Wednesday, January 28, 2009

(Too) Large portions - The pittfalls of eating out

breakfast: 1/2 l water at room temperature on an empty stomach to cleanse my body+ 1 raw snack-bar +1 banana

Meeting after meeting

30 min accumulated walking

Lunch at Kate Mantilini,  the agents' and managers' cantine who have their offices on Wilshire Bld (that is 85% of them!). On the menu, a complete "omega 4" plate :skinless/boneless sardines open sandwich+ 1/2 avocado + cucumber and tomatoes + 1/2 banana + 1 cup cottage cheese + 1 tbsp honey... I give in to two slices of bread with butter....

200 buttock squeezes in the car

Fatefully meeting at the Ivy for snack-time, here again, another colorful venue... I let go and have a lemon and chocolate cake... since this has become a self-indulgence day,  I might as well enjoy it and catch up later... it is rare, so there is certainly no guilt to have!

1h15 walk before the next meeting.

Diner at Pali House, a charming Hollywood spot. Portion of thin fries with truffles + unlimited green tea + 1 wild mushroom soup + 1 tiny cookie that was on my dining companion's ice cream . Very good meeting.

A beautiful day, bathed in sunshine and  milder temperatures....

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