Monday, January 19, 2009

Feeling stiff all over

Well, I can say that I called upon every muscle in my body yesterday, even those that I never knew I had until this very intense class :)

I had planned to do pilates this morning , but NO, I shall take it easy...a walk and that's it or nearly, all right a jog but let's go easy....! let's allow the muscles to"regenerate".

On an empty stomach : a freshly squeesed lemon juice 
Breakfast : porridge with dried cranberries + a bowl fresh blueberries

30 min walk on an empty stomach before lunch

A client sends me a link to an article about me published in Venezuela : Celebridades: Los trucos de sus entrenadores personales
It is a joy to see our slimming message taking off to new horizons...
Don't hesitate to send us those articles wherever you find yourself in the world!

Lunch : baby leaf salad+ 3 slices wild smoked salmon+ 1 japanese apple (don't worry about the carbon footprint,  the variety is japanese, the production is local:)

After a long siesta - reading - meditation, I get moving, give myself a huge kick up the b*** and get to the canyon: 1h Fartlek :running up and walking down.
I am feeling the stretch! Keeping my eye on the goal!

No snack

Diner : "tortilla soup", mexican recipe a base of tomato broth, chicken and vegetables + a dozen crumbled rice/quinoa crackers+ 5 clementines + 1 small bunch raisins

I'm going out tonight..I don't get tempted by anything to naughty, I anticipate my weaknesses and bring with me some "100 calorie treats" and drink a splenda diet coke.
Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day....a semi-bank holiday here... rendered more important this year as it will also open the ceremony celebrating Obama's arrival at the White House. 

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