Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Loved SICKO by Michael Moore - lots and lots of walking

1 liter green tea sipped between 6 to 9 o'clock during morning meetings

20 minutes walk on an empty stomach speaking to a really lovely journalist.
25 minutes walk still on the telephone (killing two birds with one stone as I there is no time to go out and exercise).

Raw Breakfast; 12 fresh almonds + 1 papaya+ 1 banana

25 minutes walk on the phone
200 abs

Video shoot (it's in the can, yeah!) lunch with A: what is left of the fresh pasta with mushrooms (I can't waste that) + 3 dried figs + grapes + green tea

1h15 walk with A along the bay... on the way, superb aigrettes and herons take off right in front of us ... beautiful!

Back to work....

Snack (quite large like yesterday): 1 strawberry banana smoothie (recipe from LeBootCamp recipes) + 8 crackers with hummus

30 min Fartlek 75/25 (That is I run 75% of the time and I walk 25% of the time)

Diner: stir fried peas and veggy steak + grapes + 1 soya yogurt

2 min ballerina (waistline exercises from LeBootCamp's Gym)

I finish the day by watching Michael Moore's film SICKO... well, even if one takes into account Moore's sensationalist side and his quite simplistic anti americanisms, one would perhaps rather go and get treated in Cuba! I recommend this film it is definitly food for thought...

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  1. love this movie - really!!! two thumbs up! keep up with this blog it's new I can see it but it's interesting ^^