke

Snack : 1 bunch grapes + 1 handfull cashew nuts

Diner : 1 soya yogurt + wholegrain cereals

Well, from tomorrow, back to the healthy life after such an unbridled week!

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  1. too bad I don't understand French....but now I have some incentives!