Sunday, January 18, 2009

If I gave up... no-one would know

<-- JP and Isabella, your wishes are my commands: here is your favorite photograph on the blog :) 

Breakfast :Rooibos tea + 1 mall bowl of porridge with died mulberries

1h of BootCamp BOSU: I nearly gave up after 30 min...I was exhausted...the pace was mad...who would have known if a gave up?...and then, I gave myself a kick up the bum, I did some objective visualisation. That means that, whilst I was doing exercises that where pushing me to the maximum of my abilities, I thought of my current objective,  I visualised it with such strength, to the point I could touch mind was 100% focused on my goal, ...and I managed to complete an hour. I was very proud in the end, I had succeeded. Yippee! I don't know if I will be able to move tomorrow but I did it!

Lunch : 1 huge mixed salad (baby leaf, lettuce, spinach, smoked salmon, cold turkey, nuts) + 10 raw crackers with raw hummus + 1 orange 

A nice siesta...ha it does feel good to take care of oneself :)

1h15 in the canyon: running uphill and walking downhill... it's tough but it feels great at the same time,muscles are used in a different way, results won't take long to show.

Snack time: (remake of the breakfast) Roobois tea+ 1 little bowl of porridge with dried mulberries...I find that porridge really fills me up, I am usually always starving!

15 min cumulated walking

Diner and TV evening with friends ...that's what life is about! on the menu (for myself, I won't even describe what the others ate, no comment!) : 1 one toasted slice wholemeal bread with super A's fabulous shrimp and scallop terrine, 2 helpings of baby-leaf salad + 2 mandarins. Ha,I almost forgot pre-diner nibbles: plenty of crackers and hummus (raw)

We delight in a little Lebanese jewel : CARAMEL. It available in DVD, go and get it (and if yo u are living in the USA, you can play it straight of Netflix :)

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