Thursday, January 15, 2009

I live with the Komboi... well, not me really:-)

Breakfast much too early because of a very very short night (up at 3am, no comment as to why :-)

Black tea + at least a pound of huge blueberries + 1 french toast (ready made and frozen, I admit but it is wholemeal and made with egg substitute as I am allergic to eggs) with a spoon of agave nectar..yumm.
Eventful morning....things are moving and shacking at LeBootCamp

15 min dance
30 stand-up press-ups

I rush to a lunch meeting at Butterfly in San Francisco, this fusion food restaurant serves a great grilled bream, rice noodles, rice vinegar and spring onions. No pudding, influenced by my companion who is watching their figure.

1h walk along the bay to get to my next meeting.

snack time : 2 European size soya yogurts + 1 hand-full dried mulberries

At the gym : 20 min stairmaster level 5/6, 20 min exercise bike, 20 min weights 

I must admit that I really really didn't fancy the gym but my professional conscience reminded me that I had to go and be supportive to my favorite client! I really had to give myself a big kick up the proverbial this time!

Diner : turkey minced meat (1% fat, can that be beaten?!), baby leaf salad + 1 apple + ginger green tea

I finish the day watching an episode of  "Living with the Komboi"...une aventure en Papua New Guinea

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