Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globes - Tina Frey - Slumdog Millionaire

Vanilla Rooibos Tea + 1 squeezed lemon with room temperature water....why not hot water? simply because heat destroys Vitamin C...so, whenever I see written in  articles that we should drink hot lemon juice in winter ...I have got to laugh!

Breakfast: wild smoked salmon + very black berries + grapes + 1 banana (there, an entirely raw breakfast)

A long morning working non-stop.... taking notes and analyzing on the telephone so I cannot walk whilst talking... never mind I will catch up later.

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach

Lunch: Carrot and lentil soup, 6 crackers with hummus, 1 soya yogurt + dried mulberries + green tea

Snack : 4 crackers + hummus + 1 orange + B tempts me with a frightening snack : Vanilla flavored frozen cereals... I admit I can't resist...a few mouth-fulls :)

Let's go back to the Golden Globes... what should we remember from this year's edition? 
Slumdog Millionnaire, superb and less assuming movie with a breathtakingly natural Dev Patel, picks up the choicest awards. I shall go an see it again as my first attempt was interrupted in full swing.
Amidst frocks less extravagant than for the Oscars...
A Kate Winslet who can barely act in front of an audience of peers but goes home with two awards. Angelina forgotten on her list... Heath ledger's posthumous award...Tina Frey rewarded for a role I believe not her best ...but she always excels!

30 min walk

Light diner at a Vietnamese restaurant: fish soup Pho + 1 coconut juice.

Not much exercise today, it is sometimes good to have a break,... instead this was a day of intense coaching and business negotiations ... in bed early, a hot bottle, a good book... sweet dreams!

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