Monday, January 26, 2009

I am singing in the snow in LA

6 hours drive instead of flying... I love finding myself alone on the road and for 3 hours of the journey, there is no reception at all so I am really totally on my own... almost!

I use the opportunity to de-stress and relaxing my diaphragm by singing at the top of my voice (nobody can hear me)....Les Fatals Picards, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Abba, I went through them all!

90 km from Los Angeles, it is 1 degree C and it is snowing! It is, look at the picture... and, of course, I hadn't planned for that... my wardrobe will be too light!

Breakfast on the road at Starbucks: porridge with dried fruits and nuts + as much tea as I can drink.

Lunch in Beverly Hills where light food is easily found with all the skinny nymphets around nurturing their extreme slimness (witch I do not support!): mixed baby leaf salad with fresh fruit (mainly berries) and a portion grilled salmon + black tea

Snack: 2 little square brownies during my meeting

Business diner at Matrix with Mika, Jennifer Aniston's favorite Mexican restaurant : chips and guacamole and salsa + some ceviche + 1/2 egg free flan + 1 Splenda diet coke

200 buttock contractions

100 jumping jacks whilst filling up at the gas station
20 min walk

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